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Best clipless pedals for beginners

best clipless pedals for beginners
Questions: What are the best clipless pedals for beginners? Which clipless pedals are the easiest? Many beginners find that mountain bike SPD clipless pedals are the best to use and get out of when learning the ropes. Mountain bike SPDs are double-sided and have a locking mechanism on both sides, which makes them the easiest clipless pedals to get out of...

Best walkie talkie for hunting in woods in 2023

Best Two Way Radios for Hunting
Even in the age when mobile phones have dominated the communication industry, the best walkie talkie for hunting in woods are still highly practical and far simpler. Hunters trekking in the woods or mountains may find that they are so isolated that the usual communication networks will not work for them. Communication between units is not dependent on stations or towers...

Best fluorocarbon line buyers guide

best fluorocarbon line
Don’t let the name fool you. The best fluorocarbon line isn’t part toothpaste and part carbon fiber. Fluorocarbon fishing line is actually a very useful tool for many anglers, and can be used as a primary line or a leader to add extra strength and response. Read customer reviews of the best fluorocarbon fishing line on the market on Amazon. So what...

Best Airsoft MP5 SMG

The real MP5 (machine pistol model 5) is actually a 9mm SMG (submachine gun) developed by engineers from a thriving German small-arms maker, Heckler & Koch, sometime in the ‘60s. With more advanced weapons technology, several gun companies have ventured into making faithful replicas of MP5s in the form of airsoft or paintball guns, to the delight of many gun...

Best road bike upgrades — without breaking the bank!

best road bike upgrades for the money
I like to tinker with my bicycles, and I know I'm not alone. But I don't always want to cash in the savings and 401K to get the best road bike upgrades for the money. Let's look at a few bicycle upgrades that cost about $100 a piece. These are parts that you can install fairly easily -- from swapping...

Best crappie reel: A spinning reel buyers guide

best crappie reel on the market
When I was a young lad, I had access to a small lake that was a short walk from my house. I use to fish at the lake with a bamboo pole and worm for bluegill. The lake was so over-populated with panfish that I could drop the line in and get a bite in under 1 minute. It was...

Tips for biking at night

Cycling in the dark provides a different experience than day-time biking. Familiar routes and terrain take on an unfamiliar look while night bike riding. This can break up the monotony of bicycling on your favorite stomping grounds, and it can provide time to get out and train, which can be difficult with the days getting shorter and when you are...

Best indoor bike trainer stand on the market

best indoor bike trainer stand on the market
The Kinetic Road Machine is the best indoor bike trainer stand I have owned. Mine is the old school gray one. Newer versions are bright green. The market for indoor cycling equipment is plentiful and can be overwhelming. But the Kinetic Road Machine fluid bike trainer, which I'll review in this article, represents the best indoor bike trainer for the...

17 tennis racket brands

best tennis racquet brands
I want to pick up tennis this year, so I am in the market for a good tennis racket. To help others, I compiled a short list of tennis racket brands and a guide on buying a good racket. Find good tennis racket brands in 2023 on Amazon. The list, which is not comprehensive, provides some of the top tennis racket name brands on...

42 Bowling Ball Brands in 2023

Bowling Ball Brands
I was at the bowling alley last week and wondered about different bowling ball brands on the market. Although this list is not comprehensive, it is quite large and has popular bowling ball manufacturers in it. Read customer reviews of the best bowling ball brands on Amazon. Non comprehensive list of bowling ball manufacturers 3G 900 Global AMF Ash City Badger Bowled...