Guide to buying the best coolers for the money in 2022

best coolers for the money
If you’re planning to go sailing or camping out over the weekend, or longer, you’ll want to find the best coolers for the money to store a variety of foodstuffs and drinks. Read reviews of the best ice chest for the money in 2022 on Amazon. Choosing the right cooler will depend on the place of destination and conditions you will...

Question: What is the best subwoofer for low volume listening?

Question: What is the best subwoofer for low volume listening? I use a budget 2.1 bookshelf speaker and subwoofer combo at my PC. This means I do a lot of low volume level listening. I still want my music to have bass -- a good thump to it, if you will. I did some searching and found the Dayton Audio SUB-800...

Question: What are the best bookshelf speakers for under $50?

best bookshelf speaker under 50
I wanted a pair of budget bookshelf speakers for listening for my living room and computer room. My intended purpose was low volume listening. I had a price target of about 50 bucks. I found the perfect pair for my purpose. They are the Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with AMT Tweeter Pair. A little backstory At first, I...

Best Hi-Hats Under $200 to $300: Budget Cymbals That Sizzle!

best hi hats under 200
My drum set did not include cymbals or a hi-hat when I bought the kit. I wanted one of the best hi hats under $200 for rock music and home recording. I used some cheap, budget Meinl hi-hat cymbals for a couple year, then found some used Paiste cymbals. Meinl 13 inch top and bottom hi hat cymbal pairs Meinl makes...

Best Jacket for Michigan Winter: Yoopers Who Work and Play in Extreme Cold

Best Jacket for Michigan winter
Michigan winters are harsh, especially in the Upper Peninsula. Good outerwear is essential for the extreme wind and cold. Let's find the best jacket for Michigan winters. Best parka for extremely cold Michigan winters Michigan winters are brutal. The right cold weather gear is essential to stay warm in this Midwestern state. The land is beautiful in the Michigan UP, especially if...

Best Drum Machine for Bass Practice: Feel that Funky Groove!

The best drum machine for bass practice
The best drum machine for bass practice will get you into a groove. Let's look at drum machine brands, models and features. Whether you are looking for an app, practice play-along drum machine, or a live recording pedal drum machine for house music or jazz, we have you covered. Find the best drum machine for practicing bass guitar in 2023 on...

Top 7 Best Wool Blankets for Bushcraft Camping

best wool blanket for bushcraft camping
The best wool blanket for bushcraft will keep you warm by the camp fire and be good for emergency survival. Every outdoorsmen needs a 100 percent wool camp blanket to take the chill away on their hunting or camping trip. Let's find the best. Find the best bushcraft camping blanket in 2023 on Amazon. Wooly Mammoth Woolen Co. merino wool camp...

Best Backpack for Burning Man

burning man go bag
Question: I am going to Burning Man in 2023. What is the best backpack for Burning Man? Is a fanny pack or hydration pack the ultimate bag? What should be my everyday carry (EDC) when going to the Playa? Is there a Burning Man packing list? 5.11 Tactical Backpack 5.11 tactical backpacks are top grade. They feature YKK zippers, which are...

Best electric wok buyers guide in 2022

Best Electric Wok
The best electric wok can be used to prepare dishes ranging from steaming, pan frying, deep frying, stewing, and making soups. A good wok can go a long way. Without doubt, it is the most frequently used cooking vessel in most kitchens nowadays. This versatile pan is ideal for stir-frying, steaming, deep-frying, and indoor smoking. Read customer reviews here on Amazon. Woks...

Best RC Brushless Motor for Speed: How Fast Can You Go?

best brushless motor
I've thought about upgrading my Wheely King by adding the best brushless motor to my RC truck. After reading a few reviews, I realized I would grenade the transmission -- quick! A brushless RC motor and ESC are commonplace in many radio controlled cars and trucks nowadays -- as well as RC planes and drones. Because I did do some research...