Dr. Squatch Soap Review

dr squatch soap review
You've seen the Dr. Squatch soap ad campaign, I'm sure. I did and found their viral videos hysterical. Naturally, I bought their product. Buy the Dr. Squatch soap sampler on Amazon. Before doing an opinionated Dr. Squatch soap review, let's overview the product. Overview Dr Squatch soap comes in 5 oz bars. As of writing, they have 11 different fragrances Pine Tar, Gold Moss, Nautical...

Best Mulch for Dogs: Pet Safe Mulch for your Canine

best mulch for dogs
Dog safety is important, especially when it comes to chemicals, fertilizers, and good grass seed. But what about pet safe mulch for ground cover? What is the best mulch for dog owners to put in their yards? Guide to buying pet safe mulch when you are a dog owner Cedar Mulch Cedar mulch is one of the best choices. In addition to...

Best Duck Feeder and Waterer: Let’s Get Those Ducklings Fed!

duck feeder
A good duck feeder and waterer will keep your duckling's feed and water contained. It does not matter if you use a floating duck feeder on the pond or automatic duck feeder on land. Many young, baby ducks have a tendency to kick over their food and water, which makes everything wet and dirty. This typically happens when using some...

Best Extra Large Dog House for Great Danes: A Big Space for Your Canine

best dog house for great dane
A tool shed turned into a custom made extra large dog house for Great Danes may be the only choice for a dog with legs as long as a horse. Most Danes are inside dogs. They may do well with a a 4'x8' kennel for their crate. An indoor Great Dane may also take over your entire house as...

Best Great Dane Life Jacket Right Now: Keep That Giant Dog Afloat in 2023!

Best Great Dane Life Jacket
A Great Dane life jacket needs to be big. Big enough to wrap around the chest and back of a giant breed or extra large dog and keep that canine floating in water. Whether you are out in the canoe or kayak, a good life preserver will keep your dog secure and buoyant if you capsize your boat. They will...

Great Dane Dog Doors in 2023: Your Big Canine Wants Outside!

Great Dane Dog Door
A buddy of mine, who does woodworking, was asked if he could build a Great Dane dog door. This got me thinking about doggie doors for extra large dogs and giant breeds like Newfies and Mastiffs. What do these dog owners use? Turns out, many businesses have found dog doors for giant breed dogs. Let's look at a few good...

The 7 Best Lawn Fertilizer Brands Right Now: Weed and Feed Reviews

best lawn fertilizer brands
At my previous house, the yard looked good. I used some of the best lawn fertilizer brands available. These were top-rated weed and feed fertilizer products. At my current house, it is a struggle with needing to reseed and fertilize the lawn. I am also dealing with using a pet-safe weed killer. Nonetheless, I put together a list of lawn...

What are the best earplugs for studying? (ANSWERED)

best ear plugs for studying
When I did my bachelor's degree, I lived in an lower-level apartment off campus. Even outside the dorms and college life, it was noisy. My neighbors sounded like a herd of elephants traipsing upstairs most of the time. I sought out the best earplugs for studying. I needed quiet time. I tried many different brands and types -- at various pricepoints....

How much does a longboard cost? (ANSWERED)

best longboard brands
Before I bought a longboard, I know I asked myself one big question: How much does a longboard cost? I am sure you are asking this, too. Best-selling longboards on Amazon The cost of a longboard ranges from $50 to a couple hundred dollars. The price ranges because it depends on whether you buy a complete setup or build it piece...

What is the best paper for colored pencils? (ANSWERED)

best paper for colored pencils
When I draw and shade in graphite, I have used Strathmore 400 Series or Bristol board. I wanted to try a different format for colored pencils, though. That leads me to my query: What is the best paper for colored pencils? I did a little research to find out what others are using and list it below. Besides, I like to...