Best Grease for Farm Equipment: Lube up that Tractor Loader PTO Shaft

best grease gun
Who makes the best grease for tractors or heavy equipment? A good grease is essential to keep your your tractor loader bearings and grease points working slick on the farm. Your starting place should be the owners manual. It does not matter if it is a Kubota, John Deere, Case, or another brand. The manual will identify the type of...

Guide to buying the best chainsaw chain

best chainsaw chain brand
The best chainsaw chain will slice through logs, branches, and tree trunks with ease. Saws make cutting firewood and hardwood to size fairly easy, but when the chain gets dull it can be a risk. The risk is kickback. Kickback occurs when a tooth bites too deep in the lumber, gets stuck, and the saw recoils, which makes it dangerous...

Guide to using the best headliner adhesive in 2021

best headliner adhesive
Got an old car? You've probably got a headliner that's sagging, too. Whether you're an advanced auto-detailer or even just a casual do-it-yourselfer, choosing the best headliner adhesive for your vehicle will make this inconvenient task quick and easy. The following buyer's guide will provide you with tips and tricks to do the work. Read customer reviews of headliner adhesive products on Amazon. Buyers...

Guide to buying the best tree pruner in 2021

Best Tree Pruner
For once a year branch maintenance, or a daily tool for tree-trimming, there are many options for picking the best tree pruner. With choices like a telescoping pole, cordless saws, ropeless operation, it can get overwhelming quick. All you want to do is cut that pesky limb that keeps scraping across your truck or clean up the trees around your...

Guide to buying the best radial arm saw in 2021

best radial arm saw
Building your kids’ playset or a new bench to sit outside and enjoy your backyard can be made easier with the best radial arm saw. Read customer reviews of good radial arm saws in 2021 on Amazon. Brands like Craftsman, Delta, Ryobi, Dewalt, Rigid, Milwaukee, and Makita offer durable and varying saw sizes, along with enough horsepower to cut through even the...

Guide to buying the best mini lathe on the market

best mini lathe
The best mini lathe will shape that hunk of metal or wood perfectly round. It doesn't matter if you operate a lathe as a hobby or as a professional and are looking for a mill combo. Lathes, which use to be massive, have been an important tool in carpentry and metal-working over the last hundred years. Smaller mini lathes (also known...

Best Degreaser for Heavy Equipment: Dirty Equipment Beware!

best parts washer solvent for the money
What is the best parts washer solvent on the market? It is a common question because a parts cleaner is a staple in many auto shops, where oil, grime, grease, and gunk are the norm. Find top rated parts washer solvent in 2021 on Amazon. There are many different cleaning and degreasing solvents to choose from as well as environmentally-conscious options,...

Guide to buying the best soldering irons for automotive wiring

best soldering iron for automotive wiring
The best soldering iron will help you repair electronics, circuit boards, jewelry, or guitars. This tool supplies heat to melt solder, which flows between two pieces of material and forms a connection. Read reviews on Amazon for the best soldering irons for automotive wiring. The composition of a soldering iron is simple: A metal tip that is heated in an insulated handle. The...

Best low profile floor jack for lowered cars: What to look for when buying one

best aluminum floor jack
The best low profile floor jack for lowered cars is an important purchase for your garage or home shop. Performance and safety are the two most critical elements to consider when searching for a jack. Perhaps you have a budget to follow because of the Misses. Or, maybe cash isn't even an issue but lifespan is. Whatever factors impact your choices,...

Larin floor jack review

larin floor jack review
I bought a Larin floor jack to replace my car's missing-in-action scissor jack for an upcoming road trip. The model I purchased was the Larin LJJS-2, which is available on Amazon, and comes with a jack and stands. I thought I would do a short review on it. The Larin hydraulic jack has a lifting range of 5 1/8 to 13...