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Best Shooting Chronograph

Best Shooting Chronograph
If you’re a serious shooter, and a loader at that, you'll be looking for reviews and comparisons of the best shooting chronograph. It is a precision device that measures the velocity of a projectile fired from a gun. When positioned at a distance of about 13 to 15 feet from the gun’s muzzle, the chronograph will gauge and record the...

Best Lighted Nock on the Market

Best Lighted Nock
Traditional bow hunting, pretty soon, may become a thing of the past, as most of bow hunters now use the best lighted nock for target practice or game hunting. A nock, by the way, is the notch located at the end of the arrow shaft. Some hunters may feel strongly against the use of lighted nocks and believe that it...

Best Woodsball Gun: Outlaw Paintball in the Woods!

best woodsball gun for outlaw paintball
Reader question: I'm big into outlaw paintball and am looking for the best woodsball gun ever, on the market in 2023. Can you recommend one or provide some reviews? Thanks! Read customer reviews of paintball guns in 2023 on Amazon. What is outlaw paintball? Woodsball, or outlaw paintball, is any type of paintball which is not played on professional level and speedball...

Best Scope for 30-30: Good Recommendations for My Rifle?

Best Scope for 30-30
The best scope for 30-30 is normally used within the range of 100-150 yards – that’s about the effective range for this calibre. Some say 200 yards, others 250, but that’s stretching beyond the maximum. On the average, it’s 100 yards and there isn’t really much use for extremely high-powered scopes. Imagine sighting your deer-sized target, 100 yards away, through...

What are the Best Bore Sights?

best bore sight
The best bore sights will make sure that the bore of your gun and the optical sight are aligned. Always keep in mind that bore sighting does not sight in your gun. It will only provide the reference point so you could get down to sighting in your gun, and save valuable time and ammunition costs by avoiding extensive live-fire...

Best Shotgun Recoil Pad: Reviews in 2023

best shotgun recoil pad
No doubt you’d have a blast after a few good rounds with your shotgun, but not without some good bruising, too. Guns often come with their own cushioning but these are not often the best shotgun recoil pad for you. Pads of very soft materials will give in more easily than sturdier materials. Aside from the material, the pad’s face...

Best Light for Glock 19: Brighten up What’s in Your Sights!

Best Light for Glock 19
Given the choice of having your Glock 19 mounted with either a laser or light, which would you choose? I bet you’d pick the best light for Glock 19 pistols; for what good is a laser without a flashlight in a pitch-dark night! Besides, it would be more challenging and rewarding to have acquired your target (the old-fashioned way) without...

Best survival shovel: Let’s dig!

Best survival shovel
There was a time when shovels were only used in the gardens, backyards, construction sites and farms. Of course, the shovel had long been a staple military tool. Except for its military connection, however, the shovel had been fairly domesticated. Now shovels are more adventurous and outdoorsy; it’s fairly common to find them among campers, climbers, motorists, backpackers, hikers, hunters,...

Best Scope for 270: On target reviews

best scope for 270 winchester rifle
Reader question: I'm a new hunter and have a Winchester .270. What are the best scopes for 270 rifles? Before we answer the question, let's learn a little bit about the Winchester .270. The .270 is often called the “fast and flat shooter” because of its flat trajectory. It is ideal for hunting in the open fields, and fires fast and...

Best budget spotting scope

best budget spotting scope
The best budget spotting scope can be use for surveillance, bird watching, hunting, verifying a shot to zero in guns, or whatever purpose that calls for more magnification (to the power range of 20x to 60x) than a handy pair of binoculars can offer. Inexpensive spotting scopes come in a variety of brand names, models, sizes, magnification and, of course,...