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Best Entrenching Tool | E-tool Reviews in 2022

Best Entrenching Tool
So you’re going camping with the family and you’re looking to buy the best entrenching tool also known as the best e-tool so you’re prepared, but you’re not looking for something that is built to win a war. Brand names like Gerber, and Glock make you think firearms, not multi-use shovels. So, who makes the best entrenching tool for your needs? Read...

Best survival shovel: Let’s dig!

Best survival shovel
There was a time when shovels were only used in the gardens, backyards, construction sites and farms. Of course, the shovel had long been a staple military tool. Except for its military connection, however, the shovel had been fairly domesticated. Now shovels are more adventurous and outdoorsy; it’s fairly common to find them among campers, climbers, motorists, backpackers, hikers, hunters,...

What is the Best Scope for Mini-14? (ANSWERED)

best scope for mini 14
The Mini-14 is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine made by Sturm Ruger, a renowned American gun company. Its name, Mini-14, was actually derived from the military’s legendary and battle-tested M14 rifle, which was used by Ruger as base model to advance a few cost-cutting modifications and improvements to the new rifle. Read customer reviews of the best scope for Mini 14...

Best Reloading Dies in 2022

Best Reloading Dies
The best reloading dies shape the bullet casing as required. They serve an indispensable part in the reloading process - from decapping, resizing, expanding the casing mouth to seating the bullet. They come in a variety of different shapes and calibers to match the size and kind of bullet you own and want to reload. These dies must be procured separately...

Best Reloading Press: A Review Guide in 2022

Best Reloading Press reviews
Many shooters and gun enthusiasts -- whether rifle, shotgun, or pistol -- are in the market for the best reloading press in 2022. It's no surprise many often decide to reload their own bullets instead of buying rounds of ammunition. The most obvious reason is money related. It’s a no-brainer that, in the long run, reloaded bullets cost almost half the...

Best Slug Gun Scope: Reviews in Your Sights!

Best Slug Gun Scope
Reader question: I'm a bird hunter and am trying to find the best slug gun scope. I don't need long-range magnification and am looking for a sight that is one of the best on the market under 250 dollars. Before we look at what is the best scope for a slug gun, let's learn what makes a good sight for...

Best Sights for Glock 19 Pistols

Best sights for Glock 19
You may be shooting 5-in groups at 50 feet or 7-inch groups at 70 feet with your handgun, but there are always methods with which to enhance your shooting accuracy. Today’s vast array of technology offers a wide variety of tools to improve and upgrade sight accuracy. That includes getting one of the best sights for Glock 19 (9mm) pistols. Read...

Best Shotgun Recoil Pad: Reviews in 2022

best shotgun recoil pad
No doubt you’d have a blast after a few good rounds with your shotgun, but not without some good bruising, too. Guns often come with their own cushioning but these are not often the best shotgun recoil pad for you. Pads of very soft materials will give in more easily than sturdier materials. Aside from the material, the pad’s face...

Best Reloading Scale: Which Ones Are Accurate?

Best Reloading Scale
To most enthusiastic sharpshooters, reloading is usually preferred over assembled factory-loaded cartridges. Most shooters take pride in fabricating their own rounds for more cost-efficient ammos, and in enhancing their firing accuracy and performance. Read reviews of the best reloading scales in 2022 on Amazon. The reloading process requires reloading tools and equipment to ensure high quality of bullets produced. If this...

Best Shooting Chronograph

Best Shooting Chronograph
If you’re a serious shooter, and a loader at that, you'll be looking for reviews and comparisons of the best shooting chronograph. It is a precision device that measures the velocity of a projectile fired from a gun. When positioned at a distance of about 13 to 15 feet from the gun’s muzzle, the chronograph will gauge and record the...