Buyers guide: Best hang on tree stand for the money in 2024

Best Climbing Tree Stand under 200
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The best hang on tree stand will allow you to keep your cover while hunting with safety and comfort in the woods.

These mobile, versatile, and lightweight hang on tree stand seats are convenient and don’t cost a lot.

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Guide to buying a tree stand

Tree stands were created to provide the hunter with more visibility, while keeping the hunter out of the prey’s direct line of sight.

Also insure that the prey cannot smell the hunter, so that it will not run away. As simple as these things may sound, not just any stand will work for all cases.

To help you get the appropriate perch for your hunt and to make sure that your hunt is fun and safe, here are a couple of things you should consider before buying a tree stand.

Consider the place where you plan to hunt

The first thing that you should think of while trying to decide what tree stand to buy the terrain you will be hunting in. For example, a heavily wooded area that has straight trees with little or no limbs can hold almost any stand.

On the other hand, a heavily branched forest with a river bottom trees would not accommodate any stand. That is why it is really easy to see how terrain can dictate what kind of tree stand is best. You don’t want to bring an axe or splitting maul to fell timber.

Aside from the differences in the location, many hunters have to drag their stand into their favorite hunting spot. This brings us to another thing that would be crucial when looking for a tree stand, which is weight.

Although, some hunters can drive right to their chosen site, and weight would not be much of a problem. Everyone’s situation is different so let’s take a look at a few models to figure out which one works for you.

Climbing stands

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Climbing stands are extremely popular among hunters who want instantaneous mobility both on trees and between hunting sites. Yet, do not want to be hassled with screw-in steps or portable ladders.

The climbing function is made possible by the two-piece chair and platform design. With the platform and chair secured around the tree, you simply have to raise the upper portion.

Then put your weight on it and draw your legs upward with your feet. Finally lock the lower platform, into the tree with your body weight and repeat the process.

Even though climbers do have some advantages over other stands, consider the location where you will be hunting.

In order to use a climber efficiently, it is extremely important the trees in your hunting terrain have no large low-level limbs. Limbs on the lower levels of the trunk make climbing unfeasible.

If your hunting location has huge cottonwood or oak trees, you might not be able to wrap the climbing cable or strap around the tree, making it unattainable to use a climber.

On the other hand if your place allows you to use a climber, then go for it because it is very convenient.

Lock on

Lock-on or hang-on tree stands are one of the most adaptable and most popular tree stands.

Mainly because a lock-on stand can be used in numerous types of trees, they will work in trees with several limbs and with large diameter trunks.

Besides their adaptability, bow hunters find the lock-on stands very silent which is crucial when animals are near. Lock-on stands are also known for their light weight.

Several companies offer basic lock-on stands that weight less than 20 pounds.

These stands are great for different terrains and also very convenient because of the weight if you do not have the option of driving directly to your hunting spot.

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Ladders stands and tripods

If you are a hunter who is more concerned about comfort and stability and does not care about weight, a ladder stand is just the ticket.

Ladder stands have some advantages that the climber and fixed-position stands do not offer.

A ladder stand is integrated into a ladder that usually comes in three- or four-foot sections, so it can be easily transported.

This gives you an easy way to get up into your tree without having to shimmy up the trunk, having in mind limbs and small branches. On the other hand these stands are very heavy, but they are comfortable and very stable.

Tripods are also another option available to hunters; these tend to be not only huge, but not very convenient.

That is unless you are dealing with climbing a cactus or a fence, which can be really inconvenient. In those cases a tripod would be ideal.

Things to remember

Always remember that your safety is the most important thing that is why when choosing your tree stand take into account the weight, the adaptability, and the terrain.

Never forget though that you should choose the one that is safest in your hunting environment. Also take your time while setting up any of these and if you are uncertain of how to use them seek expert help.

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