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Best Scope for 17 HMR: Good Scope Reviews

best scope for hmr 17
Reader question: I'm looking for the best scope for 17 hmr? What is it and where can I find reviews in 2023? The .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire, or simply .17hmr, performs best with a riflescope specially designed for .17s. Parallax settings for big games are generally fixed at 150-200 yards, which is the reason for a matching riflescope. Generally, smaller ones are...

Best Bedside Gun Safe in 2023

Best Bedside Gun Safe
Placing a fully loaded gun sans ample protection under the pillow, under the bed, or atop the nightstand is not only ill-advised but very dangerous to family members – including you. Consider getting the best bedside gun safe. That’s courting disaster, and it behooves upon all conscientious gun owners to put more premium on safety at home. Read customer reviews of...

Best ACOG for SCAR 17 aka Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle

Best Scope for SCAR 17
The bigger the design the more it increases the .308’s performance; the heavier its ammunition becomes the more violently it generates recoil. It’s the price you have to pay for stepping up your game. Read customer reviews about the best acog for SCAR 17 rifles in 2023 on Amazon. SCAR 17s are designed for long-range shooting and naturally it demands a...