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Best Scope for 30-06: What’s in Your Sights?

best scope for 30 06
Reader question: What is the best scope for 30-06 -- whether a Remington 700, Ruger American, or any deer hunting rifle. We won't cover the AR 15, though. Gun nomenclature has gone such a roundabout, with several coding systems applied for naming guns. More modern guns are named starting with the calibre or groove diameter followed by the company name. Not...

Best Scope for 300 Blackout: Recommendations for your crosshairs?

Best Scope for 300 Blackout
Reader question: What is the best scope for 300 Blackout rifles? The 300 Blackout cartridge has made great headway in terms of advancing from the standard 5.56-mm round used in AR-platform rifles to one that’s more powerful and more effective. With proven performance and reliability, it eventually became popularly used not only among military and law enforcement personnel, but with big...

Best Scope for 270: On target reviews

best scope for 270 winchester rifle
Reader question: I'm a new hunter and have a Winchester .270. What are the best scopes for 270 rifles? Before we answer the question, let's learn a little bit about the Winchester .270. The .270 is often called the “fast and flat shooter” because of its flat trajectory. It is ideal for hunting in the open fields, and fires fast and...

Best Recoil Pad: Reviews in 2023

best recoil pad
The best recoil pad can be slip-on, grind-to-fit, and precision-fit. These pads absorb the shock from gun recoil. Shooters use these shock absorbers over their long firearms, such as shotguns and rifles, for body protection and gun stability, whatever their specific shooting styles and preferences are. LimbSaver Slip-On 10545 Recoil Pads The LimbSaver Slip-On 10545 is made out of patented Noise and...

Best climbing tree stand buyers guide in 2023

Best Climbing Tree Stand under 200
Archery deer hunting requires good equipment, including the best climbing tree stand for the money. Read reviews of tree stands or see photos on Amazon. This allows you to gain advantage at elevated observation points and get a cleaner shot. Although blinds and ladder, hang-on, tripod and box types stands are available to hunters, the climbing stand is often preferred. They are comfortable...

Best budget spotting scope

best budget spotting scope
The best budget spotting scope can be use for surveillance, bird watching, hunting, verifying a shot to zero in guns, or whatever purpose that calls for more magnification (to the power range of 20x to 60x) than a handy pair of binoculars can offer. Inexpensive spotting scopes come in a variety of brand names, models, sizes, magnification and, of course,...

Best Reloading Scale: Which Ones Are Accurate?

Best Reloading Scale
To most enthusiastic sharpshooters, reloading is usually preferred over assembled factory-loaded cartridges. Most shooters take pride in fabricating their own rounds for more cost-efficient ammos, and in enhancing their firing accuracy and performance. Read reviews of the best reloading scales in 2023 on Amazon. The reloading process requires reloading tools and equipment to ensure high quality of bullets produced. If this...

What is the Best Scope for .308 Rifle? (ANSWERED)

Best Scope for 308 Rifle
The .308 Winchester is a rifle cartridge preferred by many shooters and hunters because of its friendly recoil, longer barrel life, and efficient powder-consumption. There’s no question, too, that it’s superbly efficient within 250 to 300 yards. Beyond that range, however, it simply can’t outperform other really long-range rifle cartridges like 7mm Remington Magnum or the .300 Winchester Magnum. Read reviews...

Best IWB Holster for Glock 23 in 2023

Best IWB Holster for Glock 23
The IWB, or inside the waistband, is a popular concealed carry holster because it provides more concealment compared to the belt type. Below are some of the best IWB holsters for a Glock 23 on the market to help you form a sensible decision before buying one. Read customer reviews of good inside the waistband holsters on Amazon. Galco Kingtuk IWB...

Tips for biking at night

Cycling in the dark provides a different experience than day-time biking. Familiar routes and terrain take on an unfamiliar look while night bike riding. This can break up the monotony of bicycling on your favorite stomping grounds, and it can provide time to get out and train, which can be difficult with the days getting shorter and when you are...