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Best Scope for AK-47: What’s in Your Crosshairs?

Best Scope for AK-47 for the money
The Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK-47) is a Soviet-made gas-operated, selective fire assault rifle developed during the WWII by Mikhail Kalashnikov, hence the name. It is recognized as the most extensively used assault rifles the world over because of its reliability, durability, low production cost and simplicity in design. This is true in military and tactical operations, as well as in target...

What makes the best small snow plow vehicle? (ANSWERED)

best sub compact tractor for snow removal
I have used snow-blowers and snow-plows over the last 15 years. I have found that the best small snow plow vehicle is one of three machines: A garden tractor, ATV, UTV. Each has their pros and cons. Here's how I have made the decision on what makes a good little snow plow vehicle. Small snow pushing equipment Older garden tractors with...

Best IWB Holster for XDS

Question: What is the best IWB holster for XDS? The XD series of handguns by Springfield Armory has been around and sold in the U.S. for over a decade now. Because of its popularity and in response to outstanding market demand, Springfield came out with its XDS line of single stack compact semi-automatics that can fire a full power round, and...

Best Scope for M1A Standard: Reviews Targeting Springfield Armory’s rifle

Best Scope for M1A
Reader question: What is the best scope for M1A scout. It's a great, accurate rifle, but it's difficult to mount a scope on and I'd like some opinions. Read customer reviews on Amazon. Before deciding on the scope, a gun owner must thresh out the mount issue first. Some mounts offer two-point or three-point contact systems, with the latter providing added...

Best Low Light Scope: Let’s Light Up the Subject!

best low light scope
There are oceans of remarkable scopes available in today’s market to accommodate various styles, caliber and target requirements of shooters. Getting the best low light scope, however, will depend on the specific needs of every individual gun holder. A lot of these scopes provide wide-ranging descriptions of their distinct features and specifications that include magnification and light transmission levels, field...

17 tennis racket brands

best tennis racquet brands
I want to pick up tennis this year, so I am in the market for a good tennis racket. To help others, I compiled a short list of tennis racket brands and a guide on buying a good racket. Find good tennis racket brands in 2023 on Amazon. The list, which is not comprehensive, provides some of the top tennis racket name brands on...

Best Elk Hunting Boots: Reviews in 2023

Next to your gun, your second-best friend during a hunting expedition is a sturdy pair of boots. You should never venture to the woodlands without this indispensable gear. The best elk hunting boots are designed to keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable, whether you’re on a trek, up on your tree stand, or poised to shoot a game. Read customer...

Rifle Scopes vs Iron Sites: Pros and Cons

firearm target practice
Are you a shooter looking for an accurate aim? Comparing rifle scopes and iron sights can help you increase your accuracy. You can make an informed decision about which firearm setup is right for you. Get ready to be enlightened as we explore the pros and cons of both sighting systems! Introduction Rifle scopes and iron sights are two popular aiming devices...

Best Ice Fishing Flasher for Shallow Water

Best Ice fishing flasher
The best ice fishing flashers for shallow water are an important electronic that is just a portable sonar unit. Utilizing a three color system to gauge depth and movement, the flasher allows the fisherman to estimate what’s going on underneath the ice. Ice fishing has evolved immensely over the years, and now there’s all sorts of fancy gadgets and doodads...

Best IWB Holster for Glock 23 in 2023

Best IWB Holster for Glock 23
The IWB, or inside the waistband, is a popular concealed carry holster because it provides more concealment compared to the belt type. Below are some of the best IWB holsters for a Glock 23 on the market to help you form a sensible decision before buying one. Read customer reviews of good inside the waistband holsters on Amazon. Galco Kingtuk IWB...