Best Reloading Dies in 2023

Best Reloading Dies
Photo courtesy of Ryo Chijiiwa via flickr. Used under a CC-BY-2.0 license.

The best reloading dies shape the bullet casing as required. They serve an indispensable part in the reloading process – from decapping, resizing, expanding the casing mouth to seating the bullet.

They come in a variety of different shapes and calibers to match the size and kind of bullet you own and want to reload.

These dies must be procured separately because they hardly ever come with the reloading presses.

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Because dies place vast amounts of intensity and pressure on the casing to make certain that the bullet is safe to use, some may require constant lubrication with each use, while in other more advanced presses, lubrication is integrated into the reloading process.

Experienced loaders who understand precision reloading churn out high quality ammo by using high-quality dies and parts.

If you belong to this breed, feel free to look through this list of the best reloading dies for accuracy to complement your press.

Redding Reloading Full-Length Die Set (223 Remington)

Redding’s reloading 2-die set is designed for 223 Remington cartridges, with full-length dies for bottleneck cases.

This product by Redding features a full-length hardened steel resizing die with de-capping rod assembly and neck expander for superb results.

The second piece is a bullet seating die which provides a bullet guide, an integrated crimping (locking) ring, and the proper seating plug.

These dies are built for precision and accurate sizing. This would be a nice choice for your 223 Remington

Lee Precision 45 ACP Carbide 4-Die Set

Lee’s Precision carbide-made 4-die set fully complements .45 ACP handguns.

The package includes a carbide full-length die, a carbide factory crimp die, a bullet seating and feed die, a patented powder through expanding die, plus a powder dipper and instruction manual and load data.

These dies work best and deliver amazing results with a Lee Breech Lock Hand Press – no mess whatsoever and yields perfectly sized ammo for consistent feeding.

With the appended steel universal shell holder, this 4-die set works great and you get your money’s worth twice over.

Lyman Carbide Deluxe Rifle 3-Die Set (5.56mm)

Lyman Carbide Deluxe Rifle 3-die set is ideal for loading 223 Remington (5.56mm) cartridges, with standard 7/8 x 14 threads.

This set by Lyman contains a full-length resizing die with de-capping stem, a carbide neck expanding button with ample adjustment for height, a bullet seating die, plus a neck sizing die with carbide expander that lengthens case life by limiting the extent of stretching caused by tremendous sizing.

These solid construction dies are a go-to tool for reloaders for loading jacketed cartridges in bottlenecked casings.

Who makes the best reloading dies?

Naturally you’d want precision reloading for your ammo. To do this you’ll definitely need durable and precision reloading dies, with multiple features and specific functions that deliver your desired results.

For reloaders who use straight cases, they will require 3-die sets, at the minimum. On the other hand, if you use bottleneck cases in reloading your ammos, you won’t need more than 2-die sets.

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