Best Riggers Belt: Reviews in 2023

best riggers belt
Photo courtesy of Wapster via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

The best riggers belt should be sturdy and well-designed to hold the heavy equipment used during tactical activities or adventures.

These belts normally hold the weight of guns, knives and tools, and keep the gear balanced.

They also function as back-up belt during tactical harness, such as when rappelling or airframe tie-in situations. Therefore, they have to be reinforced, well-designed, and comfortable to the user.

Here are several models and brands of riggers belt that made the grade to this review.

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Spec Ops Brand

The Spec. Ops brand riggers belt is made of highly dependable nylon webbing that can withstand up to 8000-pound of tension, excellent for emergency harness operations.

For this purpose, it comes with Mil-spec buckle and “D” ring. Hardware contact points are lined to protect the parts from abrasion and wear.

The material has redundant stitching for reliability under punishing conditions. It’s a high-performing tactical rigger’s belt that also is often used as a regular plain-clothes belt.

This belt is sold in colours of black, brown, grey, olive and tan, with waistline sizes that range from 24 to 46 inches.

Modular Rigger’s Belt (MRB) from Crye Precision

The Modular Rigger’s Belt (MRB) from Crye Precision has a unique feature: its belt system is designed mainly to carry the wearer’s gear and hold the pants up, but it can also be used as a regular belt minus the gear.

This is made possible by employing a LoopLock inner belt layer that goes through the belt loops to keep the pants up while keeping the gears in place, or by detaching this Looplock layer and wearing it as a regular belt.

The MRB offers several pistol mounting options – on the main belt, the exterior sleeve, or the LoopLock inner layer. With its heavy-duty function, the MRB is not bulky and is ergonomically designed to keep the wearer comfortable. The main belt is replaceable.

Ultimate Rigger’s Belt

At a reasonable price of about $80, the Ultimate Rigger’s Belt provides secure belt construction. It keeps gears and holsters in place, and ensures safe lifting or harnessing should the situation arise.

Most riggers belts in the market use standard parachute hardware, parachute v-ring and webbing, and No. 69 thread.

The Ultimate has upgraded the conventional design by using aluminium Cobra Buckle, sewn-in attachment instead of the v-ring, double-layered the webbing, and 7 Class sewing throughout the belt’s length and 6 rows down.

Sizes of up to 45-inch waistlines are available, in increments of 5 inches. This belt is covered with a lifetime warranty, Berry-compliant and made in the USA.

What is the best riggers belt on the market?

The Ultimate is an easy winner, although the Modular is another good choice.

The makers of the Ultimate went through extra measures to ensure that they come up with a rigger’s belt that will stand up to extreme conditions. It is made with high-quality Mil-spec materials and all the precautions were taken in its design and execution.

The MRB has taken the utility and the bearing function of the belt very well, but it has not went the extra lengths of securing it in its back-up belt function during emergency harnessing situations.

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