Best Shooting Chronograph

Best Shooting Chronograph
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If you’re a serious shooter, and a loader at that, you’ll be looking for reviews and comparisons of the best shooting chronograph.

It is a precision device that measures the velocity of a projectile fired from a gun. When positioned at a distance of about 13 to 15 feet from the gun’s muzzle, the chronograph will gauge and record the speed of the bullet at the muzzle accurately.

With this information, you can then intelligently decide which load is the most accurate for your rifle, and whether to use reload or factory-made ammo.

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The chronograph had a long way to go before it became what we know a chrony is today. Back in the early 18th century, a ballistic pendulum was used, which became the precursor of the early chronograph developed 1804 by a French Army colonel named Grobert.

The contemporary chronograph is made of two screens which contain optical sensors that detect several things about the projectile (bullet, pellets, arrows) – its path, the time it takes to travel between the sensors, and its velocity.

No doubt, this device is a must-have tool for the more serious shooter. So, let’s take a peek at some of the coolest gun chronographs available in today’s market.

Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chrony

The Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chrony has 4-digit clear LCD readout with meters per second (mps) or feet per second (fps) measurement, and can be used accurately to measure the velocities of your firearms, air guns, and airsoft guns.

It can store 9 strings of up to 99 shots per string in memory, which can be deleted one by one or entirely with a touch of a button. It’s powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery.

The ProChrono is easy to operate: set it up to about 5 feet or more (not any closer where the muzzle blast of your firearm could likely interfere with the device) in front of the firing line on a tripod; turn the switch (located at the side) on; switch on the function buttons in front to the desired string, and; fire at will.

It has good lighting which is accurate and reliable for indoor and outdoor shooting competitions.

Such accuracy has been highly acclaimed in the shooting industry, making this chronograph the No. 1 used in Bianchi Cup events – a premier action pistol championship in the world where the elite shooters worldwide gather to compete each May in Missouri, USA.

The chronograph allows you to review each velocity and shot string, average velocity, extreme spread, and standard deviation.

After each shot it takes about a fraction of a second to show the speed of that particular shot, and then you’re good to go for the next.

It functions flawlessly and good for your reloads, too.

Shooting Chrony F-1 Chronograph

The F-1 Chronograph from Shooting Chrony is designed to work outdoors or where there’s sufficient lighting.

The kit includes a jack for use with an optional Chrony Ballistic printer, but the latter is being sold separately.

The Chrony F-1 is a durable piece of equipment. When setting it up, use a tripod (a camera tripod will suffice if you have one) to get the best height and to attain greater accuracy.

Make sure to observe the recommended distance as written in the manual, and four inches over the sensors.

Shooting Chrony Alpha Master Chronograph

The Shooting Chrony Alpha Master Chronograph is simple enough to use and can measure speeds for both air guns and powerful weapons.

You can view from it the highest, lowest, and the average fps, the spread between the highest and lowest fps, and the standard deviation between fps.

Like the Chrony F-1, no printer is included and you have to record the data by hand. The good thing is that it registers the fps one by one up to a string of 32 shots.

The record is automatically deleted when the device is turned off. If you set it out to the target, it can even record the fps of every shot taken. So, it’s a fairly nice piece to add in your shooting arsenal.

What is the best shooting chrony on the market?

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