Best Shotgun Recoil Pad: Reviews in 2023

best shotgun recoil pad
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No doubt you’d have a blast after a few good rounds with your shotgun, but not without some good bruising, too. Guns often come with their own cushioning but these are not often the best shotgun recoil pad for you.

Pads of very soft materials will give in more easily than sturdier materials. Aside from the material, the pad’s face shape, design and texture also matter.

If you’ve been bruising more than enjoying the hunting season, consider changing shells or looking into some of the following shotgun recoil pads to soften the kick of your shotgun.

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Limbsaver 10201 Recoil Pad Mossberg

Touted as the top recoil protection for shotguns in the market nowadays, the LimbSaver 10201Precision-Fit Recoil pad significantly absorbs and reduces up to 50% felt recoil than other standard manufacturer stock pads.

Moreover, it incorporates an Anti-Muzzle Jump Technology for added shooting accuracy sans discomfort and shoulder bruising.

Simply screw-in the LimbSaver pad on the gun stock for body protection and comfort. It measures 5.175″ x 1.680″.

The Limbsaver fits a 12 gauge perfectly; shaving may be required for guns other than that calibre. The product material itself is of high quality, the only issue being the fit of the pad to various guns’ stock.

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On Recoil Pad

The Pachmayr Decelerator features an innovative egg-crate construction that makes it light and sturdy that gives it the ultimate in look and recoil suppression.

You need no gunsmith to install this slip-on pad and will fit the stock quite easily and quick.

It is designed to fit within .050-inch tolerance on most factory-made stocks, and fits perfectly with shotguns like the Mossberg 500, and the Winchester 1200/1300 using the small size.

There had been complaints about not being the perfect fit, but the product does come with a list of gun stocks that it promised would fit.

If your gun is not on the list, then it’s not Pachmayr’s fault that your gun’s butt won’t fit.

As to reducing kick, the Pachmayr Decelerator holds well against recoil but not as much as Kick-Eez which is the next item. Pachmayr is sold a few dollars cheaper than LimbSaver.

Kick-EEZ All-Purpose Recoil Pad

Kick-EEZ All-Purpose Recoil slip-over system is designed (as its name suggests) for all shooting sports.

It is available in three varying sizes for quick and easy fitting, and comes with a ½” Sorbothane insert for full recoil suppression and vibration control, which makes shooting experience pain-free and enjoyable.

At 11 oz, this particular pad may be quite thick and heavier than most rival pads, but it’s really built for durability as it is made from top-quality rubber.

Here’s an important thing with this product – the pad and insert add up to a thickness of 1 inch, adding that same length to the gun’s reach.

See first if that’s fine with you or consider shaving the stock off; if it is made of wood, that is. Recoil reduction is definitely effective. Kick-EEZ sells at around $40.

Best shotgun recoil pad

The bottom line is: you need a recoil pad that works to absorb recoil; fits the butt plate snugly without complicated smithing necessary; made of a material that is not gooey or slippery but soft and holds its shape through some heavy shooting.

Kick-EEZ gets all the check marks here. We have not mentioned weight in the criteria because we believe that a little added constant weight from a pad is far tolerable than a mule’s kick, which is often likened to the recoil from many guns.

Let it also be noted that of the pads compared in this review, Kick-EEZ is the heaviest and the most expensive, too. We believe that you’d live through those two “minor” issues, so we’ve factored them out.

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