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Best Entrenching Tool
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So you’re going camping with the family and you’re looking to buy the best entrenching tool also known as the best e-tool so you’re prepared, but you’re not looking for something that is built to win a war.

Brand names like Gerber, and Glock make you think firearms, not multi-use shovels.

So, who makes the best entrenching tool for your needs?

Read customer reviews of good etools on Amazon.

Well we’ve got a handy buyers guide to provide what options are available on e-tools and three reviews to give you an idea what’s available nowadays.

Survival Shovel | SporstsTek Xplorer 10in1 Entrenching Multitool

The SportsTek Xplorer notes it is 10 tools in 1, describing it as a shovel, fire starter, hammer, slicer, chopper, saw, wire cutter, hoe, auto hammer, measuring tool and axe.

The handle and shaft are made of aluminum and have a covered handle for comfort.

SportsTek labels the Xplorer as an ideal tool for occasional zombie hunting, and other less important tasks like camping, hiking, survival and emergency.

A cool feature is a waterproof hollow shaft that can store any sensitive survival items.

The whole e-tool is 18.5 inches long when open, and only weighs 1.2 pounds.

The head, or shovel blade, is made of carbon steel that is satin-finished, and is capable of swiveling to three positions.

One Amazon reviewer noted the shovel head has two different sized hex holes, a wire cutter/stripper, and the shovel blade locks securely.

Glock Entrenching Tool with Saw and Pouch

The Glock Entrenching Tool is a formidable product, featuring a black, anti-corrosive surface treated blade, with 4 lockable positions, and a fully open length of 25 inches.

The total weight is 2 pounds, which is heavier than the SportsTek.

Unlike the SportsTek, the handle of the Glock isn’t designed to store extra survival items, but instead hides a steel saw that has a screwdriver tip for emergency wrenching.

One Amazon reviewer noted that they had issues with the handle top of the saw coming apart when the saw is unscrewed.

Another Amazon reviewer remarks that this tool doubles as a hatchet if you sharpen one side of the spade. Glock doesn’t specify this as an option.

Several Amazon reviewers have noted how rugged and durable the shovel is, constantly referring to it as a solid tool.

Although it’s not advertised as being a ten-in-one tool like the SportsTek, the Glock E-tool is still a capable, multi-use item ideal for camping, hiking, or storing as an emergency tool.

Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool

Weighing 2.6 pounds, and collapses to a 9.37 inch overall length when closed, the Gerber E-tool looks compact and tough as nails.

The product’s length when open is 23 inches, which is just slightly shorter than the Glock, but still much longer than the SportsTek E-tool.s

This E-tool is only capable of two positions for the spade; shovel style, and pick style, unlike the SportsTek or Glock’s three and four, respectively.

Rocking a sleek black, powder coated carbon steel blade, anodized 7075 aluminum shaft, and glass-filled nylon handle, this tool can definitely take a beating.

It may be heavier than both the Glock and lightweight SportsTek, but many Amazon reviewers remark on how strong and durable this tool is when hacking ice and limbs.

The spade has a long, serrated edge that is capable of cutting trees or through ice.

Similar to the Glock, the handle is not designed to store extra survival items, so this e-tool may be best placed in your vehicle as an emergency item instead of a camping or hiking tool.

Depending on your needs, and how much weight you want to carry, the SportsTek, Glock, and Gerber entrenching tools all offer a myriad of options for you camping, hiking, survival, emergency, or zombie-killing needs.

Buyers guide for good e-tools

Who would’ve thought you’d need to put some serious thinking behind choosing a tool that can shovel, cut weeds, chop wood, or protect you?

Well, entrenching tools are very well-designed instruments, whether for war or camping.

The size of the tool will determine a lot; will it fit where you need it? Is it compact when it’s folded or just bulky?

Weight is another characteristic to keep in mind as well, because chances are you’re carrying a backpack, water bottles, sleeping bag, and so on.

It’s not physically feasible to carry heavy objects when hiking as it will tire you out quicker.

Weighing which options the tool will have, such as an added axe edge or saw edge, will be important as well.

These extra specs will help you get the best bang for you weight, as they can combine many tools into one convenient object.

Since many e-tools fold, they’ll also need solid locking mechanisms to stay unfolded and stable when you’re using them.

Paying attention to any reviews about the rigidity, or looseness, an entrenching tool has while open will help you decide if it’ll make the cut.

Find the best entrenching tool in 2022 on Amazon.

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