Money clip vs wallet: And the winner is …

wallet vs money clip
When it comes to money clips vs wallets, some guys may use what their father's did -- just because that's what they know. My father had a wallet -- filled with cash, pictures of the family, and cards. His wallet was always worn-out and overstuffed. I am not going out on a limb to say that image is commonplace for...

Guide to buying the best rubber hunting boots

best rubber hunting boots for the money
The best rubber hunting boots keep your feet warm and dry when you hiking through swampy, muddy land on your hunts. A pair of waterproof, flexible, and comfortable boots will keep your dogs from balking while walking. But as we know, not all boots are created equal. There are differences in insulation, tread design, materials, physical dimensions, appearance, and how they...

Best way to get rid of ants indoors: What worked for me

best way to get rid of ants
I ran into ant issues twice in the past. At the time, I did some research about the best way to get rid of ants indoors. I tried a few different methods: I used Terro ant killer, then tried a professional pest exterminator. Terro ant review A few years ago, I moved into a different apartment and found out there was an...

Tips for getting the best acrylic paint

About two years ago, I gave away all my paint supplies. It was a box full of professional quality acrylic and oil paint, along with brushes. Before I gave them away, I had not painted on a canvas in a long time and did not think I ever would. I knew the woman I gave them to would use them. Just...

Guide to buying the best soil pH tester kit in 2022

best soil test kit
If you’re into farming or gardening, it is important to know about soil pH and how it is tested. Let's what to look for in the best soil tester kit. Search for soil meters or read customer reviews on Amazon. What is soil pH? The soil’s acidity or alkalinity is determined by its pH value, or the measure of the activity of...

What is the best medical dictionary?

best medical dictionary
When I was a beginning healthcare student, I found medical books read a lot like at alphabet soup -- until my medical vocabulary improved. And what better way to improve vocab: Get the best medical dictionary and start looking words up! That's what I did when I went through radiography school. I'm sure it's up for debate about what the "best"...

Harmonica brands list: 12 popular harp companies

best harmonica brands
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson had an ongoing bit with celebrity guests, who could opt to play the harmonica or take an awkward pause to end their segment. I was always intrigued by how the guests did and their difficulty playing the harmonica. Some did well; others did not. It lead me to a question: What harmonica brands are...

List: 37 oil paint brands in 2022

oil paint brands
I have been in the market for new art supplies after giving away my paint and brushes. In the past, I used Winsor & Newton oil paint, which was the first and only brand I used. This is a good reason to experiment! Find the best oil paint brands for beginners and artists on Amazon. Before buying anything, I researched different student and professional...

List: Name brand belts for men

name brand belts
I had a formal function not too long ago and needed a new belt. Although I have bought from the Tommy Hilfinger line in the past, I thought I would look into the best name brand belts from other manufacturers. Companies in the list range from luxury designer belts such as Gucci to more budget-friendly belts. This should provide a...

Guide to buying the best pool test kit in 2022

best pool testing kit
Summers can be stifling and there’s no better way to beat the heat than taking a dip or a relaxing swim in the swimming pool. Before taking that refreshing dive, however, some health and safety issues must be considered. Pools have been idle during the winter months, and this causes a build-up of all kinds of dirt and sludge. Before using the...