What is the best paper for colored pencils? (ANSWERED)

best paper for colored pencils
When I draw and shade in graphite, I have used Strathmore 400 Series or Bristol board. I wanted to try a different format for colored pencils, though. That leads me to my query: What is the best paper for colored pencils? I did a little research to find out what others are using and list it below. Besides, I like to...

Best Bass Amp Brands Right Now

best bass amp brands
My first bass amp was a $10 used generic special. It sounded horrible -- especially with a Jazz bass guitar. It did not take me long to seek out a few of the best bass amp brands. I thought I would list a few manufacturers in this article and provide a short buyers guide about buying a bass guitar amplifier. There are...

List: Fine china brands

antique fine china brands
My mom has a couple different fine china brands of dinnerware -- none of which I've ever seen on a table. It got me thinking: What companies make fine china and what would I want to know about buying dinnerware? I tackle the questions in this article. Read customer reviews of fine porcelain china on Amazon or see their best-sellers...

Is ASUS a good brand in 2022? (ANSWERED)

is asus a good laptop brand
I am a computer guy. Friends and family often ask about computer manufacturers or buying advice. I recently was asked this: Is ASUS a good brand? ASUS is one of my favorite brands for desktops and laptops. Read customer reviews of the best ASUS computers on Amazon or continue reading to read my reviews. ASUS mainboards, desktops I have built computers with DFI, ASUS,...

Best LiPo battery guide: Holdin’ a charge!

best lipo battery for traxxas slash
I've used nickel-metal hydride and lithium polymer batteries during the many years I've been involved i the RC hobby. My opinion: The best LiPo battery is so much better than NiMH in terms of low weight and high energy density in RC cars, such as a Traxxas Slash or Summit. In my rock crawler, I still use NiMH because I like...

Best power supply brand in 2022: Wattage overload!

best power supply brand
I have used a lot of power supplies throughout the years for my personal computers and when I have done system builds for others. For me, the best power supply brands are SeaSonic and Antec for general usage. I am a huge fan of the SeaSonic Platinum series and think it works well for general computing needs. But, manufacturers such as...

What is the best Uncharted game? (ANSWERED)

best uncharted game
I'm a fan of the Uncharted series, and I know this is a common question: What is the best Uncharted game? If you want the best game from the series, start with Uncharted 4: Thieves End. That's my opinion. Thieves End is an amazing game, full of plot twists and character twists. Before we look at what I consider the best...

Do CPUs come with thermal paste? (ANSWERED)

do intel processors come with thermal paste
When I put together my first computer many moons ago, I had a ton of questions. I remember one being, do CPUs come with thermal paste? At the time, I had no idea. My motto was to be prepared, though. I bought a tube of Arctic Silver as a precautionary measure. After unboxing retail CPUs, I learned that stock AMD and...

Money clip vs wallet: And the winner is …

wallet vs money clip
When it comes to money clips vs wallets, some guys may use what their father's did -- just because that's what they know. My father had a wallet -- filled with cash, pictures of the family, and cards. His wallet was always worn-out and overstuffed. I am not going out on a limb to say that image is commonplace for...

Guide to buying the best rubber hunting boots

best rubber hunting boots for the money
The best rubber hunting boots keep your feet warm and dry when you hiking through swampy, muddy land on your hunts. A pair of waterproof, flexible, and comfortable boots will keep your dogs from balking while walking. But as we know, not all boots are created equal. There are differences in insulation, tread design, materials, physical dimensions, appearance, and how they...