Best Grave Digging Equipment: What equipment do I need to dig cemetery plot?

Best Grave Digging Equipment
Question: I am thinking about starting a cemetery plot digging business. I see an opportunity as a professional grave-digger in my area instead of being a heavy equipment operator. What is the best grave digging equipment? I need to move small amounts of dirt for funeral graves. I am looking for gravedigging tools to make funerals easier to handle. Usable...

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds: GSDs with Skin Allergies and Sensitive Stomachs take Solace!

best dog food for german shepherds with sensitive stomachs
Although the best dog food for German Shepherds may be a biologically appropriate raw food diet, I have tried different dry kibble for my picky eater. Find the best food for German Shepherds on Amazon or read my reviews. What is a good dry dog food for a German Shepherd? My pooch sampled Blue Buffalo, Castor & Pollux, Fromm, Acana, Taste of...

19 German Shepherd Accessories: Supplies, Equipment, and Gift Ideas for GSD Lovers

german shepherd accessories
Do you have a new German Shepherd puppy? Perhaps you have a K9 working dog or an IPO schutzhund sport dog? Maybe you have a couch potato pooch. Here are 19 German Shepherd accessories to get started and make training easier -- whether you are a new GSD owner or looking for a gift for that experienced owner. Find the best...

Best Tennis Balls for Dogs: Reviews and Recommendations in 2022

best tennis ball for dogs
Dogs and tennis balls are like peanut butter and jelly. My German Shepherd loves chasing them during a good game of fetch. Question: What are the best tennis balls for dogs? Let's review a few dog friendly tennis balls. Chuckit! Ultra Ball The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is an awesome dog safe tennis ball. It's a rubber ball, which is brightly colored and...

What is the best heeling stick? (ANSWERED)

best heeling stick on the market
My German Shepherd dog needed to learn how to heel. I found it so much easier to teach the behavior with the best heeling stick.

Best Ice Fishing Auger

Best Ice Fishing Auger
Whether you’re a veteran or novice ice fisher, the best ice fishing auger will help you spend more time fishing than drilling holes -- whether it is a propane, electric, or hand ice auger. This specialty tool makes life a lot easier, as moving to a new hole is a regular occurrence and can be tedious when you don’t have the...

What is the best paper for colored pencils? (ANSWERED)

best paper for colored pencils
When I draw and shade in graphite, I have used Strathmore 400 Series or Bristol board. I wanted to try a different format for colored pencils, though. That leads me to my query: What is the best paper for colored pencils? I did a little research to find out what others are using and list it below. Besides, I like to...

Do Dog Whistles Work?

do dog whistles work
Reader question: I want to train my puppy's recall command with a whistle. Do dog whistles work? Short answer: Yes. I bought a whistle when my German Shepherd was a puppy and was able to train a recall command with it. Let's find out how dog whistles work. How do dog whistles work? A dog whistle is a device that emits a sound...

List: Fine china brands

antique fine china brands
My mom has a couple different fine china brands of dinnerware -- none of which I've ever seen on a table. It got me thinking: What companies make fine china and what would I want to know about buying dinnerware? I tackle the questions in this article. Read customer reviews of fine porcelain china on Amazon or see their best-sellers...

Best way to get rid of ants indoors: What worked for me

best way to get rid of ants
I ran into ant issues twice in the past. At the time, I did some research about the best way to get rid of ants indoors. I tried a few different methods: I used Terro ant killer, then tried a professional pest exterminator. Terro ant review A few years ago, I moved into a different apartment and found out there was an...