Best shock collar for Yorkies: Reviews and Recommendations in 2022

Question: What is the best shock collar for Yorkies? I have a small dog who likes to bark and want to start training my toy breed with an e-collar. I am looking for a shock collar for a 5lb dog.

Yorkies require a lightweight receiver, which doesn’t strain their neck. Also, a Yorkie shock collar should have a short collar length.

Find the best e-collar for small dogs on Amazon.

E-collar Technologies makes great products, including the ET-300 or the ME-300 which is an e-collar for small dogs. Let’s do a Mini Educator review first.

Mini Educator ET-300 Review

ecollar technologies mini educator et300 reviewThe Mini Educator notes that their e-collar fits small dogs.

— Collar ranges from 7″ to 24″
— Receiver weighs 4 ounces and is 2″Lx1.5″Wx1.1″H
— A top rated dog training collar
— Collar size: 3/4″ wide
— Stopwatch shaped remote is comfortable
— LCD screen shows level of stimulation
— 1/2 mile range
— Stimulation range varies from 1-100, with 5-20 being a working range for most dogs
— Stimulation can be continuous or momentary, with a boost feature
— Vibrating mode also available, which makes it a great vibrating collar for deaf dogs
— Light on collar receiver, which allows you to keep tabs on your dog in the dark
— Waterproof
— Assembled in the USA
— Great customer service

Speaking of customer service …

I used the Mini Educator for about three months on my German Shepherd dog and then the transmitter battery would not hold a charge.

After calling E-Collar Technologies, explained the device was fairly new and wasn’t working right.

I provided the serial number for the device, an address, and the rep said she would send out a replacement battery. It took about a week to get the battery.

Sure, it sucks the battery died and the collar stopped working, but the company did the right thing by sending out a replacement free of charge.

E-Collar Technologies ME-300 Micro Educator: Shock collar for 5lb dogs

E-Collar - ME-300 - Waterproof Remote Trainer Micro Educator 1/3 Mile Range - Designed for Smaller Dogs - Static, Vibration and Sound Stimulation Collar with PetsTEK Dog Training Clicker
  • Remote Dog Training Collar Kit: E-Collar ME-300 Micro Educator has up to 1/3-mile range and is designed specifically for smaller dogs - 10lb and up; Happy pet owners say they love having more options than just static to correct behavior, and they say their ECollar Tone and Vibration settings are often enough to get their best friend’s attention; The kit comes with PetsTEK training clicker that you can use to train your pet to follow your commands and to become a well-behaved canine
  • Designed for Smaller Dogs: The collar is 20% smaller, 20% lighter, delivers 20% less stimulation, and the contact points are 20% closer to each other compared to ET-300 system; The collar can be turned 90 degrees on the strap for a vertical contact point position; This gives you more options when fitting it to a very small dog; E-Collar system also has 100 intensity levels of static correction (from a tapping sensation to a solid sting), this lets you set your ideal level for any situation
  • Dog Training Remote: Customers who've used other remote trainers say they love how our remote is solid, easy to use, and instantly responsive; The remote has a Patented “lock and set” safety feature, plus flush-mount buttons that stop accidental static correction yet keep essentials right at your fingertips so you can quickly get your dog’s attention; The system is perfect for back yards, parks, competitions, police k-9 work, any types of hunting and large field training
  • Waterproof Collar w/ Tracking Light: Your E-Collar system comes with a 3/4” x 30” cut-to-fit biothane collar (for dogs 5-lbs & up) along with two contact point sets (5/8 & 3/4 inch) for any thickness of fur; Plus the collar has a built in light that makes it easy to spot your pup at night; Your E-Collar remote dog training system has a dual charger that fits both the collar and the remote for fast recharging (2 hours or less), giving you up to 2-days of pet training per charge
  • Assembled in the USA: Your E-Collar system is assembled in the USA and the USA based Customer Service can be reached by either a phone or an email; The E-Collar system is ready for tough daily use in rain, snow, and sub-freezing temperatures - in fact, your ME-300 system is so rugged that we stand behind it for two full years - Guaranteed

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The ME-300 uses the stopwatch-style transmitter as the ET-300, which I use on my German Shepherd. But the receiver has been modified. It features 20 percent less weight, stimulation, and size — a great option as a remote collar for Yorkies.

According to the company: “Like the ET-300, it (the ME-300) is still rated for dogs 5 lbs and up, but the newer configuration allows for more options when fitting it to a very small dog.”

Using Responsibly: Stay Safe

You’re a dog owner, and you want to use the collar so that it trains the dog, but you never want it to hurt him. In short, you need to learn how to condition the dog to an e-collar.

When done conditioned correctly, low levels of stimulation are used to train a small dog — any dog for that matter.

Instead of a shock collar, you want a collar that will deliver a vibration or tone that will help to train your dog. Blunt Pulse Stimulation, for example, is a type of collar that adopted the same types of technology that your chiropractor might use.

Understand the purpose of the training

Every dog collar will have a different purpose — such as training collars for large dogs. Some collars will work better for different purposes. You have a couple of different types that include:

— Yard training collar
— Bark training collar
— Hunting dog collar
— Working dog collar

You want to look for a collar that has been labeled to meet up specifically with your training needs because this will mean that you can train your dog more easily.

Must-have features in e-collars for small dogs

Whenever you look at a remote dog collar, you should consider a few of the must-have features. You have four different features, and they include:

— Receiver weight
— Collar size
— Battery life
— Product support

Items of importance

— Use positive reinforcement
— Comfort matters
— Safety perks included
— One-year warranty minimum for lasting quality

Researchers have learned that sound proves an awesome tool for proving to your dog that he has done the correct thing. For example, the tone of your voice might vary in its consistency, but the standard sound will let your dog know that he has mastered one element of your commands.

In addition, this won’t pack the pounds on your dog’s frame from a bunch of treats.

Comfort is another thing that matters because if your dog doesn’t feel comfortable, he won’t concentrate on the training as much, and it won’t be as effective.

To judge the level of comfort, you should follow the two-finger rule where if you can fit two fingers underneath the dog’s collar, he should be reasonably comfortable.

Next, safety features matters because you want to be able to train with your dog in all types of weather and environments to get to a level of mastery with your dog. You could also get GPS monitoring onto your dog so that if he ever runs away, you can track him. In addition, this gives you some level of peace of mind.

Finally, you want a small dog shock collar that has a minimum of a one-year warranty because this will guarantee the quality so that you don’t have to worry about it not working.

Even if the dog collar costs a little more, consider how it could last a little longer than some of the other choices on the market.

Dog temperament and size

You can adjust most collars, but you still want to make sure that you don’t buy a collar that will be too big for the dog because this will make it harder to train him.

If you have a Newfoundland, you don’t want to buy an e-collar for Yorkies because it will be too small, and it works the other way around as well.

In addition, a stubborn dog may need more stimulation than a shock collar for toy dogs. A larger dog may need more stimulation. Keep in mind, however, more stimulation isn’t always better. We want these collars as a way of training the dog, but we don’t want it to be counterproductive.

Best features for small dog remote collars

You want features tailored specifically to the purpose of your dog. This will mean that the training will prove more effective.

You may want to have the ability to adjust the stimulation levels to see what your dog will respond to the best.

You will want a long enough connection range. Preferably, you want the connection range to go for up to a half of a mile or even up to one mile.

Durability is another important factor that you must consider with these dog collars. Keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that you buy a dog collar that will help you with training.

Understand behavior you are modifying

Through a remote dog collar, you will have the ability to modify some of the dog’s behaviors.

For example, excessive barking, jumping or getting into things can be training out of the dog.

You may also want to use it to train the dog to help with your work. For example, if you work on the farm, a remote dog collar could be incredibly useful.

Find the best shock collar for Yorkies on Amazon.

This is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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