Tips for getting the best acrylic paint

About two years ago, I gave away all my paint supplies. It was a box full of professional quality acrylic and oil paint, along with brushes. Before I gave them away, I had not painted on a canvas in a long time and did not think I ever would. I knew the woman I gave them to would use them. Just...

Best wrinkle free pants: Do they exist?

Best wrinkle free pants review
I am always on the lookout for the best wrinkle free pants for business casual. Like most, I have yet to find an inexpensive pair that come out of the dryer 100 percent unwrinkled. I did buy a pair of Dockers Men's Signature Khaki D3 Classic fit flat front pants not too long ago and have had good luck with...

What is the best Uncharted game? (ANSWERED)

best uncharted game
I'm a fan of the Uncharted series, and I know this is a common question: What is the best Uncharted game? If you want the best game from the series, start with Uncharted 4: Thieves End. That's my opinion. Thieves End is an amazing game, full of plot twists and character twists. Before we look at what I consider the best...

What is the best medical dictionary?

best medical dictionary
When I was a beginning healthcare student, I found medical books read a lot like at alphabet soup -- until my medical vocabulary improved. And what better way to improve vocab: Get the best medical dictionary and start looking words up! That's what I did when I went through radiography school. I'm sure it's up for debate about what the "best"...

How much does a longboard cost?

best longboard brands
Question: How much does a long board cost? Let's talk longboards Maybe you have been surfing and find yourself needing a hobby when the waves aren’t at their peak. Perhaps you have been snowboarding and find that your summer legs need some movement. Or, you just want basic transportation and are looking for best longboard for college. Whatever the case may be, longboarding...