Best computer fan in 2022: Heat beware!

best computer fan
For years, the best computer fans for me were the orange Nexus 120mm units. I always defined "best" as being able to keep my tower and CPU cool (under 100 percent load at 50 degree Celsius) and provide little to no audible fan noise. Every PC I built used Nexus -- the orange version. They are super quiet, especially when they...

Best pressure cooker for cooking: Buyers guide for popular electric and stove top brands

Best pressure cooker for cooking
The best pressure cooker for cooking will steam your garlic vegetables or sear your steak to perfection. To help you find a top rated electric or stove top pressure cooker, there are reviews of popular models and notes about their pros and cons. Read customer reviews and ratings on Amazon if you know what pressure cooker brand you want to buy. If not,...

Best Grave Digging Equipment: What equipment do I need to dig cemetery plot?

Best Grave Digging Equipment
Question: I am thinking about starting a cemetery plot digging business. I see an opportunity as a professional grave-digger in my area instead of being a heavy equipment operator. What is the best grave digging equipment? I need to move small amounts of dirt for funeral graves. I am looking for gravedigging tools to make funerals easier to handle. Usable...

Is Vizio a good brand? (ANSWERED)

is vizio a good tv brand
Is Vizio a good brand? This is a question I have seen people ask on the web often. It is one I asked before purchasing one. Now that I own one, I will answer with my opinion and provide a review. The Vizio TV brand is not too expensive and is stocked in more than 8,000 retail stores, including Amazon. I...

Best weed killer safe for dogs

weed killer safe for dogs
I used a pet safe weed and feed on my lawn at the start of the year. But I did not use it in my front yard by the house, which has weeds. I need best weed killer safe for dogs. Find the best pet safe weed killer in 2022 on Amazon. I wanted to try a natural approach from the...

Toys for Chickens: Enrichment for Your Pet Hen

Toys for Chickens
Chicken toys stimulate your pet pullet or cockerel. They provide entertainment to alleviate boredom as well as enrich your hen's life with chicken coop toys. Chickens are quite intelligent and love to play games. The toys they like fall into three main categories: food toys, bright toys, and perching toys. Guide to buying toys for chickens Chicken Entertainment: Bring on the Food...

What is the Best Glucosamine for Dogs?

Best Glucosamine for Dogs
The best glucosamine for dogs may help your pooch with elbow or hip joint pain, damage, or arthritis. Although my large breed German Shepherd has good hips and elbows, I want to make sure he doesn't develop health issues like dysplasia. I limited his jumping until he was well over a year old, did not get him fixed, and...

Best Washable Dog Beds

best washable dog bed
I bought the best washable dog bed for my German Shepherd puppy many times. But my GSD puppy tore them apart -- despite being labeled as indestructible and chew-proof. My GSD did not appreciate a soft orthopedic memory foam dog bed until recently. Now he realizes his bed is to sleep on and not a chew toy. During the puppy phase,...

Best Grass Seed for Dog Urine

grass for dogs
Question: What is the best grass seed for dogs? I need a hardy, durable dog resistant grass for my lawn. I have considered artificial grass but really don't want a fake lawn. My German Shepherd dog tore the yard apart, leaving mud spots in high traffic areas and brown spots from dog urine. My GSD has allergies to one of the...

What Are the Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers? (ANSWERED)

best dog chew for aggressive chewers
When I first got my German Shepherd puppy, he would rip and tear apart heavy duty puppy toys. Toys labelled "tough" or "durable" did not live up to the moniker. I was stumped about finding best dog toys for aggressive chewers and power chewers. I did do research, and I bought quite a few toys. Here are my reviews...