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Best High Compression Starter for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

best starter for a high compression harley davidson
High compression Harley Davidson motorcycles offer better performance and power. Often, they will have compression releases to aid in starting your V-Twin. Choosing the right starter for such bikes is crucial. A faulty starter can lead to slow cranking and possible damage to your HD....

Best 2-up Seat for Street Bob

best 2 up seat for street bob
Often the best 2-up seat for Street Bobs will leave the rider in comfort and the pillion in discomfort. Let's list popular Dyna seats that will leave you and your pillion rider happy. I've owned a lot of aftermarket seats such as Saddlemen, La Pera,...

Best Shocks for FXR: A Better Sprung Harley

best shocks for fxr
The FXR is consider one Harley Davidson better handling motorcycles, which was designed to compete with the Japanese counterparts of its day. But years of road use may have you searching for the best FXR shocks for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Let's find a good...

Who Makes the Best Harley Compensator? (ANSWERED)

best harley compensator
The Twin Cam is a great engine but one failure point is the compensator, which makes a clunking sound or hard start situation when it is going out. Who makes the best Harley compensator? Top 5 Harley Compensators: Which One is Right for you? When it...

Best Solo Seat for Dyna Motorcycles: Bad to the Bone Stylin’

best solo seat for dyna
I have had a couple Harley Davidson Dynas, and I rarely road two-up on them. So, most of the time I had a solo seat. That begs the question: What's the best solo seat for Dyna motorcycles? Although comfort does play a role, good looks...

Best Harley Clutch Cable

best harley clutch cable
Any long distance motorcyclist knows a broken clutch cable will send you and your bike to the dealer. How do you circumvent a snapped cable? Buy the best clutch cable for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. When searching for the perfect Harley clutch cable, one must...

10 Best Tires for VFR800 Motorcycles

best tires for vfr800
If you own a Honda VFR800, you know how important it is to have high-quality tires that can handle its power and performance. Choosing the right tire brand and size can greatly impact your ride and safety on the road. In this article, we'll...

Best Wheel Bearings for Harley Davidson

best wheel bearings for harley davidson
The best wheel bearings for Harley motorcycles keep your bike riding and rolling smooth. Bearing failure can lead to catastrophic accidents and damage to the wheel, axle, and hub. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best wheel bearings for your Harley Davidson that can withstand...

What’s the Best Piston for KX85 Motorcycles?

best piston for kx85
Question: My son has a small Kawasaki dirt-bike. He rides around the farm all the time. It now has low compression and is need of a rebuild. What is the best piston for KX85 motorcycles? I've used Wiseco pistons and rebuild kits with great success...

Best Handlebars for XR650L

best handlebars for Honda XR650L
Handlebars are an essential part of any motorcycle, providing the rider with a comfortable and secure grip while riding. If you're a Honda XR650L motorcycle owner, you might be wondering about the stock handlebar rise, height, and width, as well as the best handlebars...