7 Best Suzuki V-strom 650 farkles

Suzuki V-Strom 650 accessoriesWhen I bought my DL-650, it was stock, with no adventure options. That was OK because I could add as many V-strom 650 farkles as I wanted.

But it did raise a question: What are popular modifications or accessories added to the DL-650?

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Although the bike is good in stock form, it does have a few items I would like to swap out and / or add for comfort’s sake.

Here are 10 Suzuki V-Strom 650 accessories and mods that I have come across.


The V-Strom is notorious for wind buffeting. Some say the windshield is the problem; some say the mirrors are the problem — others say both.

I have experimented with the stock shield and the three different positions. It could be better.

Popular solutions include adding MadStad adjustable brackets, which allows the windshield angle to be changed for height and angle.

Another alternative is to change the windshield.

I have tried two aftermarket ones: National Cycle’s Vstream windscreen and Moose Racing Windscreen.

I prefer the short Moose screen, which directs wind at my chest rather than my head or over my head. This is personal preference and has a lot to do with my upper body height.

Crash bars and belly pan / skid plate

In the event of a drop or slide, crash bars can protect your engine, along with providing some frame and fairing protection.

Of course, the event of damage and repairs costs in a crash depend on many factors but crash bars may help.

A belly pan is an essential V-strom 650 farkle if the DL-650 is taken off the road at all.

A V-Strom skid plate this one protects the oil sump and exhaust.

Racks and top case

An adventure bike is not an adventure bike unless it has provisions for storing gear for the trip.

Whether it be a top case or a combo of a top case and panniers, storage is necessary.

Suzuki offers OEM hard case luggage, but additional options include Givi, Happy Trails, Pelican, and 20mm ammo cans.

I bought the Givi side luggage racks and the Givi Monokey E22N Sidecases. I also bought a cheap topcase.

For my light weekend touring and running errands, this setup works fine and is fairly inexpensive. For long touring or extreme durability, this setup may not be ideal.

Example: I did do a week-long Colorado trip with it and wanted more storage capacity.

Powering those gadgets …

A phone and GPS are standard on most our rides, which means we need a way to charge it!

There are two options here: A 12-volt cigarette lighter or a USB charging station.

I found a product that has a 12v receptacle and a USB charger. It allows a portable air compressor to be used and USB devices to be charged.


Tires are one of the best mods to make. The stock tires on my motorcycle lasted around 5,000 miles — at least the rear did.

I swapped them out for a pair of Michelin Pilot Road 4, which are great street tires. I did get the hankering to ride the Alpine Loop in Colorado and realized they were not the appropriate tires. I needed a good dual sport tire, which I swapped them out when taking the trip.


A different exhaust is a mod I want to accomplish soon. The bike is really quiet with the stock exhaust, which is huge.

I have been looking at different motorcycle exhaust brands, including Two Brothers.

From the YouTube videos I have seen, I really like the sound of this brand.

Center stand

Whether on an cross country trip or in the garage, a center stand on a motorcycle can be beneficial.

It allows you to get the bike in the air for general maintenance — flat repair, cleaning or lubing the chain, inspecting the brakes, and a many more repair or maintenance items.

Popular center stand brands include the Suzuki OEM stand, Happy Trails stand, SW-Motech stand, among others.

Hand guards

When I rode dirt bikes, I always had hand guards to protect from branches. But, does a adventure bike need them? Possibly.

Hand guards can be beneficial for block airflow, which may help for people who ride in cold weather.

I also read an instance where hand guards helped a rider save damage to his hand when his bar hit a car mirror during lane splitting.

Bonus item: Throttle lock

The V-Strom does not have cruise control, which makes it hard to do long distance highway rides. I have done two hour trips before without cruise and it sucks. My hand and wrist were sore.

On the last trip to Colorado which took 16 hours, I used one of the best motorcycle throttle locks. It helps.

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Originally posted 2023-01-06 04:24:31.