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Welcome to NosyNation. I have been an avid motorcyclist for decades. I write about motorcycles and product reviews for bikers.

Is Motul 7100 Good Oil?

is motul 7100 good oil
Are you searching for the perfect motor oil for your motorcycle? If so, you may have heard of Motul 7100. You may be asking: Is Motul 7100 good oil? I have used Motul 7100 4T in multiple motorcycles, including a Suzuki V-Strom and KTM 1190....

Best Carb Synch Tool

best carb sync tool
The best carb sync tool can improve the performance of your motorcycle by ensuring that each carburetor is delivering the same amount of fuel-air mixture. Here are some benefits of using a carb sync tool: 1. Improved Engine Performance: By balancing the carburetors properly, the...

Best Dirt Bike Tire for Gravel Roads

best dirt bike tire for gravel roads
Ready to hit the backroads and find some adventure? Make sure you have the best dirt bike tire for gravel roads. You want to tackle those all terrain paths without fear! Let's explore the best tires for chip-seal gravel roads. Good ADV Dual Sport tires...

Best Battery for Polaris Sportsman 500

best atv battery for cold weather
Question: What is the best battery for Polaris Sportsman 500? Many folks ride all terrain vehicles for fun or work. But it's never fun (and it's always means work) when the quad won't start because of a dead battery. Let's look at what you need to...

Are Athena Gaskets Any Good? (ANSWERED)

are athena gaskets good
Are Athena Gaskets any good? It's a question I had before spending time to rebuild a vintage Honda motorcycle engine. I bought a first year Honda Nighthawk for cheap after it sat for 10 years. It came with an Athena Gasket rebuild kit and Clymer...

What is the best motorcycle coolant? (ANSWERED)

best motorcycle coolant
Question: What is the best motorcycle coolant to use? My bike has not had the coolant drained in the last two years. For my V-Strom, Suzuki recommends it be done at 2 years or 7,500 miles using the Suzuki Long Life Coolant. Guide to buying...

Best Single Fire Ignition for Harley Evo

best single fire ignition
Harley Evo bikes can be equipped with single fire ignition to increase performance. This reduces the load on the battery and improves spark energy. A high-quality single fire ignition system can enhance combustion, throttle response and fuel efficiency. Using advanced technology such as an electronic...

Sargent Seat Reviews: Most Comfortable Seat?

sargent seat reviews
My 2014 Suzuki V-Strom DL-650 motorcycle has a Sargent Cycles World Sport Seat. I thought I would do a Sargent Seat review after racking up a few thousand miles on the bike after installing it. So far, it's been the most comfortable seat I've...

Honda Valkyrie Bobber: Rough Beginnings (Part 1)

honda valkyrie bobber
I bought my Honda Valkyrie bobber as an unfinished project. The previous owner left the bike in rough shape. I will explain the issues in this post. In the next post, I will explain what I did to solve the problems. I, also, plan...

Best Shocks for FXR: A Better Sprung Harley

best shocks for fxr
The FXR is consider one Harley Davidson better handling motorcycles, which was designed to compete with the Japanese counterparts of its day. But years of road use may have you searching for the best FXR shocks for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. Let's find a good...