Review: Is Motostorm a scam? Answer: No

is legit
Yes, is a legit website. It is not fake. I ordered Givi racks and hard panniers from this Italian motorcycle accessory dealer and am impressed with their service and price. I was, also, impressed with shipping to the United States. Will Motostorm ship to...

3 Best RZR Light Bars for Polaris SxS: Shine Bright UTV!

best rzr light bar
Who makes the best LED light bar for RZR side by side? Out-driving your headlight beam is dangerous. A good way to light your path is install off-road light pods or bars on your Polaris RZR SxS. These will shine bright on off-road trails...

Best Polaris RZR Sound System

best polaris rzr sound system
The best Polaris RZR sound system will offer great bass, loud volume, and clarity when driving your rig down the trails. It will also be water resistant. From simple pod speakers to soundbars to powerful enclosed subwoofers, there is a plethora of options on the...

Best Exhaust for Indian Scout Bobber with Sound Clips

best exhaust for indian scout bobber
Stock exhausts always sound weak on motorcycles. Bike makers have regulations to meet, which means loud, deep, throaty mufflers are not OEM. Aftermarket or off-road only exhausts fill that gap. Let's get past the noise and look for the best exhaust for Indian Scout...

7 Best Suzuki V-strom 650 farkles

Suzuki V-Strom 650 accessories
When I bought my DL-650, it was stock, with no adventure options. That was OK because I could add as many V-strom 650 farkles as I wanted. But it did raise a question: What are popular modifications or accessories added to the DL-650? Find Suzuki V-Strom...

Tips for Buying the Best Adventure Motorcycle GPS for the Money in 2023

best adventure motorcycle gps
My first long distance adventure riding motorcycle trip took me across the Great Plains to the San Juan mountains of Colorado then down St. George, Utah. I brought an XM radio, Android phone, and the best adventure motorcycle GPS I could afford to buy. It...

Are Bikemaster Chains Any Good?

are bikemaster chains any good
If you are in the market for a new motorcycle chain, you may have come across Bikemaster as a brand option. But are Bikemaster chains any good? Are Bikemaster chains good? Bikemaster chains may be a good option for those in need of a new motorcycle...

Best Paddle Tire for 450 Dirt Bike: Options for a KTM, CRF, KX, and Yamaha

best paddle tire for 450 dirtbike
The best paddle tire for your 450 dirt bike will keep your motorcycle hooking up in the sand dunes, hill climbs, or mud runs. The right paddle tire will help you get the most out of your big bore dirt bike and improve your...

Differences between the Suzuki V-Strom 650 vs 1000

vstrom 1000 vs 650
What's the differences between the Suzuki V-Strom 650 vs 1000? This question I asked myself before I bought a 2014 DL-650. From my research and a test ride, I found the 650 was better suited for me. My opinion about the two is this: The...

Best Soft Panniers for Africa Twin

best soft panniers for africa twin
The best soft panniers for Africa Twin motorcycles will carry your tools and camping gear on adventure trips in the woods. Good soft bags are large enough for gear, but they won't break like a set of hard panniers if you drop the bike...