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Welcome to NosyNation. I have been an avid motorcyclist for decades. I write about motorcycles and product reviews for bikers.

3 Best Tuners for RZR Turbo: Performance Upgrades!

Best Tuners for RZR Turbo
Who makes the best tuner for RZR turbo Polaris side by side UTVs? A good tuner is one of the quickest and most effective ways to modify an Polaris RZR 900 or 1000 engine without having to change any internal components. In the old days...

How much are used tires? (ANSWERED)

how much do used tires cost
In the past 20 years, I have bought 11 used tires and 12 news ones for 7 different vehicles. This brings me to a common question I have seen: How much are used tires? Best-selling tires on Amazon Used tires range in price, depending on their condition,...

Are Lifan engines any good? (ANSWERED)

are lifan engines any good
Are Lifan engines any good? Do if Lifan engines live up to their promise? Lifan engines may a variety of powerplants. Some seem good for a pit bike, mini bike, small dirt bike, moped, or re-powering a snow blower or garden tractor. Let's review...

Best Exhaust System for XR650L

best exhaust system for xr650
The exhaust system is an essential component of any motorcycle. It's responsible for routing exhaust gases away from the engine and can greatly impact the performance and sound of the bike. If you're a Honda XR650L motorcycle owner, you might be wondering about the...

Best Paddle Tire for 450 Dirt Bike: Options for a KTM, CRF, KX, and Yamaha

best paddle tire for 450 dirtbike
The best paddle tire for your 450 dirt bike will keep your motorcycle hooking up in the sand dunes, hill climbs, or mud runs. The right paddle tire will help you get the most out of your big bore dirt bike and improve your...

Best Solo Seat for Dyna Motorcycles: Bad to the Bone Stylin’

best solo seat for dyna
I have had a couple Harley Davidson Dynas, and I rarely road two-up on them. So, most of the time I had a solo seat. That begs the question: What's the best solo seat for Dyna motorcycles? Although comfort does play a role, good looks...

I lost my car keys! What do I do?

I lost my car keys! What do I do
My girlfriend called me from the parking lot of a shopping mall recently with some bad news. She said, "I lost my car keys what do I do?" Although she backtracked most of her steps, she did not find them at first, which was why she...

Best ATV chain lubricant: Lube those Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Gears

best atv chain lube
Four wheeler chains take abuse from riding in mud, dirt, and dusty conditions. Ask 10 riders what the best ATV chain lube is and you will get 10 different answers. It is impossible to say one lube is better than the other without standardized laboratory...

Best High Compression Starter for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

best starter for a high compression harley davidson
High compression Harley Davidson motorcycles offer better performance and power. Often, they will have compression releases to aid in starting your V-Twin. Choosing the right starter for such bikes is crucial. A faulty starter can lead to slow cranking and possible damage to your HD....

3 Best RZR Light Bars for Polaris SxS: Shine Bright UTV!

best rzr light bar
Who makes the best LED light bar for RZR side by side? Out-driving your headlight beam is dangerous. A good way to light your path is install off-road light pods or bars on your Polaris RZR SxS. These will shine bright on off-road trails...