3 Best Tuners for RZR Turbo: Performance Upgrades!

Best Tuners for RZR Turbo
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Who makes the best tuner for RZR turbo Polaris side by side UTVs? A good tuner is one of the quickest and most effective ways to modify an Polaris RZR 900 or 1000 engine without having to change any internal components.

In the old days of carburetared UTVs, the idea of enhancing an engine’s performance without physically replacing parts was unheard of.

Nowadays you can tweak a machine’s engine for optimum performance or fuel economy with a good tuner on your Polaris RZR SxS.

Best RZR turbo tuner reviews

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PEDAL COMMANDER for All Polaris RZR Models (2015 and Newer) Throttle Response Controller - Fits: Trail, RS1, XP, Turbo S, 570, 800, 900, Ranger, General - Performance Mod - PC151
  • Increased Throttle Response: Pedal Commander delivers immediate improvements in throttle response, reducing lag and making your Polaris RZR highly responsive, perfect for conquering rugged off-road terrains
  • Enhanced Off-Road Performance: The Pedal Commander empowers you with precise control and enhanced power, giving you the advantage when navigating challenging trails and terrains during your off-road adventures
  • Perfect Fit for Your Polaris RZR: Pedal Commander is precision-engineered for your Polaris RZR, delivering a seamless upgrade and optimal performance
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Pedal Commander is a simple plug-and-play device that takes only about 10 minutes to install. Now Bluetooth compatible, you can control the unit using our free Pedal Commander app
  • Will Not Void Your Warranty: Pedal Commander will not void the warranty on your All Polaris RZR Models or leave any trace behind on your ECU

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Best RZR 1000 programmer = RZR turbo performance upgrades!

Air and fuel are critical components of engine operation of your Polaris SxS.

The ratio of these two elements has a significant impact on engine performance.

Running a combustion engine “lean” means that there is more air than fuel during the “intake” stroke. Running “rich” means there is more fuel than air. Running lean or rich produces different results in terms of performance.

A rich air/fuel ratio allows an engine to produce more horsepower and, in some cases, run slightly cooler. A lean air/fuel ratio reduces power while increasing efficiency, resulting in improved fuel economy.

How can I make my RZR turbo faster?

Computer chip-tuning allows for better engine optimization such as increased horsepower and efficiency.

A tune changes the air/fuel ratio, which can increase torque and horsepower. It can also limit them.

A good tuner will also impact fuel economy.

Without quality parts, a good chip tune may ask more out of your engine that it can reliably produce. There could be unexpected motor failures.

Can an RZR turbo run 87 octane?

According to Polaris, 91 octane is the minimum to use in RZR Turbo and Pro XP models.

How to make a RZR Turbo S faster

With custom ECU tuning, you have complete control over how to tune your car as you wish, be it for maximum fuel efficiency or for maximum power.

If you want full control over the way your car drives, and you are okay spending a little extra money to get a tuning specifically tailored for your vehicle, ECU tuning is a great option for you.

While the ECU systems supplied by factories are usually tuned around 70%-80% of their overall capabilities in order to keep things on the safe side, a good RZR tuner can change that for you.

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