Sawtooth EP Series Electric Bass Guitar Review

Sawtooth EP Series Electric Bass Review
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I saw a bass guitar in a surf green color for cheap on Amazon and had to have it. Turns out it was a Sawtooth EP bass guitar, which I will review.

Overall, I highly recommend this great precision style bass. This p-bass is fun to play, good for beginners, and a good value for the money.

Whether you play in a gospel church band, a garage band, or just practice in your bedroom, this is a solid bass.

Sawtooth EP Series Electric Bass Guitar with Gig Bag & Accessories, Surf Green w/Pearl Pickguard
  • Basswood Body, Maple Neck, Maple Fretboard
  • 34" Scale Length, 42mm Nut Width. 20 Frets
  • Dot Inlays, 1 Volume & 1 Tone Control
  • P Style Ceramic Split Pickups, Top Loaded Adjustable Bridge
  • Includes: ChromaCast Padded Gig Bag, Strap, Purple Heavy 1.14mm Gauge DuraPick, Black Heavy .88mm Gauge Celluloid Pick, Tuner, & 10' Black Cable

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How well packaged is the Sawtooth bass guitar?

The bass guitar came well wrapped and packaged. It had a small hole in the box from shipping but the was well protected and undamaged. Not a scratch on it.

After unwrapping the bass, the surf green color drew me even further in. The finish is gorgeous.

There is also a Sawtooth EP series electric bass guitar trans purple, black, and “vintage burst” aka sunburst. I’m sure each looks just as good.

Is the Sawtooth EP Bass any good for beginners?

Is the Sawtooth EP Bass any good for beginners
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I tuned the guitar and just started playing it. It plays smooth and has a good p-bass tone.

I noticed that the tuners hold their tune very well. They are unbranded open gear tuners.

The intonation was almost spot on. I did adjust it a little bit.

The strings sounded a little too bright for my liking, so I changed them for some flatwounds.

When I swapped strings, I did a little fine tuning to the fretboard.

The frets were a little sharper than I’d like and filed them down. They were not that bad, but I had the tools and was changing strings. So why not, I figured.

If I would have left the original strings on it, I probably would not fiddle with filing it.

Is Sawtooth a good guitar brand?

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Although Sawtooth sets these up from the factory with excellent fit and finish, a good setup by a competent luthier is always a good idea.

My bass had no fret buzz, no dead notes, and the neck was straight.

The string action was good from the factory.

The electronics work perfect.

About the Sawtooth EP Bass Guitar

Sawtooth EP Series Electric Bass Guitar, Trans Purple
  • Basswood Body, Maple Neck
  • 34" Scale Length, 42mm Nut Width. 20 Frets
  • Dot Inlays, 1 Volume & 1 Tone Control
  • P Style Ceramic Split Pickups, Top Loaded Adjustable Bridge
  • Classic Open Gear Tuners, Black Hardware

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Basswood Body

Basswood is a great material for bass guitars as it has an even sound that produces clear and well-defined low tones, perfect for laying down those smooth bass riffs.

Plus the fact that Basswood provides good vibrational control while still keeping its resonance allows you to rock out on this guitar with confidence knowing that no matter how hard you go at it, your notes will remain true and crisp!

Maple Neck

Get the sleek feel of a maple neck on this awesome Sawtooth EP Series Bass Guitar, and you know its crafted to deliver the best performance.

The quilted maple gives it an eye-catching look with excellent tonewoods for good sustain too.

Maple Fretboard

Maple is also an amazing material to make fretboards out of! With the Sawtooth EP Series Electric Bass Guitar’s Maple Fretboard, every note will have a mellow warmth. So if you want maximum smoothness in your sound quality while playing those awesome basslines, look no further than this mighty maple-y instrument!

34″ Scale Length (1 3/4″ shorter than the Standard Stratocaster)

When you’re looking for an electric bass guitar, the scale length is one of the most important aspects to consider.

This EP Series Electric Bass Guitar has a 34″ Scale Length that’s 1 3/4″ shorter than standard models. In other words, if you’re tired of dealing with cumbersome longer model lengths – this baby has got your back! It ensures sound quality while also giving players a much lighter and comfortable feel.

20 Frets

Whether you prefer playing blues, funk or rock ‘n’ roll, the EP Series bass guitar’s 20 frets will provide enough space to go higher than normal and hit those notes with ease. In addition to that they allow a wider range of pitch while providing greater playability as well. With this bass in your hands take on any gig!

Dot Inlays

For those who don’t know, the dot inlays on this guitar provide essential markers for each fret so you can easily find your way around the board.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing – with an ivory colour and luxurious pearl pickguard – but it makes playing a breeze without having to keep checking where you are! That’s something that mere mortals like us could never manage without especially when our drummer has just started speeding up yet again.

1 Volume & 1 Tone Control (Neck & Bridge Pickups)

The Sawtooth Electric Bass Guitar is a no-nonsense beast when it comes to playing crystal clear tones on the low end.

With its two Volume & Tone controls, the Sawtooth can quite literally make you rock or jazz like a professional. The Control toggle gives you all sorts of potential musical options – bass (neck pickup) for those thunderous lows and treble (bridge pickup) for streaming solos! So go ahead and turn up the volume, because this instruments versatility knows no bounds!

P Style Ceramic Split Pickups – Top Loaded Adjustable Bridge

This electric bass guitar comes with plenty of handy features like dual P Style Ceramic Split Pickups and a top loaded adjustable bridge, giving you its prime performance in both clean and aggressive tones.

The two pickups combined will allow for more in-depth experimentation with sound manipulation by changing the way your strings vibrate as well as give you deeper sonic textures. Plus to make playing easier, it’s equipped with wide open string frets that are comfortable to play on no matter the length of time or complexity of how long it takes for you to create an entire song.

Cheap bass guitar for lefties

No products found.

The Sawtooth left hand bass guitar is available for left handed players, too.

Sawtooth EP bass guitar review verdict

I think this is a great starter bass guitar that can be had a bargain price for a son or a daughter looking to practice bass guitar. Or even an adult just learning to play.

The Sawtooth electric bass may also be a good platform for intermediate to advanced guitarists who like modifying guitars — like changing pickups, learning luthier skills, etc.

The Surf Green finish looks great, especially combined with the pearl pickguard which gives this guitar a classic rock vibe that brings to mind bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream.

The build quality is really good considering its price point too. All of the components feel solid and fit together perfectly, making sure it stays in tune all night through practice or performance without getting tougher on your strings or frets than necessary.

In terms of sound, I found myself impressed every time. You don’t have to be an experienced bassist to hear how versatile this instrument can be across many different genres from blues to funk & indie-rock.

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