10 Best UTV Upgrades for the Money

best UTV upgrades for the money
Photo courtesy Raymond Wambsgans via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

Most UTVs are good off the showroom floor. But we all like to personalize our UTVs. Here are 10 best UTV upgrades for the money.

Upgraded Tires and Wheels

Enhancing the tires and wheels of your UTV can transform its performance. By selecting high-quality wheels and tires suitable for the terrain, you can add more stability, strength, and traction to your ride. The improved traction allows your vehicle to conquer even the most challenging trails with ease. The right set of upgraded tires and wheels also provide better ground clearance, which is essential when driving off-road.

Besides providing a thrilling experience, upgrading your UTV’s tires and wheels has numerous benefits. High-quality materials prevent punctures, tears, or damages on rough terrain, potentially saving you costly repairs in the future. Moreover, they offer better fuel economy as they allow smooth rolling over harsh terrain surfaces such as gravel or mud.

One crucial aspect to consider when buying new tires or wheels is their size compatibility with your UTV model. Always ensure that they match before making a purchase.

Upgrading good paddle tires on your RZR for sand driving can make a difference from having fun vs being stuck.

Heavy-Duty Skid Plates

Skid plates are vital apparatuses to safeguard the undercarriage of any UTV. These sturdy guards provide excellent protection from any rough terrain damage that can significantly damage your UTV’s underside.

These Skid Plates come in different materials and sizes, from lightweight aluminum to ultra-durable steel ones. They also have a stout construction that can resist high-impact scenarios, ensuring maximum protection for your off-road vehicle’s vulnerable parts.

One crucial factor to note when choosing these protectors is their compatibility with your vehicle’s make and model. Proper installation ensures they remain securely attached, preventing any potential damage. Remember to choose the right equipment that fits your UTV perfectly.

A Pro Tip is that before buying skid plates, do thorough research on various brands and manufacturers’ experiences and read reviews to select the best for you.

Because sometimes all you need is a high-quality winch to pull yourself out of those ‘oops’ moments on the trails.

High-Quality Winch

A durable winch system can be a game changer in upgrading your UTV. It acts as an insurance policy when navigating through challenging terrains and help to get you out of sticky situations. Here are the top 5 benefits of investing in a high-quality winch:

  • It enables you to pull yourself out of any sticky situation.
  • It comes with better horsepower and improved pulling capacity.
  • A responsive solenoid ensures prompt engagement.
  • Stainless steel hardware guarantees longevity in harsh conditions.
  • It allows for quick installation and ease of use.

Moreover, experienced UTV owners prefer synthetic ropes over using traditional steel cables since they exhibit higher safety, are lighter and pose less wire burring risks.

By installing a heavy-duty winch system, you’ll have an added layer of security while off-roading. According to Off-Road Adventure Magazine, a reliable winch installation can make all the difference in rock crawling scenarios.

Fact: In the USA alone, there are over 500 annual fatalities related to off-road vehicles.

LED lights don’t just add extra illumination to your UTV, they also make you feel like a high-speed UFO coming in for a landing.

LED Lights

When it comes to improving your UTV, installing a high-quality RZR light bar is a crucial aspect. Illumination is vital when exploring remote areas in the dark or tackling difficult terrain at night. Here are some ways in which LED lights can enhance your UTV experience:

  • LED lights improve overall visibility and make it easier to navigate difficult trails.
  • With a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, LED lights require less frequent replacements.
  • LED lights have lower power consumption, reducing the load on your battery and other electrical systems.
  • They emit less heat compared to traditional bulbs, reducing the likelihood of damage and fire hazards.
  • LED light bars are available in various sizes and colours, allowing you to customize your lighting setup as per your needs.

Apart from standard LED light bar installations, there are other options that can optimize your UTV’s lighting system further. For instance, replacing the stock headlights with high-end LED units can improve brightness levels significantly.

If you’re looking for the best UTV LED chase lights, consider wiring up additional fog lamps or spotlights around the vehicle’s exterior. This will equip you with multiple illumination sources that can help deal with challenging situations.

Upgrade your suspension and your neighbors will be begging you for a ride, or maybe just begging you to stop the noise.

Aftermarket Suspension Kit

For those looking for an upgrade to their UTV’s suspension, a modified RZR suspension kit can make a world of difference. With various aftermarket options available, improving its ability to absorb bumps and uneven terrain while increasing handling and stability is possible.

  • Increased ground clearance with RZR high clearance radius rod – allows your vehicle to ride over rough terrain without hanging up on rocks or other obstacles
  • Better shock absorption – helps maintain traction through rough sections of the trail while minimizing bounce and jarring
  • Improved stability – lowers the center of gravity, helping lessen the chance of rollovers and improve handling on steep inclines or declines
  • Adjustable settings – greater adjustability in things like dampening force allows you to fine-tune your vehicle’s suspension for different terrains and personalized preferences
  • Stronger construction – heavy-duty components that are better equipped than stock equivalents for harsher environments give more durability and longevity
  • Faster run-ability – Can manage high speed as the kit reduces body roll, thus maintaining the centre seat position safely.

Choosing a suitable aftermarket suspension kit based on specific requirements can help yield optimal results and desired performance. An effective modification depends upon factors such as riding style, vehicle weight, tire size, altitude/speed limitations which all must be considered carefully.

Don’t let your ride be handicapped by an under-performing stock suspension system any longer! Get some peace of mind now with one of these kits before it becomes too late.
Upgrade your UTV’s exhaust for a performance boost – and to sound like a flock of angry geese chasing you through the wilderness.

Performance Exhaust

A Boosting Engine Sound Upgrade

An upgrade for the engine sound, this addition to your UTV can provide an increase in horsepower by optimizing airflow. A performance exhaust system replaces the restrictive stock exhaust to improve the engine’s efficiency.

  • Improved airflow reduces backpressure
  • Higher velocity gas flow increases horsepower
  • Upgraded sound provides a more aggressive tone
  • Customization options for appearance and performance

Lastly, there are often local laws regulating vehicular noise levels that must be taken into consideration before installing any aftermarket exhaust systems.

One UTV enthusiast swapped out their basic muffler for a high-performance exhaust system. Within a week, they noticed a significant change with a boost in torque and horsepower while enjoying a new edge to their ride’s audio experience on off-road trails.

Who needs clean air when you’ve got a kick-ass air intake system? Take in the dirt and show it who’s boss.

Air Intake System

The intake system of a UTV is responsible for providing the engine with clean and oxygen-rich air to ensure proper combustion. It has a significant impact on the vehicle’s overall performance, particularly in terms of horsepower and torque. A high-quality air intake system can help increase airflow while minimizing turbulence and heat buildup.

By using an efficient washable air filter with a specially designed air intake tube that prevents hot air from entering the engine, you can maximize power output. Some air intake systems come with an enclosed housing that acts as a barrier against water, mud and dust. This helps to prevent contaminants from reaching the engine cylinder leading to erosion or rust.

Furthermore, it is essential to find an intake system that requires minimal maintenance, which could save you time and money. Since there are so many options on the market, it is crucial to select the right one that best suits your UTV model and driving style.

Although most modern UTVs come equipped with standard factory intakes systems – but modifying your Air Intake System can heavily influence your vehicle’s performance in various terrains. Modified Intake Systems are currently gaining traction in off-road communities across America.

A majority of side-by-side or multi-purpose UTVs require good protection against sand ingestion or water splash into Air Filters during driving through tough terrains such as sand dunes or water bogging areas respectively. Henceforth modified Air Filters have been developed which restrict foreign particles’ entry yet guarantee breathing efficiency & fuel consumption improvement.

Many experts encourage using well-known brands’ products while upgrading any part of the UTV since they’ve been well researched and proven to be reliable over time. By improving the Air Intake System, you will experience improved throttle response, increased acceleration speeds and more power when hauling heavy loads or driving uphill.

Who needs a trunk when you can just strap your spare parts and camping gear to your UTV? #minimalism

Extra Storage Options

Extra Space Options are the icing on the cake for UTVs. Below are a few great options that provide extra storage capacity, making your ride more comfortable and efficient:

  1. Overhead Consoles: These consoles offer a small, enclosed space above the driver’s head in which to store phones or goggles.
  2. Under Seat Storage: This is an excellent option for storing emergency supplies or tools that need quick and easy retrieval.
  3. Cargo and Bed Extenders: A cargo extender helps expand the bed’s dimensions so that larger items can be transported with ease.
  4. Dash Bags: A must-have for any working vehicle, seamless bags attachable to the front dashboard.

One cannot ignore Extra Space Options’ importance in helping additional supplies ride along on outdoor drives. It also provides convenient access to equipment while performing farming or industrial tasks.

According to multiple sources, maintaining a well-stocked machine with backup is always essential when venturing out into the wild. Who needs therapy when you can just slap on some wild graphics and decals to express your inner chaos?

Custom Graphics and Decals

Design labels that match the overall aesthetic of your UTV with customized graphics and decals. These personalized decorations will make your ride stand out from others and give it a unique identity.

From simple logos to intricate designs, custom graphics can be created to fit the exact preferences of the rider. Applying these stickers can be done in a matter of minutes and they are adhesive enough to withstand all kinds of wear and tear that come from off-road riding.

One thing that sets this customization apart is that it offers an affordable alternative to expensive painting jobs. Graphics wrap around the sides and back of your vehicle’s bodywork, adding a touch of originality without breaking the bank.

Customized graphics have been used for decades to add personal touches to vehicles, especially race cars. It’s no surprise then that UTV enthusiasts have taken inspiration from these techniques and applied them to their machines as well.

Upgrade your audio system so you can blast your guilty pleasure songs and drown out the sound of your ATV getting stuck in the mud.

Also, it’s important to keep your UTV clean.

Audio System Upgrade

When it comes to improving the sound system of your UTV, there are several options you can explore. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Install a soundbar: A soundbar is an excellent way to enhance your music experience without taking up much space. A quality RZR soundbar can provide crisp and clear audio even at high volumes.
  2. Upgrade speakers: If you want to replace your current speakers, look for marine-grade options that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. You can also install additional speakers for improved surround sound.
  3. Add a subwoofer: A subwoofer will give your UTV a deeper and richer bass response. Look for compact and durable models that won’t take up too much space in your vehicle.
  4. Amplifier installation: An amplifier can boost the power output of your sound system, resulting in louder and clearer audio. Make sure to choose an amplifier that is compatible with your UTV’s electrical system.
  5. Bluetooth integration: Installing a Bluetooth receiver will allow you to connect wirelessly to your mobile devices and play music directly from them.

To make the most out of these upgrades, consider consulting with a professional installer who can help select the right components and ensure proper installation.

Keep in mind that not all sound systems are created equal, so take some time to research before making any upgrades. A well-designed and installed audio system will provide hours of entertainment on the trails.