Guide to buying the best socket holder sets on the market

Whether you're tinkering with the family vehicle, a serious rebuilder of classic cars or a professional mechanic, the best socket organizer makes a huge difference in how efficiently you can perform repairs. Having some type of socket organizer is key to keeping on top of your equipment. Whether you want a magnetic holder or a snap-on holder, both will keep your...

Guide to buying the best 3/8 inch air ratchet

While wrenching on your car, you spy your next bolt to remove in a tight space. It's rusted and seems like it's been gripping onto its metal home for an eternity. You to try to remove it with your 3/8 hand ratchet, but you don't have enough gas in your muscle tank to do it. That's where the best 3/8...

List: 26 of the best table saw brands

best table saw brands list
The table saw is a mainstay in the woodworker's shop. It will rip, miter, square pieces, along with join, groove, and shape pieces. Read customer reviews of the best table saws for the money on Amazon. I have been looking at table saw brands. I want to upgrade from using my circular saw and a rail, which is not super accurate. Although...

Guide to buying the best splitting maul

best splitting maul for firewood
The best splitting maul makes wood chopping much easier than using an axe. A maul differs from axe in construction and weight. The head has a different profile and its weight is more. This provides you with a much easier time chopping wood. Let's look at a few top-rated mauls and provide a buyers guide in this article. Find the best splitting...

What is the best carabiner for keys? (ANSWERED)

best carabiner for keys
What is the best carabiner for keys? Heaven knows I have broken enough of the cheap D-clips during practical everyday carry (EDC) of my keys. For me, the big issue with most key holder D-clips is the spring. It gives out and the potential for my keys to fall off my bag or belt loop is high. At the moment, the...

Table saw vs miter saw: What’s the difference?

miter saw vs table saw
I use to cut small boards for my projects with a hacksaw and a miter box. I had the large sheets cut at the home center before buying them. Efficient? Hardly. Did it work? Most of the time. But, now my projects require an upgrade in tools. (Find the best deals on miter and table saws on Amazon.) In this article,...

Best pocket hole jig in 2022

best pocket hole jig
Woodworking is a hobby of mine. But I can be impatient, especially with traditional joinery techniques. When I came across pocket hole joinery, I was sold. That brought me to a big question: What is the best pocket hole jig for me? I'll explain why I bought the Kreg Jig R3, along with why I think the K4 and Mini would...

What is the best place to buy tools?

best place to buy tools
Whether sockets, screwdrivers, or drills, I am always in the market for good deals on tools. But, what is the best place to buy tools right now? I created a list of 7 different sellers. Each range in quality and price. Let's start with Amazon. Remember: Some tool brands are cheaper than others, some are more expensive, some can be purchased...

Best 110v MIG Welder in 2022

Best 110v MIG Welder for home use
The best 110v MIG welder for home use will create strong, clean welds, especially for body work. A metal inert gas welding is probably the easiest to learn -- compared to ARC and TIG. The best budget MIG welder is small and can operate of household current. Let's look at what to consider when getting one. Search and read customer reviews of good budget...

Guide to buying the best air hammer in 2022: Let’s chisel!

best air hammer
The best air hammer, also called an air chisel, is a hand operated pneumatic tool meant for cutting different metals and stones. They work well for removing control arm bushings, popping out CV joints, or peening/bucking solid rivets. A good chisel will make life in the automotive garage so much easier. These tools comes in different designs to hold different tips as demanded...