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Best Wheel Bearings for Subaru

best wheel bearings for subaru forester
If you own a Subaru, you know that a smooth and safe ride is essential. One of the most important components of your vehicle's suspension system is the wheel bearings. The best wheel bearings for Subaru cars are responsible for enabling your wheels to rotate smoothly with no friction, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. When it comes to choosing the...

Best Solder for Radiator Repair

best solder for radiator repair
Soldering radiators is an important component of radiator repair and requires precision and skill. To ensure a success, it is necessary to select the best solder for radiator repair jobs. A good acid core solder -- a 50/50 or 40/60 lead solder -- have done well for me in the past. What is the best solder for repairing a radiator? When...

How to Tow an RV with a Truck and not Look Like a Fool!

how to tow an rv with a truck
Towing an RV with a truck can be a daunting task, but it's not impossible. There are a few things you need to know to make the process smoother and safer. First, you need to know your truck's towing capacity. This information can be found in your truck's owner manual or by contacting the manufacturer. Select an RV that falls...

Best ATV Lawn Mowing Attachments and Accessories

best atv lawn mowing and attachments and accessories
Lawn mowing is an essential part of yard care but it can be time consuming and difficult when you are using a large, bulky ride-on mower. For those looking to make their mowing experience easier and more efficient, the best ATV lawnmowing attachments and accessories are the perfect solution. They can help make lawn mowing less of a chore,...

Best Gear Ratio for 33 Inch Tires

Best Gear Ratio for 33 Inch Tires
Choosing the right gear ratio is crucial if you're upgrading your vehicle's tires. It can affect your vehicle's acceleration, fuel economy, and overall performance. In this article, we'll discuss the best gear ratio for 33-inch tires on different vehicles. Find good prices on Yukon Gear ring and pinion sets on Amazon. Best Gear Ratio for 33 Inch Tires on Silverados The Chevrolet...

Best Hemi Tuner for Towing

best hemi tuner for towing
With the rising popularity of Hemi engines, choosing the best Hemi tuner for towing is now easier than ever! There are a variety of tuning products available that can improve fuel economy, power output and towing capacity. Whether you’re looking for a programmer to adjust shift points or a full-blown ecu remap, it’s important to know what features are most...

10 Maintenance Items on a Daily Driver Truck

Maintaining a truck is crucial for maximizing its lifespan and keeping it in tip-top condition. There are several maintenance items that truck owners should keep in mind for optimal performance and safety on the road. Here are 10 essential maintenance items for your truck that you mustn't overlook: 1. Regular oil changes to avoid engine damage and improve fuel efficiency. 2. Brake...

Best Battery for Honda VTX 1300

best battery for honda vtx 1300
What is the best battery for Honda VTX 1300 motorcycles? Mine needed a new one after a long winter of not being plugged in to a tender. I needed Honda VTX 1300 maintenance-free, sealed battery with a high cranking Amps (CCA) rating. Additionally, I considered investing in a lithium-ion battery that is lightweight, has a longer life span, and, in the...

Best Fuel Pump for 7.3 Powerstroke

best fuel pump for 7 3 powerstroke
Are you the proud owner of a Ford 7.3 Powerstroke and in need of a new fuel pump? Look no further, this blog has you covered! An efficient and reliable fuel pump is essential for the performance of your vehicle. We'll provide you with all the knowledge necessary to choose the best fuel pump for your 7.3 Powerstroke, making...

Guide to buying the best tree pruner in 2023

Best Tree Pruner
For once a year branch maintenance, or a daily tool for tree-trimming, there are many options for picking the best tree pruner. With choices like a telescoping pole, cordless saws, ropeless operation, it can get overwhelming quick. All you want to do is cut that pesky limb that keeps scraping across your truck or clean up the trees around your...