Best Exhaust for 6.2 Ford F250 with Sound Clips

Best Exhaust for 6.2 Ford F250
Question: What is the best exhaust for 6.2 Ford F250? I own a Ford F-Series Super Duty and want a better sound from the muffler. I would consider a cat-back full exhaust. Find the best sounding 6.2L muffler or aftermarket dual exhaust on Amazon. MBRP exhaust MBRP exhaust mufflers and tailpipes offer a deep, aggressive tone. It will wake the neighbors at 5...

Question: Are Milwaukee tools good?

are milwaukee tools good
Question: Are Milwaukee tools good? I am a big fan of Milwaukee power tools, which I have used for years. I have Milwaukee drills, impact drivers, a Sawzall, and circular saw. Milwaukee offers a large line of tools, which is one of this company's pros. They product line includes more than just drills, circular saws, or flashlights. Offerings also include specialty...

Best Exhaust for Scion Tc (with sound clips)

Best Exhaust for Scion Tc
Question: What is the best exhaust for Scion TC coupes? A good sounding Scion TC cat-back exhaust can be had from many manufacturers. Toyota TRD or Borla axle-back exhaust provide a little louder tone than stock. Top Scion TC exhaust: Borla Axle Back Exhausts Borla makes excellent muffler and pipes that sound top notch. Installation is easy with the included parts. Borla axle...

Guide to buying the best glass cutter in 2022

best glass cutter
Contrary to its designated name, the best glass cutter does not cut the glass clean, but scores it instead (as a scratch) to make a split in the surface causing the glass to break in two along the score. Glass cutters of old had diamond-tip cutting heads (no lubricant required), nowadays the most common are cutting wheels made of tungsten...

Best impact socket set under $200 buyers guide

Who makes the best impact socket set under $200 in 2022? That's what I wanted to know. Read customer reviews to find the best impact socket brand on the market on Amazon. I looked into it the question and found the big brands like Craftsman, Dewalt, Snap-on, Matco, MAC, etc. and all great sockets for day to day wrenching. I also...

Review: Best Tires for Towing Fifth Wheel Trailer

Best Tires for Towing 5th Wheel Trailer
Question: I have a fifth wheel RV travel trailer and need a new set of tires. What are the best 5th wheel tires for towing a RV travel trailer with a goose-neck hitch? Also, I have a budget and need the best fifth-wheel tires for the money. Guide to buying the best tires for a fifth wheel gooseneck trailer When shopping...

Best Chain for Pulling Stumps

best chain for pulling stump
The best chain for pulling stumps may depend on the size of the tree stump but I have seen 3/8 inch Grade 80 logging chain do well pulling brush stumps. Pulling stumps with a tractor or truck There is a lot of danger associated with using a tractor or truck to pull a tree stump from the ground. Often, tree stumps are...

Are Harbor Freight Trailers Any Good? (ANSWERED)

are harbor freight trailers any good
Question: I need a small trailer for hauling my motorcycles, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and garden tractors. Are Harbor Freight trailers any good? The price looks good. What about the quality? I debated about buying a HF 4x8 trailer for almost a year. When I came across a used 1720 lb HF trailer for cheap, I bought it. Harbor Freight Trailer Heavy...

Best Exhaust for 6.2 Silverado and Sierra Trucks with Sound Clips

best exhaust for 6 2 silverado
Question: My new truck has the OEM muffler, which too quiet for my tastes. What is best exhaust for 6.2 Silverado? I am looking for a nice rumble that sounds good. Top MBRP exhaust for 6.2L Sierra trucks The MBRP cat back full exhaust ranks as a good sounding muffler for the 6.2 liter V8. At idle it has a nice deep...

Guide to buying the best tree pruner in 2022

Best Tree Pruner
For once a year branch maintenance, or a daily tool for tree-trimming, there are many options for picking the best tree pruner. With choices like a telescoping pole, cordless saws, ropeless operation, it can get overwhelming quick. All you want to do is cut that pesky limb that keeps scraping across your truck or clean up the trees around your...