Toys for Chickens: Enrichment for Your Pet Hen

Toys for Chickens
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Chicken toys stimulate your pet pullet or cockerel. They provide entertainment to alleviate boredom as well as enrich your hen’s life with chicken coop toys.

Chickens are quite intelligent and love to play games. The toys they like fall into three main categories: food toys, bright toys, and perching toys.

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Guide to buying toys for chickens

Chicken Entertainment: Bring on the Food Toys

Every chicken has a different personality, but all chickens love food.

Some of the most exciting games your chickens can play involve looking for food or getting food out of a difficult place.

An extremely popular chicken toy involves nothing more than a cabbage suspended from a rope.

You can find feeders that will let you hang vegetables away from dirt and hay. Experiment with squashes, lettuce, and other kinds of produce.

If you buy a suspension toy, look for something that is easy to refill, can hold an entire head of lettuce, and won’t break if subjected to pecking.

Another type of food toy is a ball meant to be filled with seeds. When pecked at, the ball rolls around and dispenses seeds from a small hole.

If you can’t find this type of toy meant specifically for chickens, try looking in the dog toy section. There are many heavy-duty treat dispensers meant for pups that will suit your chickens quite well.

Don’t forget to purchase multiple treat dispensers if you have more than a few chickens. You don’t want them to fight over just one.

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Chicken Enrichment: Grab a Hen’s Attention with a Bright Toy

Like most birds, chickens are extremely drawn to shiny and reflective things.

Chickens also like things that jingle and move around. Look for key rings, pinwheels, and other sparkling and fun decorations.

Make sure all toys are safe to use. There should be no sharp edges or parts that can break off and be swallowed.

Children’s safety mirrors have glass that won’t break easily. Your chickens may enjoy looking at their reflection or pecking at the mirror.

Some chickens like brightly colored objects. Others like things that they can grab and move with their beaks. Balls, colored blocks, and small ropes may appeal to your chicken. Try baby toys that have been designed for safety.

Any toys intended for pet birds may be suitable for chickens. In particular, look for hanging mobiles or garlands of wooden blocks.

When shopping, look for toys that can’t be easily destroyed by pecking.

Chicken Activity Center: Perching Toys

A perch is something that your chickens can sit on. It raises them up and lets them look out across the yard.

Stumps, tires, sawhorses, and other sturdy objects make good perches and exist as good DIY chicken toys.

You can also buy a perch designed specifically for chickens. Look for something that can comfortably hold the weight of multiple chickens at once.

Many perches simulate a tree branch with a bar for your chickens to grab with their feet. Others offer a flat surface for chickens to stand on. Your chickens may prefer one perch over another.

A chicken swing is a popular type of perch. Some chickens love the gentle rocking movement of a swing. If your chickens have never used a swing before, you may need to help them become comfortable with it.

If you buy a chicken swing, make sure you hang it from a stable place. Check the ropes frequently for signs of fraying.

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