Best Duck Feeder and Waterer: Let’s Get Those Ducklings Fed!

duck feeder
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A good duck feeder and waterer will keep your duckling’s feed and water contained. It does not matter if you use a floating duck feeder on the pond or automatic duck feeder on land.

Many young, baby ducks have a tendency to kick over their food and water, which makes everything wet and dirty. This typically happens when using some type of bowl design.

Here are three good duck feeders available on Amazon.

Bestseller No. 1
Royal Rooster Automatic Duck Feeder with Gravity Feed Dispenser and Large Opening - 7lb Feeder for Ducks and small animals - Hanging Poultry Feeder - Auto PVC Duck Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover
  • NO WASTE DUCK FEEDER: Our poultry coop accessories save time and money feeding your ducks. Innovative designs for reduced wastage and clean coops. The large PVC pipe lets you refill less often, and the feeder only lets through what your ducks need.
  • VERMIN PROOF DUCK FEEDER: Feed only your poultry and ducks, not the wild sparrows, squirrels or vermin. With this gravity-fed dispenser design, as well as the rain cover for weather protection, you will be sure that the only animals you are feeding are your own.
  • EASY TO USE: This hanging duck feeder is easy to fill. Just take the lid off and pour in chicken grit or other chicken feed. Easy to clean, just unclip and wash with soapy water under the faucet.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Hook straight onto mesh coop wire or mount to a wall with 4 wall brackets included. UV stable in the summer. Australian-made quality product made of durable PVC plastic. Install at a lower height for baby ducklings. Grows with your flock. Start as a duckling feeder and just move to a higher point as they grow.
  • PERFECT SIZE: The 7 lb duck feeder is suitable for 4-6 ducks, depending on how often you refill them. Less mess, less fuss and happier ducks, always fed and clean. Also suitable for turkeys, quails, geese, rabbits and ferrets.
Bestseller No. 2
KEBONNIXS Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer and Port Feeder Set, 2 Gallon/10 Pounds
  • AUTOMATIC CUP WATERER - The drinking cup automatically replenishes itself with clean water, no need chickens to peck any tabs
  • EASY CLEAN CUP WATERER - The unique doubel wall drinking cup design make it very easy to clean the debris in the cup
  • NO-WASTE FEEDER - The feeding port makes chickens can't spill or soil feed which save your money
  • FEEDER WITH RAIN HOOD - Keep feed always dry, no need to put the feeder under cover when using outside of the coop
  • 2 GALLON / 10 LBS CAPACITY - Holds 2 gallon water and 10 pounds of feed which will result in feeding much less often.
Bestseller No. 3
Chicken Trough Feeder, Automatic Large Outdoor Duck Feeder, Large Capacity 25 Lbs Chicken Feeder with Lid No Waste Poultry Feeder Rainproof Preventing Small Animals Suitable for Chickens Ducks Turkeys
  • ????Chicken Feeders No Waste: Stainless steel construction for durability and weather resistance
  • ????Automatic Chicken Feeder: Automatic feeding system reduces food waste and ensures consistent access to feed for your chickens, since it's sealed and tough thick metal, even if chickens are pooping on top, it doesn't impact sanitation. There has been minimal food waste since they need to stick their heads in to eat. This is a great addition to the coop.
  • ????Chicken Feeders: This sturdy automatic poultry feeder is waterproof and designed specifically for year-round operation. The metal is thick, It is easy to fill from the top, and it keeps the rain from getting the feed wet.
  • ????Poultry Feeder: There is an openable lid that comes with our poultry feeder, it's easy to refill the feed, also convenient for you to clean up the chicken feeder. The food is protected from rain. It drops automatically. It’s simple to fill from the top. You don’t have to take it out of the coop.
  • ????Metal Chicken Feeder: Can be used in chicken coops or outdoor areas, it keeps food dry and prevents small animals from getting to it. Well built, and easy to install. Weatherproof, large storage capacity, easy to use.

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Guide to Buying a Duck Feeder


The number of ducks you own should be parallel to the size of the feeder that you would want to purchase.

Therefore, the number of ducks to feed, the wider and the longer the feeder should be. An example of a duck feeder that can feed a huge part of a flock of ducks is the Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder. It can be purchased off of Amazon and can feed up-to 16 ducklings at once.

Little Giant® Plastic Poultry Feeder Base | 20 Inches | Heavy Duty Plastic Feeding Tray with Holes | Chicken Feeder Trough | Poultry Tray | Red
  • HOLES FOR FEEDING - This feeder tray features 28 feeding holes (14 on each side) that allow feeding at a controlled rate.
  • PROTECT YOUR FEED - The covered top helps preserve your chicken food and keeps debris out of the feed.
  • MINIMIZE WASTE - The plastic poultry feeder has individual feeding holes that minimize waste from spillage.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The durable feeder's top slides off for easy filling and cleaning, allowing for stress-free use.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE - The feed tray is made of high-density polypropylene plastic allowing for years of service.

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Easy to clean

As a poultry farmer, one of the most challenging bits of keeping ducks is maintaining farming equipment inclusive of feeders.

Therefore, one would be keen to obtain a feeder that is easy to clean since it shall be undertaken on a routine basis.

To achieve this guideline, one ought to be on the lookout for a poultry feeder that has a curvy base as opposed to a sharp edge base where stubborn bits of a ducks’ feed lingers.

All weather feeder

Sustainability is always a preceding factor while purchasing a duck feeder.

Refrain from picking feeders made out of weary tin material as it’s easily exposed to rust.

Rusting in metal degrades the quality of the metal as well as the durability of the feeder in entirety. Acquire a feeder that is value for your money.

Anti-rodents feeder

Since the duck feeder shall be placed outdoors for the majority of the time, or out of the equipment store, be well aware of rodents.

To safeguard the duck feeders from rodents, pick out a feeder that features stands at its base such that it shall be raised from the ground. Moreover, feeder containers made out of skiddy materials such as galvanized steel or compacted polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC duck feeder) are known to discourage rodents from nibbling on the duck feeder.

Multi-purpose feeder

An ideal purchased duck feeder ought to be multi-purpose. Therefore, while looking to buy one, prioritize a multifaceted kind of a feeder.

Most chicken feeders are troublesome for feeding ducks. If you keep a mixed breed of poultry, choose a duck feeder whose features can also work well to feed other birds. The most recommended multipurpose feeder is the bin feeder that can be easily accessed from farming stores or by making it yourself.

How much duck feed does it hold?

While choosing a duck feeder for purchase, ensure that its design is not wasteful in functionality. Such a feeder should have the capacity to utilize the bottom third of the feeding container to the absolute maximum.

A duck feeder measuring at 50 litres should be able to hold approximately 10 Kgs worth of feed without any spilling or loss.

The feeder’s design should also allow portion control. A duck can rake through on what it desires on feeding on and the rest of the feed remains intact for the next duck or for another time scheduled for feeding.

Can be used for any feed

A duck’s feed comes in different forms. Some of them are in the form of pellets, grains, seethed soaked feed and garden or kitchen waste or surplus.

Duck feeders should be able to accommodate all forms of feeds without having to be modified in shape or size. While seeking to secure a duck feeder, it is advisable to pick one with a broad flat base that can easily hold all manner of feeds.

Clog free automatic duck feeders

A huge issue with a variety of duck feeders is that they get clogged up when exposed to wet weather or damp circumstances.

Famous duck feeders that are often casualties of clogs are those that feature gravity chute chambers or those that involve tunnels as the feed chambers.

High incidences of clogged feeders lower the value of your feeder. In addition to that, when clogs are not sanitary sorted out, ducks’ health can be affected.

Duck feeder design: Multi-access points

Variety of stylish and updated makes of duck feeders have a single access point. Such a feature is not ideal especially for a poultry farmer keeping enormous flocks of ducks. Single access point feeders are known to encourage hostility and cannibalism among ducks all which can render the farmer go at a loss.

For purposes of effectiveness and work-ability, choose a duck feeder with several access points proportional to the size of the entire feeder.

A fair number of access points would be 5 access points for a feeder measuring at forty-five centimeters at the base and about twenty three centimeters from the edge to the midpoint.

Open to alterations

It is advisable to keep note that one may not always find the duck feeder that checks out ones’ entire list. However, that bit should not hinder one from obtaining a feeder that ticks out the essential part of ones’ list.

One should pick out a feeder that can be easily adjusted and get aligned with all the specifications that one wanted to be met. An adjustable kind of a feeder should still maintain its functionality and durability properties.

Homemade duck feeder

A DIY duck feeder may be the route you take. Below is a video of one:

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