Shinko Tires Review: Shinko 705 Tires on a Suzuki V-Strom

shinko tire reviewsI use Shinko 705 front and rear tires on my Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle. I have used this setup for about 10,000 miles on my adventure bike, which varied between dirt to gravel to pavement. Here is my Shinko tires review.

Shinko 705 Reviews

Shinko 705 Series Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire - 120/90-17 TT, 64H / Front/Rear
  • See fitment guide image for additional Machines this item fits. All-round rubber compound for a wide spectrum of weather and street/terrain conditions
  • Designed as a 70% On-Road 30% Off-Road tire
  • Great traction, even Off-Road, thanks to the dirt-oriented tread design
  • DOT approved
  • 150/70R18 rear tires features state-of-the-art Zero Degree JLSB (Joint-Less Steel Belting) technology for added stability and strength

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The Shinko 705 series is a 70/30 tire. It is designed for motorcycle street riding 70 percent of the time and “off-road” riding 30 percent of the time. I have used it with that intent.

It has great traction on the road and in dirt. I don’t think it does well at all in the mud, but it should not be expected too based on its tread design and purpose.

I bought the tire knowing it would need to handle gravel roads, super slab, twisty back roads, and the occasional dirt double track.

My 705 Shinko Tire Review

shinko 705 reviewsOn the road, the Shinko 705 rolls smooth. My DL650 motorcycle handles well in the twistys with this tire. At the start of 2019, I took a road trip to Tennessee and North Carolina. I rode sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Deal’s Gap — also known as the Tail of the Dragon. The tires handled the trip well. They did no flat spot from riding the super slab — unlike another pair of 80/20 tires I used on a previous trip. On the curvy roads, I felt the tires leaned in well and had more grip and traction than I had ability, especially at Deal’s Gap and on the Devil’s Drop (NC 151) in North Carolina.

On dry dirt and grass, the Shinko 705 has enough good traction to keep one going in the right direction. I did end up on wet grass and mud once and found traction to be limited, especially with whiskey throttle.

The Shinkos excel down back roads. A lot of my riding involves washboard gravel roads, chip and seal blacktop, loose gravel, unmaintained blacktop, and state roads. They handle the transition between smooth pavement to choppy dirt roads fine. I never adjusted the Shinko 705 tire pressure from street to dirt. I’m sure others will say that’s a no-no but I just kept them at 33 PSI in the front and 36 PSI in the rear.

Durability: Shinko 705 mileage

I get about 5,000 miles out of a Shinko 705 tire, which is not bad considering the cost and durability. The front lasted 10K. Around 5K, my rear tire is usually close to the wear indicators.

Don’t take my mileage as gospel. I ride harder than most, with frequent hard accelerations and a little tire spin in the gravel for fun at times.

I have read on forums like and where folks have went 8,000 miles on a rear.

I could ride it longer but I would rather change it out than push it to the limit.

To me, this tire has a good price point and value. For mostly on-road and a little dirt / gravel riding, I think this is one of the best dual sport tires. For some folks, it may not be — only because changing a tire can be expensive if done at the dealership.

Update on 9/25/2020

I am on my third set of Shinko tires now. These tires still last well enough for the price.

My last front tire became cupped around 8,000 miles, which is a pretty good lifespan for the cost.

As expected, I spun the rear tire too many times in the gravel and dirt and accelerated way too hard on the pavement. I cut the back tire’s life short by being a hooligan. It lasted for 5,000 miles again. The tyre would probably last longer if I putted around and didn’t have whiskey throttle.

To me, the Shinko 704/705 combo is still a great price for a tire that will last one longish cross country trip or a season or two of riding.

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I hope this Shinko tire review has been helpful.