Best 50/50 Dual Sport Tire for an Africa Twin

best 50 50 dual sport tire
I have a pair of Bridgestone Trailwings — definitely not 50/50 motorcycle tires — on my stock V-Strom in this photo. Photo credit: Nosy Nation.

The best 50/50 dual sport tire for an Africa Twin will stick to the roads in the rain and keep you from spinning your tyres in the sand and mud.

You also want long lasting dual sport tires for your KLR, V-Strom, or KTM adventure motorcycle because bald ones will get you stuck in the dirt.

I’ve run a lot of 50/50 tires on my four bikes, including an Africa Twin, KLR, KTM, and Vstrom.

As of late, I only ride the Africa Twin and and have found the best tires for longevity and traction for my riding are the Motoz Tractionator GPS.

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Popular 50/50 adventure tires

Guide to buying the best 50/50 adventure bike motorcycle tires for the Africa Twin

best 50 50 tire for africa twin crf1100 adventure bikes
The best 50/50 tire took my Africa Twin adventuring through the deep Ozarks in Arkansas near Oark, Ar. Photo credit: NosyNation

Good 50/50 adventure tires are one of the most critical choices you make for your bike. Good suspension and brakes upgrades are important too. They are essential to efficient riding, safety, and comfort.

Different tires are designed to fit different riding locations, practices, and riding surfaces. The following are the key characteristics to consider.

Pattern Shape matters for the CRF1100

Pattern shape refers to how the groves and tread channels are cut on the tire. Pattern shape determines how the tire grips the road in dry or wet conditions. Tread patterns that are further apart are meant for damp road surfaces.

Knob size

Knob size determines how much of the tire’s surface is in contact with the road. The more the surface contacted by the tire’s capacity, the more the traction available.

Tread depth: 8mm new on the Motoz Tractionator GPS 50/50 tires for the Africa Twin

The best dual sport tires for the dirt or sand will have deeper treads. Fifty-fifty tire with deep treads are preferred to obtain better traction with the surface beneath easily. Deep tread patterns are preferred for riding on muddy surfaces.

There is more to choosing the right adventure motorcycle dual sport tires for your bike. Read on to get a detailed understanding that will help you make an informed decision when buying dual sport tires for gravel.

What does the percentage values in dual tires mean?

Most dual tires buyers wonder what the percentage values in dual sport tires implicate. You will find different tire brands with different percentages indicated on them.

Some of the common percentages:

  • 90/10 dual sport tires
  • 80/20 dual sport tires
  • 70/30 dual sport tires
  • 60/40 dual sport tires

Tire manufacturers are quick to tell you that the 20%/80% tire is meant for 20% off-road riding and 80% on-road riding.

The percentage rating of the tire gives a rough idea of how the tire should be used for the effectiveness and longevity of service from the tires.

Where are you riding your Africa Twin with 50/50 tires

The intended place for riding your bike should be a vital determinant of the adventure motorcycle tires you purchase.

Ride location determines the kind of tire to purchase depending on the percentages for on-road and off-road riding. This aspect will guide you through choosing the best tire for safe and comfortable riding.

The type of bike you are riding

You should do thorough due diligence on the best-fit tire for your bike. I have had a KLR and V-strom for commuting. The Vstrom did light gravel roads, and the KLR did the forest roads in upper Wisconsin.

The KTM just spun the tires and did wheelies. I sold it. The Africa Twin does everything else nowadays. I use the 50/50 Motoz tires on it. It does everything well, except wet grass.

Tires perform differently on different types of motorcycles as bikes are different regarding build, power delivery, weight distribution, among other factors.

Look for blogs with dual sport tire reviews or get advice from people riding the same bike as you. This would be the most reliable information.

How far do you ride your Africa Twin?

Distance is a crucial factor to consider when buying a dual sport tires for a motorcycle.

For long distance ADV motorcycle riders, the longest lasting dual sport tire will be needed to sustain you through the whole adventure. The MotoZ GPS Tractionators go the distance.

I installed mine 3K miles ago and they still are less than halfway burned up. A Shinko would not have tolerated the road miles or gravel tire spinning I’ve done over the last 3,000 miles.

Also, for short distance riders, dual sport tires with the highest durability are preferred. This will save you the overall cost for regularly buying and replacing the tire.

How skilled are you at riding ADV motorcycles?

This is a question that is overly overlooked by most riders. However, its relevance cannot be overstated.

Selecting excellent dual sport tires should rely on how good you are at both off-road and on-road skills.

Buying the right tire based on riding skills will accord you with the safest and comfortable riding both on-road and off-road.

What’s your favorite riding style on your Africa Twin?

This is an aspect that determines the performance value of a bike regarding the tire used.

Casual adventurers and full-tilt riders use different kind of tires each matching the riding style of an individual.

In this regard, the tire that lasts longer and performs better would be the ultimate choice. It is a tire that will enhance your safety on and off the road as well as improve your riding comfort levels.

I followed this advice when I went to Colorado a couple years ago. I rode my V-Strom with a pair of Michelin Pilot 4 road tires, definitely not 50/50 motorcycle tires.

On the I-80 freeway, the tire’s ride, traction, and wear was fantastic. On the gravel passes in the Colorado San Juan Mountains — like Ophir Pass — the tire was out of its element.

But I needed a tire that would handle a lot of slab, with a sprinkling of gravel. I chose a tire that fit my needs.

Nowadays, the Africa Twin is my go-to motorcycle. It works best for my 50/50 dual sport riding style. It did just fine down the Interstate and when I did the adventure rides in the San Juan Mountains.

Find the longest lasting best 50/50 Africa Twin dual sport tire on the market in 2022 on Amazon.

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