Best Sealant for RV Marker Lights, Cab Lights, and Travel Trailer Marker Lights

best sealant for rv marker lightsDo you have broken marker lights on your travel trailer or recreational vehicle? What are the best sealants to keep your RV marker lights bright and active. Let’s find out. No more fumbling in the dark!

Best sealant for RV marker lights, cab lights, and trailer marker lights

Bestseller No. 1
Geocel GC28100 Pro Flex RV Flexible Sealant - Clear
  • Flash Point: 93.0 Degrees_Celsius
  • Excellent Adhesion To Many Surfaces, Even When Damp
  • Resealable; May Be Applied Over Itself
  • Paintable And Resists Dirt Pick-Up
Bestseller No. 2
Dicor 501LSW-1, RV Rubber Roof Sealant Self Leveling Caulk, White, 4 Pack
  • Creates a secure, secondary seal along the roof’s edges, air vents, vent pipes and screw heads
  • Adheres firmly to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal, fiberglass and concrete
  • Compatible with EPDM and TPO sheeting
  • Color: White
  • Self-Leveling (for horizontal surfaces)
Bestseller No. 3
SaleBestseller No. 4
Geocel 28128 Pro Flex Clear RV Flexible Sealant - 10 oz.
  • Package Dimensions: 17.1" (L) x 14.13" (W) x 17.1" (H)
  • Product Type: Auto Accessory
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Weight: 6.06 lbs
Bestseller No. 5
DICOR Corp 501LSD-1 RV Maintenance and Repair (501Lsd-1 Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant - Dove Brite White) (Packaging may vary)
  • Creates secure, secondary seal
  • Adheres firmly to aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, metal, fiberglass and concrete
  • Package Dimensions: 5.08 L x 28.575 H x 5.08 W (centimeters)
  • Country of Origin : United States
  • Included components: automotive replacement parts
Bestseller No. 6
Butyl Tape RV and Marine Boat Windows and Sealing White Double Sided Putty Tape RV Window Seal Kit Butyl Sealant Tape Outdoor Waterproof Rubber Caulking Tape 1/8 x 3/4 x 36 FT White
  • REPAIRS & SEALS LEAKS: Our easy to use butyl caulking tape can be used as an rv window sealant, roof sealing tape, water heater installs, boat port holes, travel trailers, headlights and more. Easier then messy caulk or tube marine and rv sealant.
  • EXTRA STRONG WATER RESISTANCE: The 1/8" thick by 3/4" wide sticky putty butyl tape will seal irregular gaps and cracks to create a vapor barrier and keep unwanted water in or out as a strong thick putty sealer.
  • CONTINUOUS GAP FREE 36 FOOT ROLL: Our paper backing tape ensures no skips or runs in your seal around awkward, unusual shapes. Easily apply a continuous seal using our sealing putty waterproof outdoor solution. Available in Black, White or Gray.
  • ADHERES TO JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING: Our Butyl Tape will stick to jagged or smooth edges on fiberglass, rubber, galvanized metal, aluminum, plastic, wood and glass or as an EDPM tape. Use as an alternative to metal roofing tape or rv roof tape sealant.
  • WHY BETTER BOAT: We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality boat care and marine grade accessories. We stand behind your satisfaction and our products.
Bestseller No. 7
Ziollo RV Flex Repair Caulking Lap Sealant - Self Leveling EPDM Sealant for Rubber Roofs on Motorhomes, Trailers, Campers (White, 4-10 oz Tubes of RV Caulk)
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & GUARANTEE - No other RV product on the market compares to our RV Flex Repair's Quality or Lifetime Warranty
  • RV ROOF MAINTENANCE - The easiest, most efficient way to complete your RV Roof Restoration in 1 weekend is with the RV Flex Repair System; Compatible with RV Flex Repair Roof Seam Tape and RV Flex Repair 100% Silicone Roof Coating
  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS - Ziollo professional-grade RV Flex Repair Caulking Sealant non-hazardous formula is safe to use indoors and outdoors, non-toxic to you, your family, or pets
  • WATERTIGHT SEAL - RV Caulking Sealant prevents leaks with its waterproof and breathable seal that will not shrink and stays flexible
  • WEATHER PROTECTION - RV Flex Repair Caulking is an easy application for lasting results with your RV upkeep; Caulk works on a variety of surfaces, including EPDM Rubber Roof, Metal, Wood, and Fiberglass blocking dirt, dust, and moisture
Bestseller No. 8
XFasten White Silicone Caulk 10.1 oz 100% Silicone Odorless Waterproof Sealant for RV Caulking Exterior, Aquarium Silicone, Bathtub Caulk, Window | Bathroom Caulk Marine Outdoor Caulking Weatherproof
  • WATERPROOF silicone sealant that’s made of 100% silicone with no fillers, delivering WATERTIGHT sealing on indoor, outdoor, and submerged surfaces. Our white caulk is ideal for wood, glass, metal, plastic, tiles, and concrete.
  • LONG LASTING. Our white bathroom caulk safeguards RV windows, kitchen tiles, and shower floors and delivers stain-free tub caulk protection against high temp, leaks, acid, and stain for 25 years.
  • ODORLESS. Choose a weatherproof exterior caulk with NO CHEMICAL SMELL over a bathroom sealant that reeks of a sharp, acidic smell. Our marine caulk cures uniformly, is safe, and has no VOC.
  • ZERO-CLUMPING. We engineered a clog-free thermoplastic nozzle that allows our marine caulk to flow with just the right viscosity- never runny nor clumpy; it’s 100% Silicone with no fillers, so our RV caulk cures quickly.
  • NO SHRINKING. Our bathroom caulking white has the ideal viscosity to be managed and shaped easily and won’t crack or shrink against UV or extreme temps.
Bestseller No. 9
CircleRoad Self Leveling Lap Sealant 4 Pack, RV Rubber Roof Sealant, Flexible Repair Lap Sealant, RV White Sealant Caulking for RV Roofs, Trailers, Campers, Motorhomes
  • 【WATERPROOF SEAL】RV waterproof sealant is elastic, breathable and will not shrink, forming a solid seal with roof edges and vents to prevent leakage. The sealant dries within 24 hours for surfaces with a humidity of 3-5mm, while surfaces with normal thickness require 7 days to fully cure.
  • 【EXCELLENT ADHESION】RV Sealant Caulking can firmly bond various materials,is suitable for various surfaces and is compatible with aluminum, mortar, wood, vinyl, galvanized metal, fiberglass, and concrete. It is suitable for EPDM and TPO sheets and can block dirt, dust, and moisture. Excellent stickiness, not easy to peel off
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】CircleRoad flexible repair sealant non-hazardous formula and no pungent odor, can be used indoors and outdoors. It's safe to you, your family, or pets
  • 【EASY TO USE】You can easily repair your RV roof yourself by using RV flexible sealant and effortlessly applying it to the surface. Once the glue is completely dry, you will get a safe and perfectly sealed roof
  • 【WEATHER-PROOF & DURABLE】Perfect for various weather conditions, waterproof and sealed, UV resistant, bringing long-lasting effects to your RV
Bestseller No. 10
Survol RV Self-Leveling Lap Sealant 2-Pack, White
  • Survol Roof Repair Sealant creates a secure, strong seal with the RV roof’s edges, air vents, vent pipes and screw heads (caulking gun not included)
  • Excellent Adhesion to Many Surfaces, compatible with EPDM and TPO sheeting, and most of RV roofing material. Adheres firmly to aluminum, galvanized metal, fiberglass, vinyl and concrete
  • Survol RV Self Leveling Roof Sealant easy to use, it is self-leveling (for horizontal surfaces). Durable and strong bonding, good Resistance to ageing
  • Once completely cured, Survol RV Roof Coating is formulated to withstand vibrations of RV travel
  • Low odor and VOC compliant, eco friendly, non-hazardous formula, non-toxic

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When it comes to sealing RV marker lights, you have several options.

  • Silicone is the most popular sealant used on RV lights because it is a superior waterproofing material. It not only forms a strong bond but also offers resistance against UV light and moisture, making it an excellent choice for protecting against water infiltration and deterioration from environmental conditions.
  • Polyurethane foam sealant has superior adhesion and provides superior weather resistance as well as excellent painting ability.
  • If you are looking for something more flexible, you can use butyl or rubber sealers which are easily applied with a brush or an adhesive gun, both of which allow for easy adhesion to hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • Finally, RV owners can also choose natural rubber sealants such as neoprene or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) that offer superior weather protection while allowing some flexibility so they don’t crack under pressure or strain on the connections between parts. That said, these types of materials are not as effective in dampness and may not provide tight seals around certain edges with large gaps.

Whatever kind of seals you choose for your lights, make sure to read all instructions thoroughly before applying the solution and follow the given directions for best results!

How do you seal RV clearance lights?


Sealing a recreational vehicle (RV) clearance light is an important step for selecting the right sealant to ensure the light operates correctly and the RV remains water-tight.

When selecting the sealant, you’ll need to consider several factors, including the age of your RV, the type of bulb used in the clearance lights, and what type of sealing materials is best for your particular application.

The basic technique involves ensuring proper surface preparation and then applying a sealant that will stretch or contract with normal temperature ranges while also repeating a finishing coating like paint or vinyl. Here are some tips to help you get it right:

  1. Clean off any dirt or grime from the RV light by using soap, water, and stiff brushes. Take care not to scratch or otherwise damage the surface while cleaning it.
  2. Inspect all wiring around the area of installation and repair any broken insulation as necessary. Make sure that all electrical connections are secure before continuing with sealing process.
  3. Examine substrate for brittle metal surfaces, rust spots, holes or gaps that require repair before winterizing your RV clearance light using this guide’s steps for installation purposes.

What is the black sealant used on RVS?

When shopping around for the right sealant for re-sealing RV marker lights, it is important to understand what benefits you’re looking for.

The most popular sealant used on RVs is a black butyl rubber sealant. It is a specially formulated rubber compound that has low viscosity, and adheres to most surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, and other materials.

It offers superior resistance to extreme temperature swings and resistant to UV radiation without breaking down. It provides superior protection against moisture, dust and dirt when applied around the lights on your RV.

A good quality butyl rubber sealant will also have excellent anti-corrosive properties, making it ideal for use outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

What color should RV marker lights be?

When installing or repairing RV marker lights, it is important to choose the appropriate color for the lights. These are typically categorized as either side marker lights (red and amber) or identification lights (white), and must comply with applicable laws in your state.

Side marker lights indicate the dimensions of an RV and tend to be mounted on the corner areas. They can also be placed on top surfaces, along the roof line, or used as backup lighting. Side marker lights must be red on the right side of RVs over 8 feet wide, and amber on the left side of RVs over 8 feet wide. If a trailer is less than 8 feet wide, both sides should have amber lighting.

Identification lights are typically required to operate while driving and parked, with white being the standard color for both sides of an RV over 8 feet wide. RVs under 8 feet wide only need one light each in front and back that is white in color. Be sure to check local regulations for any specific requirements in your area before installing these RV marker lights; failure to adhere to applicable laws could result in hefty fines or other penalties.

You’ll also want to make sure you choose a reliable sealant that can withstand exposure to outdoor elements when it comes time to install your markers–properly sealed markers prevent water damage from ruining your lights!

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