Sargent Seat Reviews: Most Comfortable Seat?

sargent seat reviewsMy 2014 Suzuki V-Strom DL-650 motorcycle has a Sargent Cycles World Sport Seat. I thought I would do a Sargent Seat review after racking up a few thousand miles on the bike after installing it. So far, it’s been the most comfortable seat I’ve had on my bike.

Stock DL650 seat not for me

I have done two long trips on the OEM V-Strom 650 seat. I have never found it comfortable. It pitches my hips forward and pushes me into the gas tank. I get hot spots because it is too soft and numbness in my groin.

I read V-Strom seat reviews and was torn. Based on my research, I thought I should get a Seat Concepts seat because of its flat style. I also considered Corbin.

By luck, I found a good deal for a used Sargent World Sport adventure touring seat and jumped on it. My thought: If didn’t work out, I could resell it for what I paid.

Sargent World Sport Performance Seat (Black Welt) Compatible With 14-18 SUZUKI DL1000ABS
  • State-of-the-art replacement seats
  • Seats are built on a precision-molded, lightweight Polytec base pan
  • Each seat features improved foam contours and Super Cell Atomic Foam for increased comfort and support
  • Seat covers are marine-grade, UV damage resistant, odor-resistant CarbonFX vinyl
  • Most seat applications include under-seat storage cargo area

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Sargent World Sport Review

sargent word sport seat reviews
The best seat for my V-Strom 650 is a Sargent World Sport.

At first glance, the Sargent Seat looks good. The cover is a CarbonFX vinyl, which is mold, mildew, and UV resistant, among others.

Even buying from the used market, the piping, stitching, and cover look great and have held up well. The fit and finish is top notch.

Sargent seats are an example of attention to detail, with the front of the seat being felt lined to keep your gas tank from getting scratched.

Each seat pan is a direct fit. There is no universal fit here. You will need to have the year, model, and make of your bike to get the appropriate fit.

The pan is made from a PVC acrylic alloy, with a level of Super Cell Atomic Foam — basically, proprietary foam, which is stiffer than what’s on the OEM V-Strom seat. I prefer the stiffer foam.

No gel is used. Gel can be heavy and retains heat. Both enemies of a good seat for the V-strom.

I, also, like the shape of the seat. I don’t get hot spots and my bottom feels well supported on this firm seat. The back of the seat is wide and distributes pressure evenly. It does taper closer to the fuel tank, which leaves my inner thigh free from touching the saddle. This is a good feeling and eliminates the chafing I experienced the the stock seat.

The Sargent seat for the V-Strom 650 is a comfortable touring seat and good for long days in the saddle. If you like a softer saddle, you may want to add a sheepskin, as well. For me, it’s the best seat for the V-strom.

Sargent also provided a tool kit holder under the saddle.

Sargent World Sport Performance Motorcycle Seat Standard Black Accent - Fits: Suzuki V-Strom 650 2012-2016
  • State-of-the-art replacement seats. Seats are built on a precision-molded, lightweight Polytec base pan.
  • Each one features improved foam contours and Super Cell Atomic Foam for increased comfort and support.
  • Seat covers are marine-grade, UV-stabilized, odor-resistant CarbonFX vinyl.
  • Most applications include under-seat storage cargo area.
  • Two-up models include steel retractable cargo hooks built into seat base pan.

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Flaws from buying a used seat, excellent Sargent customer service

My saddle was used. It had a few thousand miles on it when I bought it and the previous owner left a screw missing for the latch mechanism and lost a rubber stopper on the seat pan.

A trip to the hardware store solved the missing screw dilemma. A call to Sargent Cycles solved the missing rubber stopper dilemma.

When I called, I asked to buy one of those rubber pieces.

However, the customer service rep said he would just send one out. No charge. Perfect!

From my experience, their customer service is pretty darn good and they stand behind their product.

Sargent Seat coupons

I have read there are Sargent Seat coupons available during the motorcycle events they support. Examples include their annual sales events at Daytona Bike Week and the BMW MOA Rally.

According to their website, they offer discounts for active and retired US military; a drop-in showroom discount; along with off-season and holiday promotions.

Find the best deal on a Sargent Cycles seat on Amazon.

I hope this Sargent seat review has helped and becomes one of the most comfortable seats you will use.

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