Ways How To Make 5000 Dollars Fast

how to make 5000 fast
Learn how to make $5,000 fast.

You can raise $5000 in due time, with hard work. But learning how to make 5000 dollars fast may not happen in a week or even a month. Perhaps it’s best to get real right now. That’s not to say it’s impossible to attain thousands of dollars quickly, such as a week — just not probable.

If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zones, accept more risks, invest talent, time, and effort, and expand your reach and imagination, then here are some of our ideas, which might help you on your way to 5K. There are no guarantees.

1. Ask millionaires’ and billionaires’ help

Usually, millionaires (and billionaires) go out of their way to extend financial support and bequeath donations to cause-oriented charities of their liking. They are philanthropists.

The odds against them handing over money to individuals may not be quite big, but what’s there to lose in trying?

So, get their names and contact details and send out as many hardship letters to as many millionaires by mail or e-mail, asking for at least $100.

You may also visit their websites and see what charities and sectors these millionaires are particularly fond of.

Be absolutely honest in voicing your urgent need for financial aid. You may present accompanying justifications about what you truly intend to do with the money. Don’t just write, “I need 5000 dollars now.”

2. Ask celebrities’ help to get $5000 fast for free?

Celebrities are public symbols and, most likely, may be predisposed to hype up their status as gift-giving icons.

Brush up on your hardship letter or e-mail; make it compelling enough to convince celebrities to shell out even $100 out of their overstuffed pockets. Send your letters to at least 100 celebrities. The more celebs you can tap the better to rake in money quickly. There’s little to lose in trying.

3. Search out charities

Who says charities only cater to the poorest-of-the-poor? They certainly have some funds for the not-so-poor but in the midst of hardship.

It would largely depend on how well you persuade these organizations of the straits you’re presently in. Short-list at least fifty charitable institutions in your area.

Give them a ring one by one and humbly ask for at least a hundred dollars or, if highly doable, visit them personally to explain your situation.

4. Appeal to local corporations

Private companies and institutions have sectors of the community that they extend special interest in. This is part of their corporate social responsibility.

It is likely that they have already identified their intended beneficiaries; see if you fall under any of the categories of people they assist.

Call, write, or visit these companies. It’s probably not wise just to say, “I need 5000 dollars now.” Explain your financial difficulty and offer to render your services if needed. That way, they’ll look at your situation more favorably.

5. Raise funds online (Crowdfunding)

No one said it was going to be smooth-sailing – asking people for help is never easy. It strips you of your dignity and privacy, somehow.

Desperate situations call for these bold steps, however, so here’s one last straw to try. Go public with your fund-sourcing – go crowdfunding.

Sites like kickstarter.com, gofundme.com, or indiego.com allow crowdfunding. These sites will help you get started and setup a campaign. Each has their own formats for your appeal to the public, or the “crowd.” You normally write your appeal, provide photos or videos, and make it sound in a way that will touch others to empathize with your situation.

Again, don’t just say, “I need 5000 dollars fast.” You’ll need to arouse their emotions and market yourself.

6. Get 2 jobs to get $5000 now

Enough of the mendicancy. Get a job! Better yet, get 2 jobs! It will get you your money in a month, at the very least.

If you’re currently working 4-8 hours a day (20-40 hours a week), then you better be ready to work more hours.

That’s still physically possible to work more, with sleep time and time to attend to personal tasks. Socially taxing, perhaps; but without money to make ends meet, socializing should be the least of your concerns.

7. Sell valuables you own

Strip your house of trappings that you don’t really need. You may not realize it, but you have accumulated a lot of treasure (disguised as junk and seldom-used paraphernalia) over the years.

$5,000 will not be that difficult to come by if you start disposing of valuables – jewelries, car, home entertainment appliances, gadgets, antiques, furniture, special lightings, home décor, chandeliers, memorabilia and travel souvenir items, garments, curtains and draperies, kitchenware, fixtures, and what-have-you. The list is endless.

You may consider putting up a yard sale; but selling online (try eBay or Gumtree) is a much better way. Think of it as allowing your home to breathe; and you, too. Besides, home minimalism is an “in” thing.

8. Party!

Partying at this point is definitely not a sensible thing to do; but expanding on idea number 7, you can do so.

Call friends and family, or send out a nice letter inviting them to a potluck. Make it known to them that you’re selling some of your valued belongings to tide you over difficult times.

You can sell with fixed prices, tagged ahead of time; or you may peg a starting price for your party-friends to start bidding on. It ought to be a fun and happy time with people you are connected to, raising money on the side without having to beg. You should be proud of yourself!

9. Work solving online problems

There are sites that offer prize money for creative thinkers who offer innovative solutions to difficult questions. Prize ranges from 4-digit to 7-digit figures.

Well, it’s definitely not for everybody, but it can be for you. One such website is Innocentive.com. You will need to register as a site user, choose a problem that you think you have a creative solution for, and submit your entry.

You don’t need university credentials to do this; just a creative mind. Actually, a highly-driven person and intelligent thinker will be great for the job.

10. Quit your job!

This one will give you exactly $5,000, and fast — that is, if you are an employee of Amazon. The online retail company pays its personnel to quit, and the policy is called “Pay to Quit.” See this Time article about it.

It’s a quirky thing for a company to pay its people for quitting. But then Amazon is not just any company, and it wants to keep only happy people working for it.

So what are you waiting for? You are in need $5,000. Get out to where the action is right now, today!

I hope you found these 10 ways how to make 5000 dollars fast entertaining and useful.

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