‘I Need 100 Dollars Now’ — 5 Ideas But Work’s Involved!

i need 100 dollars nowWe’ve all been in financial hardships, struggling and pinching pennies when money is tight. That’s why it’s no surprise when I hear some people saying, “I need 100 dollars now — like today!”

I have a few quick ideas that may or may not help you (Not guaranteed.)

These ideas take work — effort. And there’s no such thing as free money instantly from an app.

Find out what people need to get $100 dollars now

Your goal is to find out what people NEED right now on classified sites like Craigslist (CL).

Just like you need $100 right now today, these posters on classified site’s like CL need something, too — especially in the “items wanted” and “gigs” sections. You won’t make 100 dollars in 30 minutes or an hour online. You will earn a solid wage if you work.

They may need a service or product — both of which you may be able to offer depending on your skill levels and items available to you. This is what you want to capitalize on.

Items wanted section in Craigslist

Check the items wanted section: You may have an old “something or another” floating around your house that somebody else might want and is actively advertising for. If so, sell it.

Gigs section in Craigslist if you need $100 dollars today

Check the “gigs” section, which is where people are listing items they need or need done.

Granted, there’s a lot of junk and spam in “gigs” but you should be able to find a gig that helps somebody, in someway. Be cautious, though.

Example #1: People always need help moving from one apartment, house, or flat to another. They will often post in this section.

You can make money helping somebody move his or her belongings.

But you will get cash, such as the person who paid me $50 per hour to move 1 couch. (I got paid for driving time and “sofa-moving time, which meant I made $100 pretty quick that day.)

Example #2: Construction and car repair gigs. If you are handy with tools and mechanically inclined, here’s your chance to use those skills.

Many contractors charge a lot of money for their services, so people will look for alternative ways to pay less — i.e. post gigs on CL.

You may be able to pick up one of these gigs and get a few bucks if you are skilled.

Example #3: Forget CL. Get out in your neighborhood and offer to mow lawns, rake leaves, or shovel snow.

You don’t need to be skilled to do any of these tasks, and you are almost guaranteed that every season brings some yard work.

Use it to your advantage. You will be able to network with your neighbors AND make a few extra bucks. The networking may help you in the future, rather than today, so don’t neglect it.

Buy low, sell high

Arbitrage is the name of the game in business. It means you buy a product or service at a low cost, then resell it at a higher cost.

Don’t kid yourself. This is effective.

Example #1: Brass is expensive. This material will sell at a scrap yard for more than $1 per pound.

You can use a classified site such as CL to list that you are willing to buy beds made from brass for a cheap price.

These beds are heavy, so if you buy a bed that weighs 100 pounds and brass is $1 a pound, you could sell it to a scrap yard for $100.

Yes, you’ll need to talk to people. Yes, you’ll need to get the item. And, yes, it is work.

Example #2: Fiverr products and services can be resold at higher prices if you have a list of people interested in that product.

Can you browse through Fiverr gigs and find one that might appeal to people you know or can network with?

You bet. You order it, get it, then deliver it to your customer. Although you only paid $5 for it, you can resell if for $10 or $20.

Also, if you can create something — like a video testimonial or write — you may be able setup gigs on Fiverr and sell them.

That’s how you make the bucks when you need money now.

Rent out your apartment if you need $100 instantly

A friend of mine lives with her girlfriend in an expensive flat in Chicago.

They struggle to make rent even with both working, so they have a roommate who helps pay the bills.

The catch: The roomie pays two-thirds of the rent. Why?

The roomie is on a month-to-month basis. This alone helps my friends charge more because the roomie can leave at any time and her name is not on the lease. And there roomie understands this and is fine with it.

Despite the high price, people desperately want to live in this apartment because it is downtown Chicago.

Although this method is more about savings, it can help you make an extra $100 every month so you’re not short and saying next month “I need 200 dollars now”.

Ask friends, family, churches, etc.

It’s better to make your finances work by yourself rather than rely on others for donations or charity to borrow money.

But this does need to be mentioned: If you have a strong support structure such as friends and family, consider asking for a little extra money today.

I remember my mother once gave my in-laws money when they said, “I need $100 now so I don’t get the water turned off” — actually, it was closer to $500 right now but it doesn’t matter.

The point: You are not alone if you are desperately in need of $ and someone may help you with a donation or charity during an emergency.

But you should try and help yourself first by taking action right away. I hope this article helps if you are saying, “I need 100 dollars now” — perhaps it even helps you get 200 dollars.

Originally posted 2023-01-06 17:01:31.