‘I Need Some Money:’ Ideas for College Kids

i need some money
At one point in our lives, we say, “I need some money.” All college kids hit up their parents for some quick cash for a hot date or just ponder how to make some money. I’ll list a few options that I’ve used, so fear not if you are saying, “I’m a college student and I need money.”

Captain Obvious here: Get a job

If you are working age, don’t have a job, and need some money, it should be obvious to you (I hope) that you need to get a job.

Nobody is going to donate money to you — unless, of course, you are this guy:

That said, most people will need a job to make money if they are legal working age. If you are still a kid but have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are more likely to succeed with the following ways for college students to make money over the summer.

Visit craigslist and find what people need done

I’ve had good luck by perusing the “gigs” section on craigslist. It tells me what people need.

When someone has a need, they are willing to pay to get that need fulfilled.

For example, not everybody is capable of manual labor, so they will post jobs like the following:

“I need somebody to help me move.”
“I have a lawn that needs mowing.”
“I need help moving a sofa.”

These are all opportunities. Most people will pay you an easy $20 dollars to move a sofa.

If you can drive and have a truck that can haul stuff, you’ll probably earn a good chuck of change to help somebody move.

You can make more if you mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel snow, chop firewood in the fall, and start soliciting business.

Here’s how: Get out into your neighborhood. Pay attention to your neighbors’ lawns. Do they need their grass cut, do they need leaves raked, small bushes trimmed, or do they need their driveway plowed?

If you notice these tasks that look neglected, knock on their door and ask if they need any help.

You can say you noticed their grass was high and wondered if they needed a little help mowing for a nominal fee.

That’s the surest way I know of to make some money if you are a kid.

Collect cans?

I collected empty metal cans when I was a teenager. The cans were crushed and stored until I had a few pounds worth of metal, then turned in at the scrap yard for some money.

I found cans everywhere — from ditches to dropped in parking lots. I also had my parents save all metal cans and I ended up earning a few bucks from the ordeal.

That is one way to make a few extra bucks and improve the environment, too. It might take a long time to earn a few dollars, though.  From experience, I can tell you it is NOT one of the quick ways college kids make money.

Lunch money savings

Now, I was a teenager when I did this, so it probably won’t work for college students, and don’t recommend it. It does blur ethical boundaries and trust between parents but I will mention it because I ended up with extra cash from it.

My parents always gave $5 a day for lunch and never asked if I used all the cash. I spend $2 on lunch and saved $3 for extra-curricular activities.

I kept the money in a secure place so my parents never found it. I’m sure my mom wondered where I got 100 one dollar bills when she was with me when I bought something.

Student work programs

If you are in college, your school will have a work to learn program. You’ll get paid for doing a menial job. Yeah, it sucks but it’s a paycheck.

There are better options. Example: I was an English major so I tutored high school and college students for a few extra bucks. (This is also a good way to meet college girls. Wink, wink. Hint, hint.)

Sell your hair

Hair is a commodity and is wanted for wigs. If you have well-taken care of, long hair, you could capitalize on it.

Prices vary but a quick look at hairsellon.com indicates that if you have 6 inches or more of hair, you’ll get more than $100 dollars for it.

You might be able to talk to your local hair salon and negotiate a deal there, too, if you don’t want to sell it online.

Just have a baby? Sell your breast milk

Breast milk is wanted by many mothers. If you just had a baby and are producing more than you need or are feeding your child formula, consider selling it on onlythebreast.com.

Recently pumped milk goes for about $1.50 to $2 per ounce. If you produce 30 extra ounces a day after your little one is fed, you might make an extra $1800 a month selling and packaging it. That’s one way for married or single mothers to make money.

I hope this provides ways for college students to make money without a job and answers your statement, “I need some money.”

Originally posted 2023-01-06 17:15:31.