Best Great Dane Life Jacket Right Now: Keep That Giant Dog Afloat in 2023!

Best Great Dane Life Jacket
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A Great Dane life jacket needs to be big. Big enough to wrap around the chest and back of a giant breed or extra large dog and keep that canine floating in water.

Whether you are out in the canoe or kayak, a good life preserver will keep your dog secure and buoyant if you capsize your boat. They will even help your dog float when swimming.

Despite the benefits, it can be hard to find big life vests for dogs, especially when many Danes may have a chest girth up to 50 inches. Here are a few life vests that fit the within the bell curve.

Top 3 best Great Dane life jackets in 2023

HAOCOO Dog Life Vest XXL

HAOCOO Dog Life Jacket Vest Saver Safety Swimsuit Preserver with Reflective Stripes/Adjustable Belt Dogs?Orange,XXL
  • MATERIALS: High grade Polyester Oxford & Nylon Fabric, Mesh Fabric, Pearl Cotton Foam. The oxford nylon fabric is ripstop, and the mesh fiber allow for quick drying and proper drainage.
  • DIMENSION: Available for 7 sizes, from XXS to XXL, HAOCOO dog life vest for swimming meet all sized dog. Please refer to the dimension chart to choose the right size for your dog.
  • CONVENIENCE: Adjustable belt and quick-release buckles to make your dog fit comfortably, easy to put on and take off. Handle on top for quick and easy grabbing. The Heavy-duty D-ring Hook is perfect for dog leash.
  • SAFETY: The front float assists in keeping dog's head above water. Reflective stripes and bright colors to enhance maximum visibility.
  • NOTE: If your measurement is between two sizes, we recommend the larger size for more comfortable fit about your dog. Please allow sight deviation of measurement data due to different measure methods.

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The XXL size fits dogs with a chest size between 33 inches to 48 inches.

EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket

EzyDog Premium Doggy Flotation Device (DFD) - Adjustable Dog Life Jacket Preserver with Reflective Trim - Durable Grab Handle for Safety and Protection - 50% More Flotation Material (X-Large, Red)
  • BEST HIGH-PERFORMANCE FLOTATION DEVICE DOG LIFE VEST JACKET: Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials available, our DFD is designed, and extensively tested, to give your dog the most ergonomic and comfortable fit possible.
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN WITH 50% MORE FLOATION MATERIAL: Adjustable neoprene straps form an ergonomic, secure fit that keeps up with your dog. The EzyDog dog life vest flotation device uses superior durable construction and features up to 50% more flotation material than most other pet life jackets.
  • ERGONOMIC INTEGRATED GRAB HANDLE: The integrated grab handle in our dog life vest provides and easy and secure way to handle your dog and makes it quick and easy to guide your dog into and out of the water.
  • HIGHLY REFLECTIVE INTEGRATED TRIM: The highly reflective detailing designed into your EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device provide you with greater visibility and improved night time safety.
  • CUSTOM SIZING FOR A PERFECT FIT: EXTRA LARGE (Extra Large) size fits dogs with a 20"-26" body length, a 30"-48" girth, and a weight over 90 pounds.

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The XL fits pups with a 30″x48″ girth.

RUFFWEAR – K-9 Float Coat for Dogs, Buoyant, Secure, Reflective

Ruffwear, Float Coat Dog Life Jacket for Swimming, Adjustable and Reflective, Wave Orange, X-Large
  • Canine life vest: A life jacket designed just for dogs; Ideal for rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing, paddle boarding and swimming
  • Easy swimming: Strategically placed closed-cell foam panels let your dog swim naturally and support an upright position; Strong, low-profile handle on the back to help dogs out of the water
  • Adjustable fit: Telescoping neck closure adjusts to fit different shapes and attaches securely in place; Easy-to-clip buckles firmly hold straps
  • Durable webbing: Water-compatible webbing maintains stability in wet environments
  • Reflective trim: Low-light visibility for additional safety; Integrated light loop for attaching The Beacon light (sold separately)

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The RUFFWEAR life jacket is on the smaller size at 36″x42″, but the jacket has some of the best reviews.

Big dog = big doggie life jacket

Getting the right life jacket for a Great Dane dog may seem tricky with the numerous companies producing dog life jackets.

A lot of research needs to conducted to find a XXL size — or an XL size that fits your giant breed dog.

Many dogs love playing around with water be it the pool or the ocean and need to be protected against strong waves, tides in water, or swim too far from shore and get tired.

Born to swim

Dogs love swimming, but not all dogs are natural at it. A life jacket comes in handy for such dogs as it prevents them from drowning in water.

Color matters in a personal flotation device

The first thing to consider when buying a dog life jacket is the color.

Buying the life jacket with the brightest color ensures the visibility of the dog from very far.

When the dog wanders into deep waters, the coast guards can sport it from the color of the life jacket.

Comfortable material

Choosing a dog life jacket with the right material is another factor to consider.

The material needs to have a foam filling to keep the dog afloat. The outer part should be made of nylon which is soft and durable.

A dog should also feel comfortable in its life jacket. The jacket should be fitting in such a way that it allows the dog to play around and run.

Buoyant: Does it float?

Buoyancy is another factor to consider. Some dogs are terrible swimmers and are nervous whenever they get near the water.

Such dogs require life jackets that enable better padding and flotation. Dogs with heavier bodies fall in the same category as nervous swimmers. Their life jackets should have more flotation.

The dog’s size and breed should be taken into consideration. Dogs come in different shapes, sizes and breeds. A life jacket that seems perfect for one dog may be useless to another dog.

XXL Great Dane Life Jacket

The best dog life jackets are the ones that come with a measurement chart. From the chart, a dog owner can identify the right jacket for his dog.

The straps on a dog life jacket should be adjustable according to the occasion. The straps can be tightened or loosened depending on the dog’s body size.

Finding a life jacket with a handle that can be used to pick the dog from water is better than one without. The handle will prove useful when trying to rescue the dog from strong water currents when it is tired.

The handle can also be used to teach the dog how to swim. The handle is held and the dog guided in water until it becomes confident to swim on its own.

Fit matters

The life jacket should stick in place when the dog is running around for its safety. A D-ring should be available on the life jacket to fasten a leash on the dog when it is out of water.
A dog life jacket is beneficial as it helps the dog to swim and paddle better. It also keeps the dog afloat when the dog faces rough seas.

Accidents such as a dog falling into the water accidentally during a boat ride may happen, and if the dog has a quality life jacket, its life is saved.

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