Best Tank Bag for Africa Twin

best tank bag for africa twin
The best tank bag for Honda Africa Twins will keep your mostly used supplies and valuables close at hand when travelling on your adventure motorcycle. A good tank bag offers a quick way to access keys, maps, snacks, water with a zip-up unit. It keeps...

Best Exhaust for Harley Street Glides for the Money: Sharkroad Exhaust Review

Best Exhaust for Harley Street Glides for the Money
Who makes the best exhaust for Harley Street Glides, Road Glides, and Road Kings for the money? I know Vance and Hines, Rhinehart, Bassani, Cobra, Screaming Eagle, etc. all make great mufflers. But ... I did not want to spend a lot of cash on my...

Best 50/50 Dual Sport Tire for an Africa Twin

best 50 50 tire for africa twin crf1100 adventure bikes
The best 50/50 dual sport tire for an Africa Twin will stick to the roads in the rain and keep you from spinning your tyres in the sand and mud. You also want long lasting dual sport tires for your KLR, V-Strom, or KTM adventure...

Best High Clearance Radius Rods for RZR 1000

Best High Clearance Radius Rods for RZR 1000
Who makes the best high clearance radius rods for RZR 1000 side by sides? With more ground clearance on your Polaris SXS, you are less likey to get hung up on rocks or tree roots. There are a few good brands who make high clearance...

Best lubricant for ignition lock cylinder for the money

best lube for ignition lock cylinders
Question: Who makes best lubricant for ignition lock cylinder? I always have sticky locks in my old cars. Whether it's a motorcycle or car ignition or even a door lock, I always end up spraying a a lube in them. It is no fun to jiggle...

Who makes the best shocks for Harley Sportsters? (ANSWERED)

best 883 sportster shocks
The best shocks for Harley Sportsters will provide a firm, but plush, ride. These shock absorbers will keep road vibration to a minimum and will offer adjustments on rebound and dampening. Different spring heights may change your motorcycle's look, as well. Some motorbikers like the...

Are Wiseco Pistons Good?

are wiseco pistons good
Question: Are Wiseco pistons good? Wiseco has been making pistons since the 1940s for performance engines. They are a well-known brand. I used a set of Wiseco pistons in a late '80s small block Chevy 350 cubic inch motor many years ago. They worked just fine. I,...

Review: Is Motostorm a scam? Answer: No

is legit
Yes, is a legit website. It is not fake. I ordered Givi racks and hard panniers from this Italian motorcycle accessory dealer and am impressed with their service and price. I was, also, impressed with shipping to the United States. Will Motostorm ship to...

Review: Are JT sprockets any good?

are jt sprockets any good
Question: I need a front sprocket for my motorcycle or dirt bike. Are JT sprockets any good? I asked my self the same question not too long ago. My Suzuki V-Strom motorcycle's chain was worn, and I wanted to replace the chain and sprockets all...

Best Harley Seat for Tall Riders

best harley seat for tall riders
What is the best Harley seat for tall riders -- like myself at over 6 feet tall? I get body aches, soreness and feel cramped on my Harley Davidson stock seat. Whether you munch miles on Road King or Electra Glide or cruise the boulevard...