Guide to buying the best brake bleeder on the market in 2022

Best Brake Bleeder
You hear the screeching when you get near the stop sign. It’s time to change the brakes again. Last time it went well, minus the flushing. You just don’t have another qualified person to help. Thankfully, a few companies have designed bleeding kits that will speed up the fluid flushing process and let you do it solo. What is the best...

Guide to buying the best glass cutter in 2022

best glass cutter
Contrary to its designated name, the best glass cutter does not cut the glass clean, but scores it instead (as a scratch) to make a split in the surface causing the glass to break in two along the score. Glass cutters of old had diamond-tip cutting heads (no lubricant required), nowadays the most common are cutting wheels made of tungsten...

Best impact socket set under $200 buyers guide

Who makes the best impact socket set under $200 in 2022? That's what I wanted to know. Read customer reviews to find the best impact socket brand on the market on Amazon. I looked into it the question and found the big brands like Craftsman, Dewalt, Snap-on, Matco, MAC, etc. and all great sockets for day to day wrenching. I also...