What is the best place to buy tools?

best place to buy tools
Whether sockets, screwdrivers, or drills, I am always in the market for good deals on tools. But, what is the best place to buy tools right now? I created a list of 7 different sellers. Each range in quality and price. Let's start with Amazon. Remember: Some tool brands are cheaper than others, some are more expensive, some can be purchased...

Larin floor jack review

larin floor jack review
I bought a Larin floor jack to replace my car's missing-in-action scissor jack for an upcoming road trip. The model I purchased was the Larin LJJS-2, which is available on Amazon, and comes with a jack and stands. I thought I would do a short review on it. The Larin hydraulic jack has a lifting range of 5 1/8 to 13...

Best 110v MIG Welder in 2022

Best 110v MIG Welder for home use
The best 110v MIG welder for home use will create strong, clean welds, especially for body work. A metal inert gas welding is probably the easiest to learn -- compared to ARC and TIG. The best budget MIG welder is small and can operate of household current. Let's look at what to consider when getting one. Search and read customer reviews of good budget...

Review: Best Tires for Towing Fifth Wheel Trailer

Best Tires for Towing 5th Wheel Trailer
Question: I have a fifth wheel RV travel trailer and need a new set of tires. What are the best 5th wheel tires for towing a RV travel trailer with a goose-neck hitch? Also, I have a budget and need the best fifth-wheel tires for the money. Guide to buying the best tires for a fifth wheel gooseneck trailer When shopping...

Guide to buying the best air hammer in 2022: Let’s chisel!

best air hammer
The best air hammer, also called an air chisel, is a hand operated pneumatic tool meant for cutting different metals and stones. They work well for removing control arm bushings, popping out CV joints, or peening/bucking solid rivets. A good chisel will make life in the automotive garage so much easier. These tools comes in different designs to hold different tips as demanded...

Who Makes the Best 22.5 RV Tires? (ANSWERED)

best 225 rv tire for the money
The best 22.5 RV tires offer safety and durability while piloting your motorhome down the tarmac. A safe trip is a top priority in an RV. What are the best RV tires? What kind of tires doe you put on a motorhome? Size matters. You don't want to use the best 19.5 RV tire when your Class A motorhome requires a different...

Best Shed for Electric Kiln

best outdoor shed for electric kiln
Questions: What is the best shed for electric kilns? Can you put a kiln in a shed? Can you put an electric kiln outside? Does an electric kiln need venting? These are all great questions that your local building and code inspector for your city or county should answer. Generally speaking ... I don't know the answer to the questions; however, I...

Question: Are Milwaukee tools good?

are milwaukee tools good
Question: Are Milwaukee tools good? I am a big fan of Milwaukee power tools, which I have used for years. I have Milwaukee drills, impact drivers, a Sawzall, and circular saw. Milwaukee offers a large line of tools, which is one of this company's pros. They product line includes more than just drills, circular saws, or flashlights. Offerings also include specialty...

Best maul for splitting wood in 2022 buyers guide

best splitting maul for firewood
I came across a log-built hunting blind not too long ago. It reminded me about the difference between chopping and splitting wood. Oddly enough, most people use the wrong tool. Do you? Wood chopping and splitting are two different techniques that require different tools. The best maul for splitting wood is not the same as an axe. Search and read customer...

Best pocket hole jig in 2022

best pocket hole jig
Woodworking is a hobby of mine. But I can be impatient, especially with traditional joinery techniques. When I came across pocket hole joinery, I was sold. That brought me to a big question: What is the best pocket hole jig for me? I'll explain why I bought the Kreg Jig R3, along with why I think the K4 and Mini would...