Best Mulch for Dogs: Pet Safe Mulch for your Canine

best mulch for dogsDog safety is important, especially when it comes to chemicals, fertilizers, and good grass seed. But what about pet safe mulch for ground cover? What is the best mulch for dog owners to put in their yards?

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100% Natural Pine Bark Mulch Nuggets (4 Quarts), Small Mulch Chips for Indoor/Outdoor Container Gardening, Ideal for Soil Supplement, Houseplant Mulch
  • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: No added fertilizers or pesticides
  • USES: Potted plant decor, landscaping, terrariums, or soil supplement, soil barrier, bonsai care
  • BENEFITS: Drainage, enhances appearance, water retention, blocks pesky creatures
  • INGREDIENTS: 100% pine bark mulch, average size 1/2-inch pieces
  • Size: 4 Quarts (1 gallon / 3.8 liters)

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Guide to buying pet safe mulch when you are a dog owner

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is one of the best choices. In addition to smelling wonderful, cedar boats another talent. This wood acts as a natural bug repellent, making your dog’s outdoor experiences more enjoyable. Though the bug repelling qualities of cedar only last temporarily, this type of wood resists molding, making it a long lasting choice.


Using rocks as gravel is an economic choice due to their longevity. Rocks are also aesthetically pleasing and helps dog owners protect their dogs from the dangers associated with ingesting mulch or getting splinters in their paws. Veterinarians recommend a smooth type of rock to prevent injuries to paws. Some dogs will chew rocks; if your dog is prone to this behavior, select a different option for your yard to prevent dental injuries.


Leaves are natures’ fertilizer and are beneficial to your garden. By using fallen leaves from your yard, you are gardening with one of the most natural methods, which is also one of the most safe mulch options for your dog’s yard. The National Wildlife Federation encouraged home owners not to rake leaves in their yard, stating that butterflies rely upon the leaves for their larvae, and birds seek snacks hiding in the leaves.

Pine needles

Pine needles are another naturally sourced option for mulch that is safe for dogs. Pine needles are also an economic choice due to the unending supply available. Dog owners should be aware that while pine needles are not poisonous to dogs, ingesting pine needles can cause damage to a dog’s stomach.

Rubber Mulch

Shredded tires are often turned into mulch. This rubber mulch recycles tires and is safe for use in a dog’s yard. Rubber mulch can also last approximately between five and ten years, making it an economical choice.

Avoid Cococa Bean Shell Mulch

Cocoa bean mulch, also known as cocoa shell mulch, is made out of the shells of cocoa beans. We know that chocolate is toxic to dogs; the shells of cocoa beans are dangerous to them as well. Cocoa bean mulch should not be used in yards where dogs will spend time. If you know someone who uses this mulch, suggest they post a sign to alert dog owners to the potential hazard in their yard.

When purchasing their chosen type of mulch, dog owners should consider the following:

  • Always choose a finely shredded type of mulch rather than a large, chunky, type of mulch. If your dog ingests a large quantity of mulch, finely shredded mulch is more likely to pass through their system, while large pieces of mulch may cause an obstruction.
  • Always ask if the mulch is treated with any type of chemical. Untreated wood is safer for dogs.
  • Always supervise your dog while they are playing in the yard; dogs can choke on mulch.
  • Your dog is likely to support you saving money on mulch, because that means more money for toys and treats.

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