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Best Grass Seed for Dog Urine

best grass for dogsQuestion: What is the best grass seed for dogs? I need a hardy, durable dog resistant grass for my lawn. I have considered artificial grass but really don’t want a fake lawn.

My German Shepherd dog tore the yard apart, leaving mud spots in high traffic areas and brown spots from dog urine.

My GSD has allergies to one of the products I used last year when I planted grass seed and fertilized the yard.

I tried a different approach this year. I found a few grass products designed to repair dog spots, along with a grass seed. I did not use a fertilizer on the lawn this year, which I think he was allergic to last year.

Good grass seed found on Amazon

Scotts EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair Sun and Shade - 2 Lb., Mulch, Seed and Soil Amendment with Protectant and Tackifier, Repairs Pet Spots
  • Combination mulch, seed, and soil amendment specially designed to repair pet damage and grow grass anywhere
  • Mulch: Absorbs 6x its weight in water and expands to surround the seed in a moist protective layer
  • Grass Seed: Scotts best high performance grass seed with protectant to help keep seedlings safe from harmful diseases that can attack newly planted areas
  • Soil Amendment: Special salt neutralizer that helps repair areas in your lawn burned by dog urine
  • Includes a tackifier that helps keep seed from washing away

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X-Seed Quick and Thick Dog Spot Lawn Repair Mix, 1.75-Pound
  • Regrows grass in yellow areas
  • Grows in sun and shade
  • Complete with seed, expanding growth medium, fertilizer and gypsum
  • Covers up to 200 spots
  • Just add water

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  • Fix Dog Pee Spots on Lawn and Grass
  • Fix Dog Urine Spots on Lawn and Grass
  • Fix Lawn Spots - Fix Grass Spots
  • Dog Pee Spot Repair
  • Repair Dog Pee Spots

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Despite looking at the pet repair products, I reseeded the entire lawn with an Estes brand product I bought a local farm store.

I hope the product provides grass for a high traffic backyard with a dog. Only time will tell.

Guide to buying grass for dogs

best grass seed for dogs
Will the best grass for dog urine will clear up the brown spots?

The secret to buying good grass seed is for the property owner to buy the type that is right for their climate and to buy more than they need.

Besides this, the owner needs to know how much water and fertilizer the grass needs and how much traffic it can tolerate if the lawn is meant to be walked or played on.

Aesthetics are also important. Grasses can have fine, medium or coarse textures and range in color from deep emerald green to a pleasing greenish-gold.

Warm season vs cold season grass

Warm season grass has its growth spurt in hot weather and goes dormant when the weather cools down.

This makes for a brown or hay-colored lawn through much of the fall and winter.

Cool season grass does the opposite. It goes dormant when the weather is hot and dry and grows best during the cooler months.

The two types of grass also need to be planted at different times. Plant warm season grass in winter or spring and cool season grass in late summer or early autumn.

Types of warm season grasses include Bahia and Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass and Zoysia grass.

Types of cool season grasses include fescue, perennial ryegrass and creeping bent grass. All cool season grasses can be sown as seed, but the same is not true of all warm season grasses.

Good lawn seed

A lawn owner can buy seed that’s all one type of grass, or straight seed.

They can also buy blends or mixtures. Most warm season grass comes as straight seed. Mixtures of grasses support the health and beauty of a lawn by combining the strengths and downplaying the drawbacks of different types of grass.

A blend has different species of the same grass. Other seed mixtures are made specifically to correct bare or thin patches in the lawn. These mixes often have mulch and fertilizer that are optimal for the type of grass seed.

Picking a bag for grass for high traffic backyards with dogs

One reason to buy a bit more than is needed for the lawn is that not all the grass seed will germinate.

When buying grass, the owner should look for grass that has a 75 percent or higher germination rate when sown in their area.

If the owner is looking for a mixture, the ingredients should list the specific types of grass it contains. If it doesn’t, this may be a sign that the quality of the grass seed isn’t what it should be.

Though weed seeds are inevitable, the percentage in a bag of grass seed should not be more than 0.5 percent, and there should be no noxious weed seeds at all.

Noxious weeds are those that are harmful to the lawn or the environment, such as types of goat grass and types of thistle and knapweed. Chaff and forage crops should be less than 2 percent of the total.

The owner should also be careful to check the expiration date on the bag. If the seed is past its sell-by date, it might not germinate the way it should.

Find the best grass seed safe for dogs on Amazon.