Great Dane Dog Doors in 2022: Your Big Canine Wants Outside!

Great Dane Dog Door
Photo courtesy of Steven Depolo via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0

A buddy of mine, who does woodworking, was asked if he could build a Great Dane dog door. This got me thinking about doggie doors for extra large dogs and giant breeds like Newfies and Mastiffs. What do these dog owners use?

Turns out, many businesses have found dog doors for giant breed dogs. Let’s look at a few good Great Dane doogie doors in 2022 on Amazon.

Top 3 Best Great Dane Dog Doors in 2022

Hale Pet Doors Wall Model

Hale Pet Doors Wall Model, Double Flap, Giant, Dark Bronze
  • Sturdy, aluminum framing available in 4 colors (White, Arizona Beige, Bronze & Brushed Aluminum) to match your home.
  • Adjustable magnets and fuzzy, nylon weather stripping line the flap for increased insulation.
  • Pets of varying sizes can share a larger door due to the lightweight flaps and adjustable magnet strength. See sizing information in images.
  • Standard size fits walls 2” ‒ 10” thick.
  • Energy efficient and weather resistant.

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Hale Pet Doors makes a giant dog door, which is 15.5 inches wide by 27.5 inches high.

Plexidor Door Mount Pet Door

PlexiDor Performance Pet Doors for Dogs and Cats - Door Mount Dog Door with Lock and Key - Silver, X-Large Sizes
  • Never buy replacement flaps again. Solid high impact, chew proof acrylic panels open and close tight. Keeps heating and cooling inside your home.
  • Accommodates Giant Breeds up to 220 pounds.  Able to withstand abuse from even the most powerful dogs. Promotes exercise, good health, weight maintenance for a longer happier life.
  • Heavy duty springs are concealed in the hardened aluminum main frame. Comes with a lock, a key and a steel security plate.
  • Available in white, bronze, or silver. White and bronze frames have a baked on powder coated finish. Durable and scratch resistant just like the appliances in your home.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A and comes with a 10 year limited residential warranty.

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The Plexidor is designed for small puppies to giant breed dogs like Great Danes. The extra large version supports an opening height of 23.75 inches, opening width of 16 inches, and a dog weight range of up to 220 lbs.

Endura Flap Pet Door

Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e - XL Flap (12" x 23"), Height Range (77.25" - 80.25") White Aluminum Frame
  • ✔ NO TOOLS NEEDED TO FIT… This doggy door fits into your sliding glass doors or patio panel without tools, for super easy installation and removal
  • ✔ IDEAL FOR RENTERS & VACATION HOMES … If you don’t want a permanent pet door, the Endura Flap Thermo Panel satisfies both needs; install or remove as desired
  • ✔ STRONG ALUMINIUM FRAME AND LoE GLASS… Dual layer magnetically sealed pet-safe flap and two layers of LoE glass surrounded by heavy duty metal, to be long-lasting and robust
  • ✔ AWARD-WINNING ENERGY EFFICIENCY… Our patio panel pet doors keep out the winter cold or the summer heat even in the harshest climates, and keeps those energy bills down
  • ✔ STRONG SECURITY COVER… Includes a sturdy slide-in locking cover for when you are away, or your dog or cat is in for the evening; keeps out unwanted critters.

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The Endura Flap has 4 different sizes, with the larges opening being 12 inches wide by 23 inches high.

Moore Giant Breed Patio Door

Guide to Buying a Doggie Door

Location – A major factor when considering the purchase of a dog door is where the door will be installed.

Because the dog will most likely stay around the door area, it will also mean the area will have more traffic. You may need to rearrange some furniture or fragile pieces to allow your dog to have room to access the door.

Size – Dogs come in different shapes and sizes and so do dog doors. Don’t assume that doggie doors are a one-size fits all item. Measuring your dogs height, width and weight will ensure a proper fit.

Features – Dog doors these days come with a variety of features from standard to motorized to doors with implantable microchips. Decide what features are important to help narrow down the choices.

Weather – Where you reside plays an important role when purchasing a doggie door. If you live in an area that is prone to harsh weather, such as snow or extreme wind or heat considering a pet door that is tightly sealed and insulated is an option.

Price – Never sacrifice quality for price. Having a doggie door that fits your dog as well as your living area is key to a successful door that your dog will be comfortable using. Comprising valuable features to lower costs is never a good idea.

Also, cost is a determining factor for many large breed dog doors. For those who are frugal, the best dog door is shown in the below video:

Training – Don’t assume your pet will automatically understand how to use a dog door. More likely than not, you will need to train your dog how to use the door. One easy way to do this is to have one person on the inside gently pushing the dog through the door while another person is on the outside with a treat.

Doors for Renters – When renting your home it is imperative that your landlord approves of installing a doggie door. Because a large breed dog door requires the process of cutting a hole in the wall, renters might want to consider a door that can be installed inside a window or glass-sliding door.

Security – An important consideration when having a doggie door is safety and security. To keep out unwanted animals and people, always lock the door at night. Most doors come with locks or sliding covers. There are also electronic doors that can only be opened by your dog.

Child Safety – When having a small child, take into consideration that the child might fit through the door as easily as your pet. Infants and toddlers should never have access to doggie doors. Older children should be advised of the dangers of getting hurt if they try to crawl through the door.

Sea Level Concerns – Those who live in areas that are below sea level need to be particularly cautious when investing in a doggie door for your Great Dane. Areas below sea level are subject to heat, humidity and frequent flooding. Ask a professional which dog door is more suitable for your dog in your particular region.

Find the best dog door for Great Danes in 2022 on Amazon.

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