Best Extra Large Dog House for Great Danes: A Big Space for Your Canine

great dane dog house
Photo courtesy Jon Hurd Sometimes the best Great Dane dog house is your house

A tool shed turned into a custom made extra large dog house for Great Danes may be the only choice for a dog with legs as long as a horse. Most Danes are inside dogs. They may do well with a a 4’x8′ kennel for their crate. An indoor Great Dane may also take over your entire house as his or her dog house.

Most Great Danes are not outdoor dogs. They spend time outdoors. While outdoors, the dog owner supervises playtime and watches the puppy. This is an important point. You want to leave your dog in a safe environment — away from extreme hot and cold weather, thieves, etc. Leaving a dog outside with out supervision could spell disaster.

However: If you have an dog you want to leave outside for a few hours with supervision, a DIY dog house or a pre-made tool shed may be the best dog house for an extra large dog to get out of the sun. The DIY option is probably the most cost-effective, but not everyone has the time to build a giant dog house.

So consider a shed like this:

Arrow Shed AR1012-C1 Arrow Arlington Steel, Eggshell/Coffee Trim, 10 x 12 ft. Storage Shed
  • Easy-build shed made of Electro Galvanized Steel treated with zinc for strong corrosion resistance
  • UV resistant steel panels protect against rot, insects, and extreme weather conditions
  • High gable steel roof design for additional headroom. Door opening width top is 55.5 inches
  • Pad-lockable sliding doors for easy entry and exit
  • Appealing two tone aesthetics in Eggshell & Coffee to complement home exteriors

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I have a metal shed like this one — mine is the same style, just a different brand — and it works well for its purpose, which is lawn care storage equipment.

The shed could be a huge dog house for your Great Dane to get out of the elements like sun, rain, or snow while you are working outside.

Metal vs plastic vs wood dog house

An pre-made metal shed would be more appropriate than a plastic one. Plastic may serve as a chewing hazard. But since you are outside supervising your dog, it should be OK — right?

Also, plastic may retain more heat, which could turn the dog house into a sauna during the summer months.

Wood may be available, too. One downside with wood is the time required to assemble or build your own big dog house. Also, your dog may want to chew wood.

If you do decide to buy a wooden dog house or shed, look into an Amish made one.

I live near Amish communities in Wisconsin. The hand-crafted wood products they build are stout, built-to-last.

Other options: Great Dane dog house for sale on Amazon

If you can’t afford a shed or don’t want to do the DIY big dog house build for your Great Dane or Newfie, consider some of these pre-build large breed dog houses

Duplex Wood Dog Houses for XL Dogs

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Precision Pet by Petmate

PRECISION PET PRODUCTS Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House, Large, Natural Wood (7027013)
  • LARGE DOG HOUSE: Cabin dog house's sealed protective coating, raised floor, and slanted asphalt roof provide protection from the elements and keep the cabin comfortable and dry. Assembles in 3 steps. Features an offset door so pets can get away from wind and rain.
  • Dimensions: 46.1 x 32.7 x 5.3
  • Durable: With solid wood and stainless-steel hardware, the outdoor dog shelter is strong and sturdy for long-lasting protection. The outdoor dog house accommodates large dog breeds.
  • KENNELS and HOUSES: Crate and kennel training is vital for dog safety and comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training and exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses and more.
  • PRECISION PET: Precision Pet offers a variety of heavy-duty products such as wire crates, chicken coops and rabbit hutches that provide pets with a cozy and safe place to rest, nest and feed. Also features litter box accessories and more.

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Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

Petsfit Extra Large Dog House, Outdoor Wooden Dog House for Large Dogs, Red, 45.6"L X 31"W X 32"H
  • 【Large Dog House Outdoor Suitable for Medium to Large Dog Breeds】Our large dog house measures 45.6” L x30.9” W x 32.1” H/28.2” H and the interior is 39.8”L x 23.2” W x 27.4”H/24.3”H. It is ideal for medium to large dog breeds w/ an adult weight up to 80 pounds. Please kindly measure your pets to find the suitable dog shelter before bought.
  • 【Durable Construction and Easy Assembly】100% made of Finnish spruce panels, thicker than others. Manufactured with stainless steel hardware & strong asphalt shingles, the outdoor dog shelter is strong & sturdy for long-lasting protection. It is with pre-drilled holes for quick assembly. PETSFIT stands behind the quality of our dog house with a 1-Year Manufacturer's.
  • 【Protective Design and Open-up Roof with High-quality Pneumatic Braces】Log cabin design with a slanted asphalt roof & door flap provide protection from the elements and keep the cabin dog house comfortable & dry. And the open-up roof provides easy access for cleaning and airing out the interior to maintain a hygienic dog house.You can put some blankets/bedding into them in winter to keep them warm. Or you could buy PETSFIT Dog House Insulation Kit also.
  • 【Removable Floor with Additional Support Rails, More Sturdy and Easy Cleaning】The outdoor dog kennel is equipped with removable floor, which is convenient for cleaning. And ADDITIONAL SUPPORT RAILS on the bottom also to hold pets better inside. It is a safer and more comfortable pet shelter for your lovely pets.
  • 【Raised Floor with Adjustable Feet Increases Ventilation & Keeps Your Pet Dry】For additional pet protection from harsh weather, the elevated from the ground provides great air circulation and a dry surface for your dog. An adjustable foot are equipped with to create a level platform.

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Alternative: Extra large kennel for Great Danes

best dog house for great dane
Photo credit: Nosy Nation

Inside the house, an indoor Great Dane would do well in a 4’x8′ crate. Yes, that is 4 foot by 8 foot. And yes: A kennel this large is needed to house your big dog.

I started my pooch — a German Shepherd — out with a large kennel from Petsmart or Petco — one of those commercial retailers. My dog outgrew it quick. I contemplated on building a custom extra large dog house. I realized time was short on my end, so I bought an outdoor kennel with a roof.

My kennel has a 6′ high roof, which would be more than enough room for your extra tall canine to stand and stretch his or her legs. It is enough for my GSD.

The caveat: The outdoor kennel is indoors. I bought it locally. The kennel is the Master Paws brand. A similar one is listed below:

Lucky Dog 8ft x 4ft x 6ft Uptown Welded Secure Wire Outdoor Pet Dog Kennel Playpen Crate with Heavy Duty Waterproof Cover, Black
  • HEAVY DUTY WELDED STEEL KENNEL: The Lucky Dog complete box kennel is perfect for residential or professional use. Steel bars and wire mesh are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges that may harm your pet and offers greater rust and corrosion protection
  • WATERPROOF COVER INCLUDED: The heavy-duty waterproof cover and steel roof frame fit the outdoor cage perfectly and the enclosed ends provide your pet with full protection from sun, rain, snow and debris. Added UV protection prevents ripping, cracking, fading or peeling giving you years of worry-free use. Sturdy elastic cords won't break or stretch and hold the cover securely for a snug fit. The roof pitch allows for water, debris and light snow to run off instead of accumulating on the roof
  • EASY TO CLEAN: 1.5" raised legs make the enclosure easy to sweep or hose out to prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria, keeping your pet healthy and happy
  • SIMPLE SETUP: This outdoor dog pen has pre-assembled modular panels that connect quickly and easily using hand tightening clamps, no tools required! Ground anchoring is recommended
  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: 4'W x 8'L x 6'H with cover installed (5' H without cover installed)

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My kennel is 4 foot by 8 foot, which is huge. I placed it in a spare bedroom. Because it is an outdoor kennel, it required a little fabrication for inside use.

I put a 3/4 inch piece of plywood down and added waterproof peel and stick flooring. Then, I added a 2″x4″ frame around the perimeter of the kennel and attached the frame to the plywood floor and kennel. This keeps the kennel from moving.

Remember: An outdoor kennel has legs which should be buried in the soil. To keep the kennel from moving, the frame is necessary.

Get the right size kennel for your dog

A Great Dane is a giant dog breed, which requires a giant dog house or kennel. Since we discussed the toolshed approach as a possible dog house option, let’s focus on the kennel.

A XXL crate or large dog run like the 4 foot by 8 foot kennel mentioned above are good options.

Both can be used when the Great Dane is a puppy. The key is to use a separator and allow the dog only a small amount of room in the kennel. As the dog ages, increase the kennel size until the full crate is utilized.

Style: There are different styles of crates: Metal, metal wire, plastic, wood, etc.

Each serves a purpose. A metal wire crate is pretty common. These kennels have a removable plastic tray and are collapsible, which makes travel easy. Caveat: The XXL kennel is big and cumbersome. Despite being collapsible, it is still hard and awkward to move around due to its size.

Cleaning: A removable plastic tray is easy to clean in wire mesh crates. However, the wire mesh is hard to clean if the puppy soils it and tramples through the soiled area and flings it onto the wire mesh.

Find the best extra large dog house for Great Danes and other giant breeds like Mastiffs on Amazon.

DIY dog house

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