Dr. Squatch Soap Review

dr squatch soap reviewYou’ve seen the Dr. Squatch soap ad campaign, I’m sure. I did and found their viral videos hysterical.

Naturally, I bought their product.

dr squatch soap sampler
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Before doing an opinionated Dr. Squatch soap review, let’s overview the product.


Dr Squatch soap comes in 5 oz bars. As of writing, they have 11 different fragrances
Pine Tar, Gold Moss, Nautical Sage, Cedar Citrus, Cool Fresh Aloe, Deep Sea Goat’s Milk, Crisp IPA, Cold Brew Cleanse, Bay Rum, Spearmint Basil, Eucalyptus Yogurt.

The bar of soap is packaged neatly in a recycled cardboard box. The packaging is the same for all the soaps. It has a story on the back of the box. The box, also, notes that the product is hand crafted, made from 5 natural oils, and has no harsh chemicals.

The ribbon strip along the bottom lists the fragrance, along with the ingredients.

Finally, the box has a scratch and sniff hole on front.

Dr. Squatch Soap Commercial

Dr. Squatch soap review: Pine Tar and Nautical Sage soap scents

Initial impressions

dr squatch pine tar soapAfter opening the Pine Tar bar, I found it fit well in the palm of my hand. It has a good weight; it feels pretty good.

The product lathers nicely.

Pine Tar has an exfoliating surface — aka it’s scratchy. At first, I did not know what to think, but the second time I used it I realized I liked it.

I like that the soap has only organic, natural ingredients. I like the simple ingredients and smells.

My skin felt good afterwards and I did not have a residue on it.


Dr Squatch’s website says the bars of soap last 2 to 3 weeks depending on household use.

My bar of Pine Tar lasted just under 2 weeks.

This product does require a soap dish. The dish will keep your bar of soap from melting in a puddle of water and being a gooey mess.

Also, the soap will make a mess if you leave it on a shelf or on the tub.

Dr. Squatch soap scents

Of the products I tried, I thought they all smelled good.

My thought pattern on smells goes like this, though:

Married? Go for a scent your lady friend will like, which means she’ll be more inclined to climb in bed with you. Hint. Hint. Wink. Wink.
Single? Go for the manly scents. Don’t be a wuss.


Dr Squatch soap does seem pricey compared to a box of soap you’d get from a big box store.

Price is on target for a hand-crafted, natural soap. For example, Dr. Squatch’s competitors — Duke Cannon and Art of Sport — offer soaps at similar price-points.

Duke Cannon offers their big ass brick of soap (10oz) for just under $10. Art of Sport offers a 2-pack (two 3.75oz bars) for just under $9. Dr. Squatch offers a 5oz bar for about $7.

Dr Squatch does offer a soap subscription, which does bring the cost down to about $6 per bar. I am not sure if there are Dr Squatch coupons available.

dr squatch soap sampler
Buy the Dr. Squatch soap sampler on Amazon.

Great gift ideas

Any craft soap makes a good Christmas gift or Father’s Day gift. The packaging of Dr. Squatch and Duke Cannon offer a chuckle, though.

Pros and cons of Dr. Squatch soap

The ingredients are natural and easy to understand what they are
Smells good
Made in USA

Price on target for an all-natural bar of soap

A little slow to get the product after ordering
Longevity of soap

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