Best wrinkle free pants: Do they exist?

Best wrinkle free pants review
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I am always on the lookout for the best wrinkle free pants for business casual. Like most, I have yet to find an inexpensive pair that come out of the dryer 100 percent unwrinkled.

I did buy a pair of Dockers Men’s Signature Khaki D3 Classic fit flat front pants not too long ago and have had good luck with them.

That said, the only solution for perfectly creased pants is to dry clean them or iron them.

Let’s take a look at the Dockers D3 and provide a few tips to keep them wrinkle free.

Dockers D3 review

I have always been a fan of flat front pants, which in previous years have been difficult to find in my size. (For reference, I have a 36-inch inseam.)

I have found inexpensive flat front dress pants on Old Navy but have never been too impressed with them.

When I found these Dockers D3 classic-style dress pants in a 36×36-inch size, I knew I wanted a pair.

The waist fits true-to-size, and the length is good.

So far, I have had them dry-cleaned, then tossed them in the washer and in a tumble dryer.

After the dry clean, they were perfectly creased and wrinkle-free.

After I tumble-dried them, they did need a little ironing for date night.

But, honestly, if I was just wearing them to a casual business meeting, I would have never broken out the iron to touch up the crease.

The Dockers D3 dress pants are 100 percent cotton material, with a button and zipper closure. They work well. (I have always been a fan of button closure because they can be repaired easily.)

The belt loop stitching holds well, too.

Tips to keep clothing wrinkle free

Take your clothes out of the dryer when they are warm. It does not make sense to leave warm clothes bunched up in a wrinkled ball in the dryer.

If you get the garments out when they are still warm, smooth them out on a flat surface with your hand. The idea is to remove any wrinkles before hanging the garments in the closet or folding them.

Store your clothing properly. Use hangars and fold clothing at its natural creases. It does not make sense to create another crease.

Use a wrinkle-free spray. These sprays can work well if you are in a hurry when traveling. You spray the product on the clothing item, wait a few seconds, then smooth out wrinkles.

Use an iron or go to the dry cleaners. These are not tips, per say; they are the reality of the situation. Sometimes the only option is to iron … so much for iron free dress pants, eh?

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Originally posted 2023-01-06 01:12:31.