Best Windshield for 1800 Goldwing: Windscreens Reviews for the GL1800

best goldwing 1800 windshield for the money
Photo courtesy Franco Vannini via flickr. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

The best windshield for the 1800 Goldwing will make all the difference when riding your big touring bike.

A good windscreen selection will deflect the air up and over your head, which will eliminate wind buffeting on your Honda GL1500 touring motorcycle. A screen will keep the bugs hitting your face, along with the wind and rain. Your passenger will also thank you.

If the stock OEM windshield does not work for you, consider an aftermarket windshield for your Goldwing.

National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield Replacement with Vent Opening for Honda GL1800

National Cycle VStream Clear Windscreen Windshield Replacement with Vent Opening for Honda GL1800
  • Constructed from thick, durable hardcoated polycarbonate material

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Slipstreamer Windscreen Tulsa Tour Smoke GL1800 Goldwing

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Memphis Shades MEP4880 GL1800 Tall Clear Gold Wing Windshield with Vent Hole

Memphis Shades MEP4880 Clear Windshield (GL1800 Tall Gold Wing With Vent Hole)
  • Available in gradient colors, plus clear and solar. High-quality windshield upgrade much cheaper than OEM replacement. Made of DOT approved 3/16" Lucite for excellent optics & durability
  • OEM-style and fit in choice of two sizes: standard height and 2" taller. Vented models come with an OEM-style vent with a mechanical open/close feature
  • GL1800 windshields with vent hole do not include a vent; use existing OEM vent or order the Memphis Shades GL1800 replacement vent

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Benefits of a windshield on a GL1800 Goldwing

The main benefits of a windscreen include protection and slow down wind blast.

Protection: A GL1800 windscreen will protect you from gravel and debris kicked up from vehicles in front of you. It will also reduce the wind chill if you ride in inclement weather. The proper Goldwing windshield height may also protect you from pelting rain and hail, which can make for a lousy trip.

For example: I won’t ride my GL1500C in cold weather because it does not have a good windshield, but I will ride my V-Strom with a big screen to keep the cold away from me.

Wind blast and buffeting: The right length windscreen can push the clean air above your helmet. When the air goes over your head, the wind blast does not smack you in the face, which cause your head to bobble. On a short ride, this is not a big deal; however, on a touring motorcycle doing long rides, the wind buffeting can cause rider fatigue. Your muscles will work overtime to try and keep your head straight.

Choose the right windshield

There are a lot of different windscreen styles, with different heights, widths, and tints. Choosing the right one may take trial and error — just like choosing the best Harley seat for a tall rider.

Short vs tall

For long distance touring, a taller windscreen on your Goldwing will provide the best protection from the elements. The screen height will depend on your height, as well. You want a screen that comes to about nose level.

At nose level, you should still be able to see over the windscreen, rather than through it. Looking through a windscreen can be a problem in inclement weather — such as when the screen fogs up or the rain pelts down and you can’t see through it.

The shorter windscreens looks cool on sport-touring motorcycles and can work well for people who have short torso. But if you get one too short, you will get in the slipstream of the screen and it may give you a continuous wind blast or buffeting.

Permanent or temporary

Changing it up: My GL1500C normally does not have a windscreen unless I plan on taking it touring. I found a windshield with quick detach mounts, which makes installation and removal a breeze.

Quick detach mounts are the answer if you like to change between windshields.

Fixed height vs adjustable height

An adjustable Goldwing windshield has advantages. If the height is pretty good, you can make small adjustments and get it perfect.

Polycarbonate or acrylic

Windscreens are generally made out of two materials: Polycarbonate or acrylic. Each have pros and cons.

Polycarbonate: More durable, abrasion resistant, expensive, may yellow after constant UV exposure
Acrylic: Less expensive, generally does not yellow, may scratch easier but buffs out well

Installing your windshield

Manufacturers provide instructions on installing your screen. Follow them.

Cleaning your windshield

I did everything wrong with my first windscreen. I used too abrasive of a towel when trying to scrape the bugs off. I also used those squeegees at the gas station. Big no no. Turns out I scratched it with my improper maintenance.

Proper maintenance involves spraying the area with soap and water until it’s very moist, which will help loosen up the debris. At this point, it should wipe off very easily with a microfiber towel.

Read Honda Goldwing windshield reviews on Amazon or find the best windshield for the 1800 Goldwing.

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