Best Paddle Holster on the Market

Best Paddle Holster
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The best paddle holster, while not as popular as IWB or OWB, is often preferred for the ease of drawing and re-holstering they offer.

A paddle holster is a kind of gun holster which uses a flat, concave-shaped piece of plastic, steel-reinforced leather, or kydex, which can be worn securely against the body inside of the pants for concealed carry.

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The broad paddle platform which normally matches the size of the entire holster, and the material from which it is manufactured, use friction to hold the holster against the wearer snugly and comfortably, without need of a belt.

This allows more flexibility, ease of detaching the holstered gun when sitting or driving, and equal ease of re-holstering.

Fobus Roto Evolution Series Paddle Holster GL2E2RP

Fobus Roto Evolution paddle holster is a lightweight one-piece holster that fits a variety of Glocks in 9mm or .40 caliber pistols to a tee.

Fobus holster review: It offers a host of great features, like a tension adjustment screw for customized cant or angle of gun that allows user to adapt a quick draw and easy retention; a protective sight channel, and; a steel-reinforced rivet attachment system.

The Evolution paddle provides comfort and firmness with its integrated rubber insert while allowing more options for cant positions to go with every possible situation.

Like all Fobus products that come with a Lifetime Warranty, this paddle holster carries a 100% customer satisfaction “No Questions Asked” policy. Its price range may seem low priced, but performance-wise it’s certainly not the least bit cheap.

Blackhawk! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Coyote Tan Holster

For concealed carry preference, you can acquire Blackhawk holsters with a paddle platform and a belt loop included.

The Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Coyote Holster has patented and unique features, such as the passive retention adjustment screw with its exceptional speed-cut design that allows a quick smooth draw, target acquisition, and effortless re-holster even while eyes are focused on target.

It is also designed with security and safety in mind with its patented Serpa Auto-Lock release system which facilitates fast retention and locks the gun into place with an audible click upon re-holster.

A truly a well-built compact paddle holster, this is easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Safariland Springfield XD 9mm, 40, 45 Model 6378 ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

This Model 6378 holster from Safariland provides the latest in injection-molded paddle technology in the market, ideal for concealed carry that hugs the body tight with a bit of forward cant for smooth draw and easy re-holster.

It can fit 1.5-1.7-inch belt widths with its standard 567-BL belt loop.

For enhanced concealment, it offers a trim and low-profile outline with a superb automatic locking system (ALS) that securely locks the weapon into place upon re-holster.

The ALS is deactivated by the thumb and once you get a good grip on the gun, a smooth straight-up draw can be had.

Plus, it features soft suede lining that helps protect the gun’s finish, especially the sights, with a wrap-around paddle design to provide more comfort and stability.

What is the best paddle holster on the market?

This obvious advantage provided by paddle holsters, in terms of ease in drawing and re-holstering a gun, is somehow diminished by its low gun retention capability and low concealability.

As compared to a holster secured with a belt, the paddle holster relies mainly on the grip or friction of the paddle to hold it in place securely.

The paddle boards are also likely to be larger to enable it to hold the gun securely to the body, and this reduces the ability to provide the perfect concealed carry preference.

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