Best Light for Glock 19: Brighten up What’s in Your Sights!

Best Light for Glock 19
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Given the choice of having your Glock 19 mounted with either a laser or light, which would you choose? I bet you’d pick the best light for Glock 19 pistols; for what good is a laser without a flashlight in a pitch-dark night!

Besides, it would be more challenging and rewarding to have acquired your target (the old-fashioned way) without the aid of a high-end guiding laser.

Nowadays, however, weapon lights (only) have become few and far between due to advancement in technology where state-of-the-art infrared laser sights and lights now dominate the industry.

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Anyways, these combos are switchable to “lights only” and an added “laser” option would not hurt a bit. So we have includes two of the best laser light combos for Glock 19 in this article. Here are some of the best picks we have gathered for you.

Glock Tactical Light Xenon 6v Lithium

Would not it make sense that possibly the best tactical light for Glock 19 weapons is made by Glock? It naturally would fit on all Glock model handguns, including your Glock 19, and any handgun with identical rail system.

Enter the Glock Tactical Light Xenon 6v Lithium. It is extremely light, shock-resistant, and water-proof up to a meter in water for an hour. The light is encased in a fine-looking tough case for durability.

The Xenon 6v Lithium bulb provides a 110 lumens output for superb illumination of up to 50 yards. It is powered by two CR123A batteries (which are included in the package) with a runtime of over 60 minutes, plus a spare bulb to boot.

The light is controlled by an ambidextrous rocker switch that activates the ON/OFF and quick light modes.

At a price range of $80-$100, you wouldn’t even feel your pockets draining — just the flashlight for your Glock 21.

Insight M6 Tactical Laser Illuminator for Glock

The Insight M6 Tactical Laser Illuminator for Glock delivers a maximum output of 125 lumens bright white light from its Xenon bulb, and like most cutting-edge gun lights, it will allow you to easily adjust for windage and elevation. Too, the bright red laser dot provides long range accuracy of up to 200 meters.

This combo provides a 4-position, ambidextrous mode selector switch to turn on the bright white light, laser on, laser and light on, and momentary light on fast and easy.

All these great features are powered by two CR123A Lithium batteries with a runtime of over 60 minutes. And, of course, this M6 is practically designed to mount securely to any weapon having standard rail mounting system, including the Glock 17, 19, 20, and 21.

The price ranges from $250-$300 and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Streamlight TLR-2s Strobe Laser Light

Like all high-end laser lights, Streamlight’s TLR-2s mounts directly to your Glock and to any other rail mounting system.

The rail clamp which fits a variety of handguns is mainly designed for fast and easy attachment and detachment from the weapon.

Its C4LED technology is the latest in shock-resistant potency with 8,000 candela peak beam intensity, 160 lumens illumination, and over a 50,000-hour lifespan.

The casing is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum with black anodized finish, add a resilient polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating and O-ring sealed for water resistance, and you get an awesome unit designed for durability and high performance.

Its powerful 660nm red laser dot is perfect for long-range targets, with an ambidextrous momentary/steady ON/OFF switch.

A 3-position mode selector switch allows you to use the following: Laser only; LED Illumination only; and both. While a double tap within 0.4 seconds activates the Strobe.

You also have windage and elevation screws attached to brass bushings for durability and reliable zero retention. All these great features provided by Streamlight TLR-2s you can get for the price of around $250-$300. A bit pricey, you’d say, but you can never compromise quality with those of cheaper brands.

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