Best IWB Holster for Glock 23 in 2023

Best IWB Holster for Glock 23
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The IWB, or inside the waistband, is a popular concealed carry holster because it provides more concealment compared to the belt type. Below are some of the best IWB holsters for a Glock 23 on the market to help you form a sensible decision before buying one.

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Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster

The Galco Kingtuk is a right-handed holster that can fit belts of up to 1¾ inches, and comes with sturdy adjustable metal clips.

It’s made from quality Napa leather and kydex to fit various models, including Glock 22, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23.

It holds the firearm securely even while jogging and have belt hooks that allow your shirt to be tucked in on the outside of the holster for unobtrusive gun carrying.

This durable and nice-looking IWB holster will fetch you a little less than $60. The IWB holster is extremely comfortable, grips the gun securely and very reasonably priced.

Glock Concealed Carry IWB Holster (for Glock 19, 23, 32 and 36)

Glock Concealed Carry IWB Holster is touted as 100 percent all-American made and manufactured, with US-made raw materials, by The Holster Store.

Made from grade-A, top-grain leather, it boasts of an open top, super thick upper part for fast and easy re-holstering; it is custom-molded to fit your gun to a tee.

This heavy-duty double-stitched IWB holster provides a large and sturdy gun-blued metal clip to secure the holster really well in its place, but releases it smooth and easy when removing from the belt.

The Glock 23 fits neatly into the holster; the fit is snug like a glove, yet drawing the gun is smooth and effortless.

This is very impressive considering that the product costs only a little over $40! With the quality and comfort the holster offers, you would expect it to be within the range of more expensive brands. What a great buy, indeed!

Minotaur MTAC Holster

The Minotaur MTAC holster has just about everything you would want in an IWB holster, to match your Glock 23.

It offers a slim profile with adjustable ride depth and a variety of cant (8 conceivable positions to choose from to accommodate your draw style and body build), by positioning the clips either to ride higher or lower on the holster, at the same time allowing the angle to be adjusted depending on your preference.

This hybrid holster melds quality cowhide leather support with a Kydex half-shell securely screwed on the leather, making retention adjustments easy, and provide quick and reliable draw and re-holstering.

This Kydex half-shell, which is also called ‘spare body’ (it’s available on order from the manufacturer), is actually interchangeable and can be switched for various handguns.

Also, the clips are interchangeable to various colors, types, or belt widths.

The MTAC may cost you nearly a hundred bucks (the price stands at $95), but really the product is worth more than what you can bargain for.

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