Best Chain for Pulling Stumps

best chain for pulling stump
Photo courtesy of Alan Levine via flickr. Used under a CC-BY-2.0 license.

The best chain for pulling stumps may depend on the size of the tree stump but I have seen 3/8 inch Grade 80 logging chain do well pulling brush stumps.

Bestseller No. 1
Astra-Depot Heavy Duty Forged Steel 1/2 3/8 Grade 80 Safety Latch Clevis RED Winch Hook 28,000lbs for KFI 4x4 Truck Synthetic Winch Rope
  • Package includes: 1X Half-Linked Winch Hook
  • Suitable for 1/2 or 3/8 inch Synthetic winch rope
  • Material: Heavy Duty Forged Steel
  • Heavy Duty Safety Latch Engages Prevent Lateral Bending
  • Aftermarket Grade 80 Steel Clevis Sling Hook with Spring-loaded Safety Latch
Bestseller No. 2
3/8" - Grade 80 Binder Chain - Grab Hooks - 25' Length
  • 3/8" Binder Chain
  • Grab Hooks on Both Ends
  • Grade 80
  • 25' Length
  • Transport Ready
Bestseller No. 3
OrangeA 10FT Chain Sling 3/8" x 10' Single Leg with Grab Hooks Sling Chain 3.3T Capacity Grade 80 (3/8" x 10')
  • CHAIN SLING SIZE--Chain length: 3m/10ft, chain diameter: 3/8inch/10mm, capacity up to 3.3T/7270lb
  • SECURITY COEFFICIENT--4 times security coefficient, breaking load up to 13.5T/29760lb
  • DURABLE AND STURDY--Chain of this chain sling is made of G80 Mn-steel, hoist link and hook are alloy steel with powder coating, it is resistant to wear and high temperature Welding
  • CONSTRUCTION--Chain of this sling chain has adopted full-automatic welding, it is designed for long-term use
  • WIDELY USE--This single leg chain is widely used in lifting loads at various areas and enterprises, such as mining, machinery, ports, building, steel factories, steel pipe factories and petrol pipe installing companies

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Pulling stumps with a tractor or truck

There is a lot of danger associated with using a tractor or truck to pull a tree stump from the ground.

Often, tree stumps are not near the road. This means you will be trying to remove the stump in a limited traction situation. Your tires may spin.

Adequate traction will be a factor when pulling a stump with a truck or tractor.

If you have a four wheel drive truck, make sure the 4×4 is engaged.

Make sure you use an appropriate hitch point on your vehicle.

Also, make sure you are using a good logging chain for pulling brush stumps. You may want to consider a choker chain for pulling trees, too.

Don’t use a stump pulling rope or ratchet straps! Get a good chain rated for what you are doing!

Pulling tree stump with truck fail

Find the best logging chains for removing stumps in 2021 on Amazon.

Guide to buying a logging chain

Chain size and grade impact the strength of a chain.

Tensile strength

Chains are graded based on tensile strength, which is the amount of force an object can handle before busting.

As the grade increases in number, the chain has a higher strength.

Chains are graded up to 100, which is the strongest.

For example: A 3/8 G30 chain works well for agricultural use — such as chaining down a small garden tractor on a trailer. A 3/8 G30 is not a good choice for removing a stump. A 3/8 G70 or 3/8 G80 chain would be more appropriate.

Working Load Limit

The working load limit notes how much work the chain can handle before breaking.

A 3/8 chain with a Grade 30 rating is limited to 2,650 lbs before snapping. A 3/8 chain with a Grade 70 rating is limited to 6,600 lbs before breaking.

The difference is 3,950 lbs. I will always error on the side of caution rather than damage something.

A thicker chain will have a stronger working load limit. Example: a 5/16 Grade 43 chain has a working load limit of 3,900 lbs, but a 3/8 G43 chain has a working load limit of 5,400 lbs.

Find the best chains for pulling tree stumps with trucks and tractors in 2021 on Amazon.