Question: What is the best subwoofer for low volume listening?

best subwoofer low volume listeningQuestion: What is the best subwoofer for low volume listening?

I use a budget 2.1 bookshelf speaker and subwoofer combo at my PC. This means I do a lot of low volume level listening. I still want my music to have bass — a good thump to it, if you will.

I did some searching and found the Dayton Audio SUB-800 powered subwoofer fit my needs.

Find the Dayton Audio SUB-800 on Amazon.

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Subwoofer specs

The powered 8 inch subwoofer contains an 80 watt amplifier, which has RCA line in and speaker line level in and outs.

I use the line level in and outs with a Dayton Audio amplifier to power my inexpensive bookshelf speakers. With the line level out, I can turn my setup into a 2.1 PC speaker system.

The sub has a phase switch, along with an adjustable frequency crossover. The amp also has an auto on mode, along with an on and off switch.

Dayton Audio BT-800: Best subwoofer for low volume listening review

This is a great subwoofer for an apartment or low volume listening. It fills out the lower octaves nicely. It won’t boom so loud as to wake the neighbors or shake the walls when played at moderate volumes.

The best use for this powered sub is a small home theater application or a 2.1 computer setup where low volume levels and near-field listening are appreciated.

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